10 Best Air Coolers In Singapore From S$89 (2020)

best air coolers in singapore

The heat in Singapore can be unbearable, especially around June. Some of us would switch on our air conditioners and call it a day. Instead of aircons, there’s actually another alternative we can go for to beat the heat: air coolers. But what’s the difference between an aircon and an air cooler? We’ll let you find out how both works and see our top listed products of the best air cooler in Singapore.

Air conditioners reduce the temperature of air bypassing the air through a cooling coil.

Air coolers are portable home appliances that use a fan to drive outside air through a wet medium, such as a water filter. This action cools the air by making the air more saturated with water vapour. The water comes from a water tank that you must top-up.

In humid climates such as Singapore, air coolers would be less effective. Humid air absorbs less water. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get an air cooler just because you live in a humid climate!

Advantages of using an air cooler in Singapore

1. Better Air Quality

Aircons require an insulated space to circulate internal air repeatedly.

In comparison, air coolers pull fresh air from outside the room and cool it down. The air from air coolers is less dry, which means that your room will generally have a better quality of air as there is more ventilation than an aircon.

It’s also better for people with asthma or dust allergy.

2. Lower Cost

Aircons are generally more expensive. From Courts, the cost of an aircon can easily be more than $2,000, while an evaporative air cooler in Singapore can cost around $200-$500. Even portable aircons cost at least $700. And that’s only the initial cost of purchasing!

Aircons have a higher operating cost. Air coolers use 80% less electricity and are more economical in the long run. However, air coolers must be maintained regularly. This involves changing the water daily and cleaning the water filter regularly.

While aircons require less maintenance, you still must clean the filter monthly. It also requires servicing at least once per year, which costs $60-$100. 

3. More Eco-Friendly

Aircons use CFC and HFC as refrigerants, which are harmful to the environment. It’s also heavily dependent on electricity.

In contrast, air coolers rely more on water to cool down the room temperature. It uses less electricity and doesn’t need refrigerants.

This makes air coolers a lot eco-friendlier.

4. Portability And Installation

Air coolers aren’t fixed. They’re portable, like fans, and doesn’t need to be installed.

Many air coolers also come with castors, which make them very easy to move around. It’s very convenient to get an additional air cooler for your home and move it around your home based on your needs.

Aircons, however, need additional arrangements to be installed. Both window aircons and split aircons require additional work.

Even though portable aircons are arguably less of a hassle, you still need to attach the pipe and link it out of the window. It can ruin the aesthetics of your home.

Here’s a summarised table comparing between aircons and air coolers:

QualityAirconAir coolers
Ideal ClimateHumid areasDry areas
Air qualityCauses dry air, staleBetter air quality – air is less dry, more well-ventilated
Environmentally friendlinessConsumes a lot of electricityUses 80% less electricity
CostMore expensiveLess expensive
Portability and InstallationNeeds to be installedMobile, no installation is needed

Now that you know all you need about air coolers, which should you choose? Here are our top 10 picks of air coolers in Singapore that you can consider for your home!

10 Best Air Coolers in Singapore

JML Arctic Air Portable Personal Space Air Cooler S$89
iFan IF7850 Air Cooler 800WS$105
Honeywell CL151 Air CoolerS$178
iFan IF7880 Evaporative Air CoolerS$189
EuropAce 4-In-1 Evaporative Air Cooler ECO 2130VS$229
SONA SAC 6301 Remote Air CoolerS$229
Mistral MAC1600R Portable Evaporative Air CoolerS$230
EuropAce ECO6801S Air CoolerS$300
EuropAce ECO5802T 5-In-1 Evaporative Air CoolerS$364
Honeywell TC30PEUI 30l Remote Evaporative Air CoolerS$349

1.  JML Arctic Air Portable Personal Space Air Cooler

JML Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler

Price: S$89


  • Power consumption: 10W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 85
  • Water tank capacity: 600ml
  • Product dimension: 165 x 165 x 170mm, 1.32kg

The JML Arctic Air is a portable personal air cooler that’s stylish and compact. It’s eco-friendly, with an efficient airflow that consumes minimum energy. Even though it’s not designed to cool the entire room, it can run for up to 8h with a full water tank. It can double as a humidifier.

This air cooler has a quiet operation with a fan in a sound-protective casing to minimise noise. There are 3-speed modes for you to vary between. There are even 7 LED mood light colour options for you to choose from.

It’s recommended to change the filter every 6 months for best continued results. Clean the water tank and the inside of the unit weekly with a cloth to maintain the air cooler.

2. iFan IF7850 Air Cooler 800W

iFan - PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler with 9.3Litres water tank(IF7850)

Price: S$105


  • Power consumption: 45W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 760
  • Airflow distance /m2: 10
  • Water tank capacity: 9.3L
  • Product dimension: 280 x 250 x 750mm, 5.5kg

The iFan IF7850 has a strong flan blade with vortex air flow for maximum cooling effect. To further enhance its cooling effect, it has 3 sides cooling pads with adjustable oscillating air louvers. Its mosquito repellent is especially useful in Singapore.

For user convenience, the air cooler has a water level display window, hidden wheels, and 3 fan speed settings. It can last for 10-13h of continuous usage. Its drawer water tank and washable filter makes maintenance easy.

3. Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler

Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler

Price: S$178


  • Power consumption: 126W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 350
  • Airflow distance /m2: 15
  • Water tank capacity: 15L
  • Product dimension: 380 x 365 x 680mm, 8.2kg

The Honeywell CL151 is a lightweight air cooler with side handles and 4 durable caster wheels which makes it very mobile. With 3 fan speeds, a carbon-dust filter and oscillating louvres, it has just the right features needed for efficient cooling. This model of air cooler in Singapore also has an automatic shut-off timer, which helps with energy savings.

4. iFan IF7880 Evaporative Air Cooler

iFan - PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler with 18Litres water tank(IF7880)

Price: S$189


  • Power consumption: 80W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 1432
  • Airflow distance /m2: 15
  • Water tank capacity: 18L
  • Product dimension: 320 x 270 x 860mm, 8kg

The iFan IF7880 Evaporative Air Cooler has vortex air flow and strong flan blades. For increased hygiene, the drawer-style water tank is antibacterial. The dust filter is washable to enhance the air quality produced.

With 4 fan speed modes on a touch panel that can be controlled with a remote control, this model is made with user convenience in mind.

5. EuropAce 4-In-1 Evaporative Air Cooler ECO 2130V

EuropAce 4-in-1 Evaporative Air cooler ECO 2130V - Air cooler / fan / humidifier / Air purifier

Price: S$229


  • Power consumption: 130W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 1500
  • Airflow distance /m2: 12
  • Water tank capacity: 15L
  • Product dimension: 360 x 375 x 908mm, 8.6kg

The EuropAce ECO 2130V is known for being an air cooler, fan, humidifier and air purifier all in one appliance. It has a powerful motor with twin wind turbines, a thick honeycomb water filter, and a pump evaporation system.

This evaporative air cooler features a touch panel with LED display and a water gauge. It also comes with 3 fan speed modes, and an auto oscillating 4 direction swing for ventilation.

6. SONA SAC 6301 Remote Air Cooler

SONA SAC 6301 Remote Air Cooler

Price: $229.00


  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 410
  • Airflow distance /m2: 9
  • Water tank capacity: 7L

SONA SAC 6301 has a thick 40mm honeycomb and breeze wind installed with an ioniser for enhanced cooling effect. Its big handle and universal wheel make it rather mobile.

The air cooler comes with an LED display, remote control, and removable water tank for user convenience. One special feature is its pump protection, which automatically shuts off when the water tank is empty!

7. Mistral MAC1600R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Mistral MAC1600R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Price: S$230


  • Power consumption: 130
  • Humidity: 1500ml/h
  • Airflow distance /m2: 25
  • Water tank capacity: 15L
  • Product dimension: 360 x 416 x 874mm

The Mistral MAC1600R is known for its humidifying function. It has a honeycomb cooling media with an ioniser. For more effective air distribution, it has louvers that oscillates left-right and up-down.

With 6 fan speeds – 3 normal modes and 3 silent modes – a 24h off-timer, and remote control, it is made to be especially user-friendly. In addition, its low water alarm alerts you when the water tank is almost empty.

8. EuropAce ECO6801S Air Cooler

EuropAce ECO6801S white 5-IN-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

Price: S$300


  • Airflow volume /m3: 800
  • Airflow distance /m2: 10
  • Water tank capacity: 6L

This air cooler has a detachable drawer-style water tank that makes it easy to refill. With a built-in water ioniser and a detachable filter that can handle up to 98% of PM 2.5 particles using air wash technology, it can improve the air quality in your home.

9. EuropAce ECO5802T 5-In-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

EUROPACE ECO5802T 5 in 1 Evaporative Air Cooler

Price: S$364


  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 800
  • Airflow distance /m2: 16
  • Water tank capacity: 20L
  • Product dimension: 400 x 1015 x 364mm, 11.1kg

The EuropAce ECO5802T has ice cubes compartment for better cooling efficiency, thick 70mm honeycomb filter, and a built-in ioniser for maximum cooling effect. With a large water tank capacity, it can last to up to 15h.

This evaporative air cooler in Singapore also has a washable water pump, an enclosed air outlet to prevent dust from entering, and a delayed switch-off to dry the honeycomb filter. This makes maintenance easy for users.

It also has 3 fan speed modes and an auto-dim control light panel for convenience.

10. Honeywell TC30PEUI 30l Remote Evaporative Air Cooler

Honeywell TC30PEUI 30l Remote Evaporative Air Cooler

Price: S$349


  • Power consumption: 120W
  • Airflow volume /m3: 800
  • Airflow distance /m2: 26
  • Water tank capacity: 30L
  • Product dimension: 355 x 355 x 1105mm, 8.9kg

One of the best air coolers in Singapore within this range, the Honeywell TC30PEUI is very user-friendly. As it has a remote control, you can change its settings across 3 fan speeds within the room. It has a detachable water tank and low-water alarm for easy maintenance.

This air cooler has a large honeycomb cooling pad, powerful motor, dust filter, and a built-in ioniser with oscillating louvres to distribute cool air easily. The air throw is at the body level, so its cooling effect can be felt quickly.

Best places to buy an air cooler in Singapore

Besides buying from Lazada or Shopee, you can check out the 4 best places to go if you want to buy an evaporative air cooler in Singapore. 

1. FurnitureSG

FurnitureSG has a wide variety of products, including air coolers in Singapore. They offer free delivery with no minimum spending and can even deliver after office hours without extra charges.

You can also exchange products if you aren’t satisfied with it. According to the website, it guarantees the lowest price around.

2. Parisilk

Parisilk is a Singapore brand with over 60 years of experience. It’s renowned for its personalised customer service and competitive prices.

The store sells many electronic products in Singapore, including air coolers. Parisilk guarantees the originality of its products, which also comes with product warranties from the respective customers.

3. Maxcool

Maxcool Industries specialises in evaporative air coolers’ rentals and sales in Singapore. Besides evaporative air coolers, they provide technical support, maintenance, and repair services for all their products.

4. Audio House

Audio House sells a huge array of household products, including air coolers. From furniture and fridges to computers and cameras, you’re bound to find what you need for your home here.

Buy an air cooler today to cool down your home and make yourself more comfortable!

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