9 Best Aircon Brands in Singapore (2020)

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In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, aircons are integral to our daily lives. While it’s considered an essential appliance for many homes, buying an aircon might not be as straightforward as it seems. With so many brands out in the market, which one should you pick? In this article, we share some tips on how to choose the right aircon and the best aircon brands in Singapore.

What should you look out for when buying an aircon in Singapore?

1. Type of aircon

Aircons come in different types. Knowing the different types, how they work, and how suitable they are will help you pick the right one for your home or office needs.

Window aircon

A window aircon is a stand-alone appliance that doesn’t require a converter. This makes it cheaper to install, maintain, and clean. However, it can be noisy as all of its components are fitted into a single unit. 

It’s suitable for small studio apartments and can be fitted near your window or on your windowsill.

Split aircon

Split aircon systems can be found in most homes. It consists of two separate units — an outdoor water or air-cooled condensing unit, and an indoor air-handling unit. 

A split aircon is a lot quieter than other types of aircon as the condensing unit is usually placed outside of the home. With a split aircon, you’ll need to have a designated outdoor area for the condensing unit, and wiring and piping works need to be done.

However, do note that split aircons have a more complex system, and may be more costly to install and maintain compared to other types of aircons.

Central aircon

A central aircon circulates cool air through a supply and return duct system. It’s usually used in corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, and some bungalow homes.

It’s very effective in cooling big spaces evenly. Like the split aircon, it has a large compressor installed outdoors and an indoor aircon unit. 

It’s suitable for large spaces, and you can control the temperature using the central thermostat. 

Portable aircon

Portable aircons are very economical. Suitable for those looking for a budget option, a portable aircon typically has a window slider and an exhaust hose to transport the hot air out. 

It uses less energy and generally costs less than fixed aircons. However, it’s only effective for small spaces and can take a longer time to cool the space. 

2. Efficiency rating

It’s important to look for energy-efficient appliances, as they can lower your electricity bill and help save the environment. 

Make sure to read the energy label when picking an aircon brand in Singapore. The energy label displays the EER (Energy-efficient rating) of one to five ticks, with five being the best rated in energy efficiency. 

While an aircon might be cheaper upfront, it may result in a higher electricity bill if it is not energy efficient. This means you may end up paying more in the long-run. 

It might be better to purchase an aircon with better energy-efficiency at a higher upfront price. This could lower your monthly electricity bill and help you save more in the long term. 

3. Type and number of rooms to install the aircon

As a general guideline, a 9000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) aircon is suitable for bedrooms, and a 12000 BTU aircon is ideal for the living room. 

For a regular 4-room flat, a four-unit system will be sufficient.

9 Best Aircon Brands in Singapore

1. Mitsubishi

mitsubishi aircon

Country of origin: Japan

Key highlights

  • Energy-efficient: Mitsubishi aircons are equipped with Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Inverter Technology that cools spaces effectively and efficiently. For consumer aircons, their EER is generally three ticks and above.
  • Durable: Mitsubishi aircons may be slightly costly, but they are widely known to last long. Mitsubishi’s aircons are also known for having high-quality and consistent airflow. 
  • Minimal noise: Mitsubishi also produces compressors that work with minimal noise. Their aircons create a cooling, comfortable, and conducive environment for optimal sleep and relaxation. It’s often the preferred choice of aircon for residential and commercial purposes.

2. Daikin

daikin aircon

Country of origin: Japan

Key highlights

  • Energy-efficient: Daikin’s SMILE Series has an EER of five ticks, which can save you up to 33% of your electrical bill. As one of the best aircon brands in Singapore, Daikin aircons have a three-tick rating on average.
  • Wide range of aircon units: Daikin has a variety of models — the SMILE Series, Super Multi MX, Super Multi HW, and the Ezi Series.

3. Panasonic

panasonic aircon

Country of origin: Japan

Key highlights

  • Purification: Panasonic integrates their in-house technology “Nanoe-G” into their aircons. The Nanoe-G feature filters microscopic organisms such as bacteria and allergens from the air. You can choose to switch on the air purifier while you’re out of the house and come home to clean and fresh air.
  • Smart and energy-efficient: Panasonic’s ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors consist of two smart sensors — the Human Activity Sensor and the Sunlight Sensor. They monitor movements, absence and sunlight intensity, and automatically adjust the cooling power to save energy.
  • Efficient cooling power: With Panasonic’s integrated inverter, your home can be cooled within minutes. No more having to sit around and wait for the room to cool. 

4. LG

LG aircon

Country of origin: Korea

Key highlights

  • Reliable: Known for their high-quality electronic appliances, LG has over 60 years of manufacturing experience. They have a wide range of aircon products and also produce other home appliances such as refrigerators and TVs. 
  • Energy-saving: LG aircon models are generally rated between four to five ticks for their EER. One of the unique features of LG aircons is that once the indoor temperature reaches the desired level, the compressor will automatically stop. This helps to save energy for your home. 
  • Purification: LG aircons have features that help purify the air. The LG Allergy Filter can remove allergens and filter over 99% of extremely fine dust. The Ionising function can discharge positive and negative ions that decompose hazardous substances like moulds and germs. The Deodorising Triple Filter neutralises foul odours and hazardous chemicals too.

5. EuropAce

europace aircon

Country of Origin: Italy

Key highlights

  • Affordable: Looking for a more affordable electronics brand in Singapore? EuropAce can be one of your options. Entering the market only in 1992, it’s a relatively new name. You can expect good quality and reasonably priced appliances from EuropAce. 
  • Specialised: EuropAce is known for its portable aircon types. Not only are they compact in size, but they are also pretty powerful. Models EPAC12C, EPAC10P, and EPAC14P are widely reviewed, so take some time to check what people are saying about EuropAce!
  • Versatile aircons: EuropAce aircons are also quite versatile. You can set different modes for different use cases. Dry mode helps to reduce humidity in the air while smart mode balances the air quality. 

6. Midea

midea aircon

Country of origin: China

Key highlights

  • Affordable: Midea is known for its value-for-money products is a more affordable brand compared to Mitsubishi and Daikin. Similar to EuropAce, its relatively recent entry into the Singapore market makes it an affordable option.
  • Simple: Midea aircons fulfil their primary function of cooling a room. Their aircon units have no fancy functions or features and are relatively silent. If you’re looking for an aircon that’s simple and easy to use, Midea is a brand that you can turn to. 

7. Fujitsu

fujitsu aircon

Country of origin: Japan

Key highlights

  • Reliable: As one of the first developers of the modern-day aircon, Fujitsu has been innovating and improving their home appliances to accommodate changing needs. With their rich history in manufacturing, you can rely on Fujitsu to provide you with quality appliances you need. 
  • Good aesthetic: Fujitsu is one of the best aircon brands in Singapore has one of the slimmest aircon designs. Their aircon units are sleek yet powerful. 
  • Well-rounded product: Some of Fujitsu’s aircons have eco-friendly settings. You can also activate the low-noise mode to reduce the sound emitted by the compressor. Besides their  good form, Fujitsu aircons are packed with many good functions. It can cool down your room in a short amount of time and maintain the temperature. 

8. Samsung

samsung aircon

Country of origin: Korea

Key highlights

  • Intelligent and innovative: From refrigerators to televisions and aircons, Samsung’s products are integrated with smart technology. Some of their aircons have built-in i-Fi control, which allows you to operate and monitor the system through your mobile devices. 
  • Energy-efficient: Samsung’s aircons have an EER of up to five ticks. The cooling systems are integrated with smart technology and designed in a unique triangle shape to produce wider, faster, and stronger wind. These features ensure improved performance while you save energy in the long-run. 
  • Air purification: Samsung’s in-house Virus Doctor system helps to reduce the dust, airborne contaminants, and allergens in the air. Bacteria and viruses are no exception. Their aircons generally have a two-part filtering system. The “Easy Filter” clears out dust and allergens, while the “Virus Doctor” system eliminates bacteria and viruses through ion technology.

9. Toshiba

toshiba aircon

Country of origin: Japan

Key highlights

  • Reliable: Toshiba is one of the more widely known brands for electrical appliances. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of products. This includes air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, bathroom equipment, and even portable products. 
  • Energy-efficient: Toshiba has developed technology that caters specifically for energy efficiency. For example, the Toshiba DC Twin-Rotary Compressor helps to control vibration and improve mechanical efficiency. The DC Hybrid Inverter allows the compressor to operate at different speeds, cooling a room at a faster rate while maintaining lower power consumption.
  • Eco-friendly: Toshiba aircons use only ozone-friendly refrigerants known as R410a. This makes their aircons eco-friendly, transferring heat efficiently without compromising our ozone layer.

Where to find the best aircon brands in Singapore

1. Gain City

Established in 1981, Gain City is Singapore’s homegrown brand for furniture and electronic appliances. With a standing history and good reputation, you can rely on Gain City to provide you with aircons from the best aircon brands in Singapore.


COURTS Asia Limited is currently a leading electrical, IT, and furniture retailer in Southeast Asia. 

With a total of 14 stores in Singapore, COURTS can offer you the best aircons from the best aircon brands in Singapore. On top of that, it caters to online consumers with islandwide delivery. 

3. Best Denki

Best Denki is a Japanese electronics retailer with outlets across Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It carries a range of products from the kitchen and household appliances, TVs, fridges, to consumer electronics like laptops and speakers. With more than 10 stores islandwide, you do not have to veer too far to find the best aircon brands in Singapore.

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