Finding a partner, however serious that relationship might be, isn’t always easy. That’s why we want to help by finding the best free dating site in Singapore for you. 2 of these 6 examples also cater towards older adults.

The world of online dating definitely takes some of the stress away and generally opens more doors for you in regards to love. Your perfect match could be located right around the corner, or they might be a little further away.

With this in mind, this article has been put together to help you find the best free dating site in Singapore for you, and information on WHY this is the way to date nowadays.

What is a dating site in Singapore for?

A dating site in Singapore is used for… well, dating! The clue is in the name, after all! 

So why should this method of dating be superior to walking up to somebody in the club and asking them out? It’s because members of a dating site in Singapore has are all looking for the same thing. You do not need to worry if they are single or coming across like a weirdo by approaching them uninvited. 

You also get a little bit of an insight into the person on the other end of the dating site. In addition to seeing what they look like, you can also discover a little about their personality by reading their profile. You can find friendships, something casual, or even love by signing up to a website and browsing through the profiles.

Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of using a dating site in Singapore

More and more people are joining dating websites. It is not seen as “taboo” compared to 10 to 20 years ago. Today, everybody knows someone who has met their other half through a dating site in Singapore. 

If anybody does have a problem with you online dating, they really need to get with the times. You are not here to please anyone else, and dating sites are actually much safer than what people realise. 

You can essentially scan potential partners by chatting to them extensively before you meet in the flesh. It’s time to look for the best dating site Singapore has.

1. Academic Singles

Logo for Academic Singles, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Targeted Dating Services: One of the great things about Academic Singles is that you have to take a questionnaire when you first sign up. This will help build your characteristics in terms of your opinions, attitudes, and desires. 
    The information will then be used to match you up with members who are actually suitable for you, which might save you some time in searching for yourself.
  • Find an Educated Partner: As a premium member on this dating site in Singapore, you can find your ideal match. Academic Singles has a tough criteria in verifying members. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are going to be mixing with some of the best eligible people in the country.
  • Available on Android: Academic Singles is compatible with Android and a whole number of other devices. This means that you can easily find love on the go, making it a great dating site in Singapore.

2. BE2 

Log for Be2, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Initiate Contact: Be2 is a dating site in Singapore where you can get access to other members with a standard membership. However, you need a premium membership to reply to members who have messaged you first.
  • Smart matchmaking engine: Upon registration, you will take a personality quiz where you will be answering 60 questions. Don’t worry, the quiz is very short and it won’t take long! You will then be suggested potential matches, depending on who the site thinks your answers are suited to.
  • Picture Voting: This is a matchmaking feature where you vote on members shown on the right-hand side of the homepage. By choosing a thumbs up based on their photo, you will then send a like to that person. They then have the option to message you if they want to take things further.

3. Singles 50

Logo for Singles 50, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Designed for Older People: If dating sites seem too ‘young’, this is the best dating site in Singapore for you. Members on this site are 40 and over – perfect for those who want to date people their age.
  • Matches Based on Compatibility: You will take a quiz when you first sign up. This will be used to create your profile, and match you with the best-suited members.
  • Equal Gender Count: There is almost an equal number of men and women on this website.

4. Date My Age

Logo for Date My Age

Key highlights

  • Advanced Filtering System: There is an advanced filter system available for premium members. Furthermore, this means that you can filter in a ton of different categories including hobbies, body type, and even languages.
  • Older Age Range: This is another dating site in Singapore that is designed for an older audience. Likewise, it is ideal for those aged between 40 and 90 who are looking for that special someone.
  • Mobile App: Find what you want on the go with the easy to use Date My Age app. Furthermore, you can access your account, browse members, flirt and meet new people. Furthermore, the app is compatible with iPhone and Android at this moment.

5. Lunch Actually

Logo for Lunch Actually, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Approved Matching Process: The matchmaking process on Lunch Actually is very effective, which earns it a place on this list. This is because it is done in a very different way – by meeting with a dating consultant from the website.
  • No Scammers: The screening process, as mentioned in the previous points, means that there are no scammers on Lunch Actually. This is because to have a profile verified, you have to be willing to meet face-to-face.
  • Great Reputation: Lunch Actually is heavily featured in the media and generally has a much better reputation than other dating websites. Finally, Lunch Actually is a dating site in Singapore with large amounts of members, making it more likely that you will find success.

6. Lets GaiGai

Logo for Let’s Gai Gai, a dating site in Singapore

Key highlights

  • Online Dating Platform with a Difference: This is a dating site in Singapore has that is done OFFLINE. A matchmaker acts as a middleman, pairing you with matches and giving you the opportunity to meet in person.
  • An Array of Different Events: Let’s GaiGai hosts different events where you can make friends and find love. Some of these events include dancing, kickboxing and much more. You can basically think of it as a giant speed-dating gathering!
  • Blind Dating Personified: Your profile on Let’s GaiGai will only be text, you can’t see your potential dates and they can’t see you until you actually meet. This goes back to the old fashioned method of blind dating and is definitely different from what most people are used to with online dating.

Finally, here’s a table of each free dating site in Singapore and the features that make it stand out.

Academic SinglesMeet with other ambitious partners
Be2Get to know people with similar interests
Singles 50Meet singles over 40 years old
Date My AgeMeet singles over 40 years old
Lunch ActuallyExtensive vetting process
Lets GaiGaiOffline matchmaker

As you can see from looking at all the websites named above, there are so many different platforms in Singapore where you can find what you are looking for. You can sign up to any dating site in Singapore that you want. Hence, no matter what type of format you prefer, there is something for everyone and you might even find your soulmate.

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