10 Best Built-in Ovens in Singapore – Reviews and Buying Guide (2020)

best built in ovens in singapore

Looking for a brand new oven for your kitchen? Thinking of trying out some new recipes with a new built in oven in Singapore? Nowadays, you can find a range of built-in ovens with lots of features. Some have more cooking functions than others while some even have smart temperature adjusting features!

Knowing what features to look out for might be confusing especially with such a wide range of choices in the market. Here, we’ll be discussing some of the best built in ovens in Singapore and some of the features you should pay attention to.

Types of built in ovens

When it comes to built in ovens, there are various features to look out for. Built in ovens are classified into 2 categories — electric ovens and gas ovens. In general, gas ovens are more affordable than electric ovens. There’s one drawback though — you’ll need gas supply. If your home already has gas, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, if you don’t, using gas installation can be costly in the long run.

Electric ovens, on the other hand, don’t require you to have gas. Electric ovens are versatile and easy to use. In general, they are available in both convection and convection and conduction varieties. 

So what’s the difference between convection and conduction electric ovens? It has to do with the oven’s heating. Heat in convection ovens tend to be more consistent as it is blown by fans, which causes heat to be circulated around the oven.

On the other hand, conduction ovens have a stationary heating source. Unlike convection ovens, hot air is not circulated by an oven fan. Hence, temperatures are not as evenly spread out. Depending on the portion you are cooking and the type of dishes you cook, you’ll need to bear these differences in mind.

Best built in oven features to look for

One of the reasons why built-in ovens are so popular is because it can be mounted into a wall recess or under the kitchen bench. It gives you a better flexibility and fits a wide range of kitchen lay outs — pretty handy for both small and big households in Singapore. Unlike counter top ovens, you don’t need to ensure you have enough counter space. 

That being said, you still need to know how much space you need to allocate to your built in oven. Knowing how much space you can give to your built in oven will help you decide which oven is best suited for your kitchen.

You don’t want to buy a built in oven only to realise it’s too big for the intended space. Generally, built in ovens are around 60cm in width but there are definitely much larger models in the market.

Another aspect to look out for would be the weight of your oven door. Ideally, the door should be easy to operate and light but not fragile. Generally, it’s ideal to get an oven with a clear-view window and multiple layers of glass.

An oven door with three layers of glass will be cooler to the touch — an important point to consider if you have children in your home. When inspecting an oven, make sure to also test whether the door stays open in various positions so it doesn’t slam shut on its own. 

10 best built in ovens in Singapore

Built in ovensPrices
Brandt BOE5302X Built-in Enamel Oven$579
Turbo Incanto TFM8627 7 Functions Multifunction Oven$598
RO-E6208TA-EM Rinnai Built in Oven$608
Elba EBO1726BK Built-in Oven$619
Electrolux EOB3434BOX Built-in PlusSteam Oven 72L$883
Smeg SF6381X Classica Aesthetic Oven$1798



Price: $508

Key highlights

  • W560 X H590 X D550

If you’re looking for a user-friendly built-in oven, this model from Electrolux could be just what you’re looking for. This oven comes with 6 cooking functions including a pizza setting and 2 levels of cooking — which ensures you can cut down your cooking time. The oven also comes with easy cleaning features which save you a lot of hassle when it comes to tidying up.

Where to buy

2. Brandt BOE5302X Built-in Enamel Oven

Brandt BOE5302X Built-in Enamel Oven

Price: $579

Key highlights

  • H595 X W595 X D571

Cleaning your oven can be a hassle. That’s why getting one that has easy cleaning features will be a great help. The Brandt built in oven has 7 heating features and a temperature range between 0 to 250. This built in oven also has soft closing features so you don’t have to worry about accidentally slamming your oven door shut, causing wear and tear.

Where to buy

3. Turbo Incanto TFM8627 7 Functions Multifunction Oven

Price: $598

Key highlights

  • W596 x D580 x H595mm

What makes the Turbo Incanto built in oven stand out from the rest is its triple layered glass door. If you have kids at home who are always curious, having an oven with a thicker glass door will prevent them from getting burned accidentally.

The oven has a capacity of 65L, a good size for families, and 7 different cooking programs. It also has a separate thermostat control so you can control the heat more precisely. 

Where to buy



Price: $599

Key highlights

  • H595 X W595 X D569

The Ariston built in oven is more than just another oven. Not only can you cook a wide range of dishes with its multiple heating features, you can also defrost your food with this oven. Some interesting features you’ll find with this built in oven include its Pizza and bread baking features, forced air, and turbo grill features.

Where to buy



Price: $599

Key highlights

  • W595 X H595 X D575 

Looking for a large built in oven for your family? This Mayer built in oven is a great option to consider. It has a capacity of 70L  and 8 cooking programs which takes the hassle out of meal preps for the family. What’s more, it’s priced at only $599 — pretty affordable for a large oven with multiple functions!

Where to buy

6. RO-E6208TA-EM Rinnai Built in Oven

RO-E6208TA-EM Rinnai Built in Oven

Price: $608

Key highlights

  • 594 (W) x 568.8 (D) x 594 (H)

If you often use the oven for meal preps, you’ll love this Rinnai built in oven in Singapore. It has 8 cooking functions which allows you to cook food in high heat and gentle heat. Additionally, if you’re looking for an oven that looks sleek, this oven is perfect for you.

Its black mirror glass and stainless steel frame creates a clean look — perfect for those who are looking for an oven with both functionality and design.

Where to buy

7. Elba EBO1726BK Built-in Oven

Elba EBO1726BK Built-in Oven

Price: $619

Key highlights

  • H595 x W595 x D560mm

Looking for a simple, no frills built in oven in Singapore? This one’s perfect for you. The Elba built in oven is simple to use and fuss free. With a temperature range of 50°C to 250°C, you’ll still get to use this oven to cook a wide range of dishes and recipes! This oven also has a volume of 53L which is a great option for those who are cooking small meals for 1 or 2. 

Where to buy



Price: $680

Key highlights

  • H595 X W594 X D548
  • Electrical connection rating: 2,950 W
  • Length of main cable: 200 cm

Looking for an oven that’s versatile with multiple heating modes? This Bosch oven is an option to consider. It has 7 heating modes — hor air grilling, bottom heat, conventional heat, 3D hot air plus, among others. It even has a Pizza setting so you can bake the most delicious homemade pizza!

Where to buy

9. Electrolux EOB3434BOX Built-in PlusSteam Oven 72L

Electrolux EOB3434BOX Built-in PlusSteam Oven 72L

Price: $883

Key highlights

  • H594 X W594 X D569
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50/60
  • Voltage (V) : 220-240

If you’re looking for a steam bake oven, this Electrolux built in oven is a great addition to your kitchen. With 8 different heating options, you can cook a wide range of recipes with this oven without worrying that your dish would taste too dry.

Where to buy

10. Smeg SF6381X Classica Aesthetic Oven

Smeg SF6381X Classica Aesthetic Oven

Price: $1798

Key highlights

If you’re looking for a large oven that can cook bigger portions, this Smeg built in oven is a great choice to consider. It has a gross capacity of 79L and a wide temperature range between 50°C to 250°C. Additionally, it also has an automatic end cooking program which makes cooking for your family a whole lot more hassle free. 

Where to buy

Best places to Buy a Built in Oven in Singapore

1. Courts

Courts is the one stop store to shop for all your home appliances. Whether it’s furnishings or kitchen appliances, you can find a range of goods at Courts. If you’re thinking of shopping for other home products besides a built in oven, Courts is a great store to drop by. With so many outlets across Singapore, it’s accessible and easy to get to.

2. Electrolux

Electrolux is a great store to browse for all kitchen-related appliances. From high end ovens to simple, fuss free models, you’ll be able to compare different oven models on Electrolux. On the website, you’ll also find how-to videos to give you some inspiration on dishes you can whip up with your oven!

3. Gain CIty

If you’re looking for a built in oven in Singapore that are high-tech and advanced, Gain City is just the store for you. On their website, you can browse through a long list of high-end models and compare different features. Many of their models are larger in size — perfect for those who need an oven to prepare meals for the family.

4. Hoe Kee

Hoe Kee is another great store where you can shop for kitchen appliances. There, you’ll find multi-function ovens and steam ovens. When you’re getting a new oven, it’s important to look at different models and ensure that the oven you’re eyeing on has all the functions you need. If you’re looking for ovens with specific cooking features, Hoe Kee is a great place to shop at. 

5. Mega Discount Store

If you’re looking for quality yet affordable built in ovens, Mega Discounts is the perfect place to shop. There, you’ll get to enjoy lots or promotions and a range of discounted home appliances. You can also shop from a wide variety of different brands and pick a model that’s best suited to your cooking needs!

Getting a built in oven in Singapore is a big commitment and you don’t want to buy one that doesn’t suit your needs. Before making a decision, it’s always good to compare different models in Singapore, check measurements and take note of different prices in the market. 

With so many different stores around, finding the “right one” can be overwhelming. When in doubt, think about what meals you usually prepare and whether you need to utilise all the various features the oven offers — that’ll keep you from under-utilising your built-in oven!

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