The 8 Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

Brown carpet folded at a corner over a beige carpet with carpet cleaning services company logos

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When it comes to spring cleaning, carpets are probably the last thing on our minds – and naturally so, since they’re mostly underfoot and out of sight. Despite this, carpets are known to be one of the dirtiest things in our houses, losing out only to the toilet and dustbin. That’s why you should employ the help of a carpet cleaning service in Singapore.

Now, keeping your carpets clean is very important. Not only does cleaning your carpets stop germs from causing harm to you and your family, it also helps to prolong its lifespan. Carpets are expensive, after all, and if you can extend its use for as much time as possible, you’d be saving hundreds of dollars.

Why You Should Conduct Regular Carpet Cleaning Services

As we’ve mentioned before, the carpet has the potential to single-handedly dictate the atmosphere in a room. With that kind of presence, you will notice if it hasn’t been maintained in a while. Here are the reasons why it’s important to do regular professional carpet cleaning in Singapore:

Carpet Cleaning Benefits Your Health

An unclean carpet can accumulate irritants over time. In fact, carpets are a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes. These germs can potentially cause harm to your family, especially if you have pets that can also help spread them. They also act as dirt and hair traps, which can be a problem if you or anyone in your family are asthmatic/prone to other respiratory issues. Cleaning your carpet regularly ensures that your family will have a much healthier living space.

Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Money

Carpets can be expensive to replace. Cleaning your carpets will help maintain its good condition and prolong its life. Yes, carpet washing and cleaning prices may add up over time, but they save you the cost of having to replace an expensive carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Helps to Keep a Clean Look

No matter how well you clean the rest of the upholstery, a room will never look clean if the carpet itself looks dirty. Regular carpet cleaning ensures that your rooms will always look their best; not only for your guests but for your family as well.

We all know that cleaning a carpet on your own is never easy. What’s more, simply using a vacuum isn’t enough. You’ll probably have to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do a proper job. So, to maintain your carpet in pristine condition, here are the 8 best companies that specialise in carpet cleaning in Singapore.

1. Carpet Doctor

Logo of Carpet Doctor, a carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Cutting Edge Cleaning Technology: One of Carpet Doctor’s main selling points is their use of technology to aid their cleaning efforts. This means they can do the job quicker than traditional means, and are able to finish the job in almost half the time. Carpet Doctor also uses technology to shorten drying times, allowing you to roll out your freshly cleaned carpet much sooner than usual. 
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite their thorough work, Carpet Doctor’s carpet cleaning prices are very competitive. That is to say, they’re able to deliver the best results for a much cheaper price.
  • Stain Prevention: Carpet Doctor’s services don’t stop at cleaning and drying your carpet. They will also apply a special coating to your carpet in order to prevent any stains from forming, at least for a while. This allows you to save even more money by keeping your carpet cleaner for longer, ensuring that you don’t have to undergo as many carpet cleaning services in Singapore.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6520 9378
  • E-mail:

2. Big Red Carpet Cleaner

Logo of Big Red Carpet Cleaner, a carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Personalised Service: For unconventional carpets, whether in regard to size, shape or material, special care will be needed in order to have it cleaned. Big Red Carpet Cleaner offers just that. They offer personalised services that can cater to carpets of any size, regardless of how unique your carpet is.
  • 30-day Guarantee: Another offer unique to Big Red Carpet Cleaner is their 30-day guarantee. If you are unhappy with any of their services, they will do another cleaning within 30 days of your initial cleaning for free. This speaks volumes about how confident they are with their cleaning services.
  • Fast Drying: Big Red Carpet Cleaner also offers its customers same-day drying for their carpet. This means you can use the carpet again within 24 hours of having it cleaned. This is definitely much faster drying than any traditional carpet cleaning technique in Singapore.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6241 9443
  • E-mail:

3. Carpet Cleaning

Logo of Singapore Carpet Cleaning, a carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Professional Cleaners: The Singapore Carpet Cleaning company boasts a roster of well-trained professional carpet cleaners, all of whom are more than competent. They are trained to take on carpets of any material, and are even willing to take cleaning jobs that are not on the company’s official lists. They’re also specialised in dealing with major cases, such as water and fire damage to your carpet.
  • Free Estimates and Consultations: Singapore Carpet Cleaning offers free estimates and onsite consultation in an effort to provide transparency to their customers. This means you’re pretty much free from any hidden charges, since most of their prices are based off of company lists that are readily available for reference.
  • 24/7 Availability: If you need a carpet cleaning as soon as possible, regardless of time, Singapore Carpet Cleaning has something for you as well. They offer a 24-hour helpline where you can have your needs attended to immediately, regardless of whether it’s night or day.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6844 3164
  • E-mail:

4. Cotton Care

Logo of Cotton Care, a carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Promotional Packages: Cotton Care puts itself above the competition by offering its customers opportunities to save money. They offer seasonal discounts and package deals, where they offer numerous services in one cheap option. Though their standard services are no cheaper than most, these promotions and discounts can provide a flexible financial option for their customers.
  • Packages Include Other Cleaning Services: On top of carpet cleaning, Cotton Care staff are also trained to deal with other forms of cleaning. The package deals offered by Cotton Care aren’t limited to just carpets and rugs, either. Some of them also offer upholstery cleaning, laundry and other cleaning services on top of carpet cleaning at a greatly reduced price. 
  • Flexible Services: If you’re in need of a cleaning service in the last minute, Cotton Care also has flexible timing for their customers. Although they don’t have 24/7 service, they have a very responsive customer support centre.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6747 7844
  • Fax: 6848 1149
  • E-mail:

5. Chemdry

Logo of Chemdry, a carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Clean and Green: Contrary to their name, Chemdry is known to use carpet cleaning techniques that are chemical-free and are safe for the environment. They use carbonation instead of regular steam cleaning techniques to do the job, which is known to be more efficient and eco-friendly. The cleaning process itself requires very little water, and doesn’t use soaps or detergents that run the risk of leaving residue on your carpet.
  • Clean, No Harsh Chemicals: For people with health problems or are particularly sensitive, Chemdry is suitable, as they don’t use harsh chemicals during their cleaning process. If you have children or pets, you can rest assured that they wouldn’t have to deal with any remnants of harsh chemicals while they’re on the carpet.
  • Fast Drying: Because they use so little water when washing carpets, Chemdry is able to shorten the drying time significantly. It will only take a couple of hours for your carpet to dry after cleaning, which means you can use it on the same day it was cleaned.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6749 3252 
  • E-mail:

6. Avalon

Logo of Avalon

Key Highlights

  • Clean, Non-Toxic Solutions: First of all, Avalon prides itself on being non-toxic when it comes to carpet cleaning services in Singapore. Therefore, they offer cleaning services that don’t use heavy chemicals. This is very helpful if you’re living with children or pets. Their cleaning techniques, though they forgo any heavy-duty chemicals, are still very efficient.
  • Personalised Services: Avalon offers its customers the ability to choose whatever cleaning solution works best for them. This makes the company very flexible and easy to work with, regardless of your schedule. They are also able to adjust their cleaning services according to your unique needs.
  • Available 7 Days a Week: Though they don’t operate 24/7, Avalon is available for cleaning jobs every day of the week, including public holidays. They also offer their services during evening hours, allowing you to make use of their services regardless of your work schedule.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6570 9633
  • E-mail:

7. Alphakleen

Logo of Alpha Kleen, a carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Customised Solutions: It could be that you’re dealing with odour and mold problems. On the other hand, maybe your carpet uses unique materials that have unique cleaning requirements. Either way, Alphakleen’s staff are especially trained to deal with them. This carpet cleaning service in Singapore uses special equipment that can deal with any material or any other strange cleaning circumstances. They are also on call 24/7, so they can cater to your schedules as well.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Alphakleen does its job well, and they’re very confident about it. Consequently, they’re willing to give a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. So if you don’t feel like they’ve done a good enough job, you can ask for a re-cleaning or a complete refund.
  • Quick and Efficient Cleaning Methods: The company prides itself on its speed. They claim that they can finish any job in as little as 90 minutes. This makes them ideal for last-minute cleaning jobs.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 8143 3000
  • E-mail:

If you still aren’t sure of which carpet cleaning service in Singapore you should employ, here is a handy table that outlines the special features of each company.

8) De Hygienique

de-hygienique logo

De Hygienique is Singapore’s leading indoor hygiene service provider specializing in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet, and sofas using specially selected technologies for revolutionary cleaning results.

De Hygienique is also among the first companies in Singapore to promote dry carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning is the emphasis in De Hygienique’s services as the cleaning technology has proven to be effective, safe on furniture material, and give furniture owners or users greater convenience since there is no drying time after cleaning.

Their cleaning technology combines cleaning and sanitising treatments to effectively clean and eliminate microorganisms for additional health benefits.

Contact Details:

Here’s a sum-up of the different carpet cleaning companies we’ve looked at in this article.

Carpet cleaning serviceSpecial features
Carpet DoctorAdvanced technological cleaning methods
Big Red Carpet CleanerCleans unique carpet size/shape/materials
Singapore Carpet CleaningFree estimates & consultations; 24/7 service
Cotton CarePromotional cleaning packages including upholstery and curtains
ChemdryCleans without using chemicals; carbonation cleaning
AvalonCleans without heavy chemicals; customisable
AlphakleenMoney-back guarantee; cleans unique carpet materials
De HygieniqueA focus on dry cleaning method for greater client convenience; cleaning method combines cleaning and sanitising

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