10 Best Buffet Catering in Singapore for Under $15 per Person

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Whether you’re planning a get-together with family and friends or a corporate lunch reception, you want to make sure that there’s decent food and everyone’s well-fed. Fortunately, there are many buffet catering services in Singapore that can help you ensure that, suited for all kinds of occasions.

Let’s look at the 10 best buffet catering companies in Singapore that you can consider for your next event, with menus below $15/pax. 

1. Orange Clove 

Buffet catering setup in Singapore overlooking a river

Orange Clove is one of the more popular buffet catering services for corporations in Singapore, but also does private occasions. Founded in 2008, the buffet catering company’s focus is on coming up with creative fusions between Asian and international dishes. Orange Clove has a one-chef-one-dish rule to ensure accountability and quality.

Orange Clove provides these menu options: 

  • The Wonders of Christmas
  • The Wonders of Christmas Mini Buffets
  • CNY Bountiful Fortunes
  • CNY Bountiful Fortunes Mini Buffets
  • Peranakan Heritage 
  • Buffet Catering
  • Mini Buffet Catering 
  • Tea Reception Catering
  • Cocktail Reception Catering
  • Bentos Catering 
  • Executive Bentos Catering
  • Seminar Catering
  • Breakfast Catering
  • Sit-Down Catering
  • Cocktail Butler Catering
  • Healthier Buffet Catering
  • Healthier Bentos Catering
  • Singapore Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Catering
  • BBQ Catering

Do note that that an order must be made at least 3 days before your event! 


2. Mum’s Kitchen

An assortment of buffet catering items in black trays in Singapore

Established in 1996, Mum’s Kitchen began as a humble restaurant at Joo Chiat. Today, the award-winning caterer has over 50 staff, operating two central kitchens. Mum’s Kitchen’s menu is extensive, ranging from local favourites to international cuisines.

Some of the available menus for their buffet catering include:

  • Bento
  • Buffet (Home Party, Kids Buffet, Baby Full Month, Fusion Buffet, Barbeque Buffet, Butler & Banquet, Healthier Choice)
  • Corporate (Corporate Buffet, Whole Day Seminar)
  • Festive Menu (Christmas 2019)
  • Signature Menu (Signature Laska, Signature Mee Siam)
  • Tea Cocktail 
  • Wedding (Wedding Buffet, Cocktail Reception Wedding, Wedding Tea Reception)


3. Chili Api

Bite-sized buffet-catering morsels lined up on a plate

Chili Api offers catering services for both corporate events and private occasions. If you’re looking for Peranakan buffet catering in Singapore, Chili Api is the caterer to call. But while their specialty is Peranakan cuisine, they also offer a large number of international dishes on their menus.

Here are the different buffet catering menus offered by Chili Api:

  • Christmas Buffet
  • Christmas Mini Party 
  • 2020 CNY Joy of Reunion Set Menu
  • 2020 1st-3rd Day CNY Buffet
  • 2020 1st-3rd Day Mini Party Set
  • 2020 CNY Buffet Menus
  • 2020 CNY Mini Party Set Menu
  • 2020 Treasure Set Menu
  • Ala-Carte Buffet
  • Tea Reception Buffet 
  • Mini Buffet
  • Peranakan Fiesta Buffet 
  • Cocktail Reception Buffet
  • Healthier Buffet 
  • Baby Shower Buffet
  • Kids Party Buffet
  • Full-Day Seminar
  • Half-Day Seminar
  • Corporate Buffet
  • Wedding Buffet


4. Mei Hao 99 Catering 

Trays of buffet catering food overlooking a swimming pool in Singapore

Established in 1999, Mei Hao 99 Catering offers cuisine such as Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Western. With more than 300 types of dishes, be prepared to be spoilt for choice.

These are some of the menu options provided by Mei Hao 99 Catering:

  • X’mas Menu 
  • CNY Buffet
  • CNY Mini Buffet
  • Buffet Menu
  • Mini Buffet
  • High Tea Buffet
  • Bento
  • BBQ Buffet
  • Wedding 


  • Phone number: +65 6755 7933

5. Neo Garden 

Main courses and desserts from Neo Garden’s buffet catering menu

When it comes to buffet catering in Singapore, Neo Garden Catering is one of the more popular options out there. They offer catering services for all types of occasions, whether it’s corporate events or housewarming celebrations for your new BTO. Some of Neo Garden’s signature dishes include their cereal prawn and curry chicken. 

These are some of Neo Garden’s menus that you can choose from:

  • Chinese New Year 2020
  • Christmas
  • Mini Buffet 
  • Regular Buffet 
  • High Tea Buffet
  • Peranakan Buffet
  • Side Orders
  • D.I.Y
  • Thematic Decor
  • Dessert Table
  • Live Stations

Neo Garden prides itself on its high standards for food quality and safety. For example, seafood, meat, and vegetables are all prepared in different rooms to avoid cross contamination. Also, each chef is responsible for his or her own dish, ensuring accountability and consistency for each menu item

Neo Garden also an option for a last-minute order, where food can be delivered within 3 hours. 


6. Ronnie Kitchen

Ronnie Kitchen provides buffet catering in Singapore for housewarmings, wedding reception, company & school functions, and more. Ronnie Kitchen specialises in Chinese food. So if you have fussy grandparents who really love their Chinese Food, Ronnie Kitchen is probably the caterer to call! 

These are some of the menu options offered by Ronnie Kitchen:

  • Buffet Menu
  • Deluxe Buffet Menu
  • Mini Buffet Menu
  • Vegetarian Buffet Menu
  • Bento Box Menu
  • Lunch/Dinner Menu

Notably, Ronnie Kitchen has a vegetarian menu, which might not be that common when it comes to buffet catering in Singapore. 

Do note that orders with Ronnie Kitchen need to be made at least 4 days before your event.


  • Phone number: +65 6753 1003

7. Robert Catering Services

Buffet catering trays filled with food beside a pond in Singapore

Robert Catering Services offers buffet catering for events such as birthdays, housewarmings, seminars, church weddings, and funerals. Their menu offerings are relatively affordable compared to the other buffet catering services on this list. 

Here are the menus provided by Robert Catering Services:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Regular Buffet
  • Mini Catering
  • High Tea
  • Seminar
  • Packed meals
  • BBQ


8. YLS Catering

Specialising in Chinese food, YLS Catering has more than 20 years of experience in the catering business. They provide buffet catering in Singapore for events from birthdays to school functions, and even have a company lunch box delivery service. YLS Catering also has a vegetarian menu.  

These are the menu options offered by YLS Catering:

  • Christmas Menu
  • CNY Menu
  • Buffet Menu
  • Mini Buffet 
  • Vegetarian Menu 


  • Phone number: +65 6745 1855

9. FattyDaddyFattyMummy

FattyDaddyFattyMummy was founded to help busy parents, delivering daily home-cooked meals to them. Since then, FattyDaddyFattyMummy has evolved to become a full-fledged catering service, offering Tingkat, bento, and buffet catering services in Singapore. 

These are some of the menus offered by FattyDaddyFattyMummy:

  • Love Tingkat 
  • Mini Buffet
  • Baby Shower
  • Set-Up Buffet

If you’re health conscious and happen to be looking at a Tingkat service, you could consider their Love Tingkat option. It contains no processed and canned food, no added MSG, as well as less salt and less oil. 


10. On & On Diners 

On & On Diners is a Halal-certified caterer in Singapore. Established in 2009, the buffet catering company prides itself on its quality ingredients and traditional local recipes. If you plan to provide a buffet catering spread that’s focused on local cuisine, On & On Diners might be the caterer to call. 

These are some of On & On Diners’ menus: 

  • Regular Menu (Oriental Buffet, Mini Buffet, Tea Reception, Western Buffet)
  • Economical Menu 
  • Wedding Menu (Oriental Wedding, Church Wedding, Wedding Reception, Poolside Wedding, Live Station)
  • Corporate Menu (Breakfast, Corporate Lunch, Tea Reception, Bento, Mini Party Sets, BBQ)
  • Packed Meals/Bento (5-Course Packed Meals and 6-Course Packed Meals) 


Which of these 9 buffet catering services are Halal-certified?

Looking to get a Halal-certified caterer for your event? Here’s a list of the 9 buffet caterers in Singapore we’ve looked at, with an indication of whether they are Halal-certified or not. 

Buffet catererHalal-certified?
Orange CloveHalal-certified
Mum’s Kitchen Halal-certified
Chili ApiHalal-certified
Mei Hao 99 CateringNot Halal-certified
Neo GardenNot Halal-certified
Ronnie KitchenNot Halal-certified
Robert Catering ServicesNot Halal-certified
YLS CateringNot Halal-certified
Fatty Daddy Fatty MummyNot Halal-certified
On & On DinersHalal-certified

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