“Air conditioning was a most important invention for us, perhaps one of the signal inventions of history. It changed the nature of civilization by making development possible in the tropics. Without air conditioning you can work only in the cool early-morning hours or at dusk. The first thing I did upon becoming prime minister was to install air conditioners in buildings where the civil service worked. This was key to public efficiency.”

  • Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew 

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the air con was vital to humanity. If not for the invention of the air con, I’d be a shrivelled up raisin with less moisture than my workout towel. 

One thing that people might not know about air cons is that they don’t just keep the air cool. Here are the 3 main features that they provide:


The top priority of any air con system is that it has to keep the indoor air cool and comfortable. Of course, the size of the space that is to be cooled will greatly affect what kind of air con system you get. There are central air units, window AC units, and ductless AC units for residential properties, while larger commercial buildings usually need special rooftop systems in place.


Air cons also help to dehumidify the indoor air – which is extra important in Singapore. In case you didn’t know, the humidity levels in Singapore range from 64% to 96%. According to this website, a comfortable level of humidity would be… 55% to 59%.

In an air-conditioned room, this number is maintained from 35% to 50%, which is very comfortable. This also happens to be the reason why most air con units have drains – as they dehumidify the air, the water has to go somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be the condenser. 

The drain helps to filter water away from the air con so that the water doesn’t just pool up and cause damage to the unit. 


Your air con also helps in ventilation – otherwise every room you step in would be stuffy and full of carbon dioxide. Most air cons have a fan mode in addition to their cool mode, which helps to move fresh air throughout your house/office. 

However, like all electronics, air con units are susceptible to wear and tear, and ultimately failure. So, how do we keep faulty air cons at bay? How can we make sure that they will behave as they’re supposed to, and fulfil their duties responsibly?

By hiring an air con servicing company, of course.

Here’s the rating criteria by which these companies will be judged:

  • Prices
  • Services provided
  • Customer reviews

As always, I have enlisted no services from any of these following companies, and thus have no prejudice nor preference towards any of them.

DW Aircon 

air con in a room


Price list:

One-time air con servicing price1 Fan Coil Unit – $40
2 Fan Coil Unit – $70
3 Fan Coil Unit – $85
4 Fan Coil Unit – $100
5 Fan Coil Unit – $115
6 Fan Coil Unit – $130
Air con servicing contract price (quarterly subscription package)1 Fan Coil Unit – $40
2 Fan Coil Unit – $63
3 Fan Coil Unit – $78
4 Fan Coil Unit – $90
5 Fan Coil Unit – $105
6 Fan Coil Unit – $120
7 Fan Coil Unit – $135
8 Fan Coil Unit – $150
Air con chemical overhaul priceSubjected to the British Thermal Unit (BTU) of your air con
Air con gas top-up priceR22 – $90 to $120
R410 – $90 to $150
Rates are subject to change, and do not include VRV/VRF Systems
Air con installation priceVisit www.dwaircon.com/aircon-installation-singapore-catalogue
Air con repair priceSubject to case by case basis
Ceiling cassette & ducted air con servicing priceCall them at +65 6653 2988 for the full range of prices

DW Aircon are highly established in their industry, with over a decade of experience under their belt. They’re so experienced that they can even give you an initial assessment of your air con through the phone call.

DW Aircon provides a huge range of services, such as:

  • Air con servicing
  • Air con repair
  • Air con installation
  • Air con servicing contract
  • Air con chemical wash
  • Air con gas top-up
  • Air con chemical overhaul
  • Commercial and industrial air con services

They also offer a 30 day workmanship warranty on their services, meaning that if you should find something faulty within 30 days, you can ask them back to take an- you know what a warranty is.


Google reviews from 372 people have put them at 4.8 stars, and it took about 3 pages of scrolling before I could find a review that wasn’t a full 5 stars. The only 1 star review I could find was by someone who misattributed a faulty water tray to the air con, aka it was their own fault.

Another 1 star review seemed to turn up a similar case, whereby a customer insisted a condenser was fine when it was in fact past its best-before date.

Five star reviews, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen, with many praising them for their reasonable prices and honest services.

SoCool Pte Ltd

so cool logo


Price list:

Fancoil unitOne timeTri-yearlyQuarterly


SoCool Pte Ltd have a lot of experience servicing multiple types of air cons. This means that no matter what brand you’re using, SoCool will know how to take care of it. You no longer have to be frustrated over the lack of service for your hipster aircon that can produce negative ions or whatever.

They also operate 24/7, so you can fix that faulty air con in the middle of the night and stop your children from whining too much.

Some of their other services include:

  • Normal servicing
  • Parts replacement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Chemical servicing
  • Aircon  overhaul
  • Gas top up

They recommend that you do normal servicing to your air con at least once every 3 months, which means I’m almost 6 normal servicings overdue.


SoCool Pte Ltd has a whopping 835 reviews, and 4.7 stars in total. The one star review that popped up was due to a request that went unreplied, and another 3 star review was due to a later technician. Apart from those, reviews are vastly positive, with almost every other review scoring a full five stars.

Newway Systems

man vaccuming air con


Newway Systems has no pricing systems up, as most of their services operate on a case by case basis.

Newway Systems is one of the leading residential and commercial air con servicing companies in Singapore, and have been in operation since 1987. Their expertise goes beyond air cons; they even develop probiotic cultures that help to eradicate harmful microorganisms and bugs. It also helps to take care of dust mites, pollen, dust, and various odours.

The services that Newway Systems provide are as follows:

  • General servicing
  • Major servicing
  • Chemical overhaul
  • Condenser servicing
  • Inspection and troubleshooting
  • Annual maintenance package


Newway systems has a 4.7 star rating across 11 Google reviews. There are no negative reviews – the lowest score review that had was 3 stars, and that person declined to comment.

Air Con-clusion

If you still haven’t made up your mind, here’s a rough breakdown: DW Aircon is affordable and experienced, SoCool Pte Ltd has experience servicing more niche models, and Newway Systems is a great all-rounder in general, with their own line of in-house products. 

If you’ve read this far and developed a severe dislike for air cons, here’s an article on an alternate way to keep cool: a list of ceiling fans. With lights on them.

On the other hand, if you’re turning your back on the indoors altogether, would this be a good time for us to suggest a list of outdoor furniture?

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