9 Best Blood Pressure Monitors in Singapore From $72.80 (2020)

Best blood pressure monitors in Singapore

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Today, we’re able to keep track of the smallest details of our physiology, and use that information to live a healthier life. One way to keep track of our health and blood pressure is to use a good blood pressure monitor. 

Blood pressure monitors have come a long way, and have become more accurate and easy to use in recent years. Today, we’ll take a look at why it’s good to have one at home, and which are the best ones to get in Singapore.

Benefits of owning a blood pressure monitor

Allows for early detection of illness

Sudden changes to your blood pressure can be a sign of illness. If you regularly check your blood pressure, you can easily notice sudden changes and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Track treatment results

If you’re diagnosed with a condition like hypertension, you can use a monitor to track whether the treatment is working. This is important, because if healthcare professionals can find out early that you’re not responding to a particular treatment, they can immediately switch you to a different one.

Reduce healthcare costs

By owning a monitor, you get to check your own blood pressure without having to go to a clinic or medical centre. The regular monitoring of blood pressure changes could also save you money in the long run, since it encourages preventative care.

9 best blood pressure monitors in Singapore

Blood pressure monitorPrice
Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor CF155$72.80
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor 3AQ1$89
MedCheck Blood Pressure Monitor$89 – $109
Braun ExactFit™ 3$102.60
Livingstone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor$134.58
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor 3AR1-3PA$139
OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor JPN600$144
OSIM uCheck Smart Blood Pressure Monitor$199
Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor A200 $209

1. Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor CF155

Blood pressure monitor from Rossmax

Price: $72.80

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Key highlights

  • Hypertension risk indicator: If you aren’t sure whether your blood pressure readings are good or bad, the Rossmax can help through its hypertension risk indicator. This indicator helps determine whether you should seek medical attention to have your blood pressure managed.
  • Automatic operation: No more unwieldy pumps or complicated bits and pieces. You simply need to place the cuff on your arm correctly and press a button, and the measurements will shortly show up on the screen. 
  • Real fuzzy technology: With this feature, you no longer need a pre-set inflation level for the cuff before measuring your blood pressure. This improves comfort and the accuracy of readings.

2. Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor 3AQ1

A monitor from Yeap Medical

Price: $89

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Key highlights

  • AFIB Stroke Detection: Hypertension and atrial fibrillation are one of the biggest causes of stroke, so early detection is important. This device is capable of detecting both.
  • 3 measures with one click: With one click, the machine can take 3 blood pressure measurements and record the average. All this happens in less than 30 seconds, providing accurate measurements while minimising discomfort.
  • 5-year warranty: Every device by Yeap Medical comes with a 5-year warranty.

3. MedCheck Blood Pressure Monitor

A smartphone-accessible monitor from MedCheck

Price: $89 – $109

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Key highlights

  • Mobile phone integration: You can easily keep track of blood pressure readings through a phone app. What’s more, you can receive a personalized diet plan and fitness advice to help regulate your blood pressure. You can even have the readings sent to any phone via SMS as soon as they are taken.
  • 2-year warranty: MedCheck offers 2-years warranty for this device.
  •  One-button operation: No more fiddling around with complicated components to take your blood pressure. One push of a button and the rest takes care of itself.

4. Braun ExactFit™ 3

Braun ExactFit blood pressure monitor

Price: $102.60

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Key highlights

  • Two cuff sizes: A blood pressure monitor cuff should be of the right size in order to provide accurate readings. Braun understands this, so the ExactFit 3 comes with two cuff sizes.
  • Memory storage for 2 x 40 readings: The ExactFit monitor can store readings for 2 profiles, with 40 readings for each. This allows more than one user to keep track of their blood pressure readings easily.
  • Extra-large backlit display: Thanks to its large display screen and accompanying backlight, you can check your blood pressure even in a dimly lit environment without having to squint at the numbers.

5. Livingstone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor from Livingstone

Price: $134.58

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Key highlights

  • Automatic pulse reading: Blood pressure aside, this device from Livingstone is also able to take your heart rate.
  • Smart inflation system: The cuff automatically inflates and deflates before and after your blood pressure readings are taken, minimising overall discomfort.

6. Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor 3AR1-3PA

A monitor from Pharmex Healthcare

Price: $139

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Key highlights

  • Fan-shaped cuff: Having the best cuff fit not only speeds up the blood pressure reading process, it also improves accuracy. This device has a fan-shaped cuff that can fit arm circumferences from 22 cm to 42 cm.
  • PAD technology: This machine makes use of PAD technology to monitor your pulse as well as detect heart arrhythmia.
  • One-press activation: This model forgoes the use of mechanically complicated components. Readings can be taken automatically with one button press.

7. OMRON Blood Pressure Monitor JPN600

Blood pressure monitor from OMRON

Price: $144

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Key highlights

  • Cuff wrapping guide: OMRON’s JPN600 comes with an LED cuff guide that guides you with putting the cuff on properly, ensuring accurate measurements.
  • Irregular heartbeat detector: This machine also has an irregular heartbeat detector, allowing you to detect any issues with your heart rate that could disrupt your blood pressure.
  • Data storage: Despite its small size, this machine is able to store 90 blood pressure measurements for your reference. This includes the date and time for each measurement.

8. OSIM uCheck Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor from OSIM

Price: $199

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Key highlights

  • App support: You can easily keep track of and record blood pressure readings by pairing the device with a phone app. You can also keep track of other aspects such as your heart rate.
  • Supports multiple users: The device can support multiple users, so you can keep track of readings for multiple family members and stay healthy together.
  • One-touch button operation: Reading your blood pressure with this monitor can be done with just one press of a button.

9. Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor A200

A blood pressure monitor from NHG

Price: $209

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Key highlights

  • Atrial fibrillation detection: This device is one of the few ones in the market with atrial fibrillation detection, helping with the early detection and treatment of stroke.
  • Time-stamped storage: The device is capable of storing 200 time-stamped readings.
  • PC link function: You can easily transfer data from the device to a computer. That way, you can analyse how your blood pressure readings have changed over time, or even send them to your doctor.

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