10 Best Coffee Grinders in Singapore From $27.90 (2020)

Best cofee grinders in Singapore

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Coffee is a staple for many in the morning. It gives a boost of energy to help us wake up and tackle the busy day ahead. While many rely on instant coffee due to its convenience and affordability, some of the best coffees are made with freshly-ground coffee beans. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks for coffee grinder in Singapore.

Types of coffee grinders

There are generally three types of coffee grinders. 

1. Blade coffee grinder

The first and probably most simple coffee grinder is a blade grinder. As the name suggests, it uses sharp blades to cut up coffee beans. The fineness depends on how long you grind the coffee.

The biggest advantages of blade coffee grinders are their price and size. They’re usually the cheapest of the three types because of their simplicity. The small size also makes it very appealing for those who have little space to store their coffee grinders. 

However, they’re a bit noisy. You also need to be exact with your timing to produce the same grind size every time.

2. Burr coffee grinder

Burr coffee grinders are a bit more expensive, but considered to be the best coffee grinders. They work by crushing coffee beans with a grinder wheel to a static surface. This allows them to be less noisy than blade grinders. You can also select the grind size for an even grind every time. 

Burr coffee grinders come in two types — wheel grinders and conical burr grinders. Wheel grinders operate with a fast-spinning wheel and are not as quiet as conical burr grinders. Conical burr grinders work much slower, but are generally the more expensive of the two.

3. Manual coffee grinder

Manual coffee grinders are usually pretty cheap, so they make for a great budget coffee grinder.   And since they’re small, portable, and don’t require electricity, they are great for outdoor use or when travelling.

By using the crank to grind the coffee beans, you can produce any grind size. It just depends on how long you crank the handle. 

10 best coffee grinders in Singapore

Coffee grindersPrices
Sencor Electric Coffee Grinder$27.90
Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder$45
Delonghi KG49 Electric Coffee Grinder$69
KitchenAid Coffee and Spice Grinder$69.34
Krups GVX231 Coffee Grinder$79
Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Burr Grinder$149
Nivona CafeGrano 130 Grinder – Swiss Made Electrical Burr Coffee Grinder$185.99
Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder$239
Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder$499

1. Sencor Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric coffee grinder

Sencor Electric Coffee Grinder

Price: $27.90

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Product details

  • Portable and easy to store
  • Can also grind nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices
  • Hopper fits up to 50g of coffee beans

Looking for a simple coffee grinder on a low budget? Sencor grinder is the cheapest coffee grinder on our list. It’s also super easy to store and bring around.

You can fill it up with 50g of coffee beans. At the low price point, this electric coffee grinder doesn’t have any preset settings. You’ll have to adjust your grind size based on how long you grind the beans.

Besides coffee beans, Sencor grinder is also able to grind nuts, seeds, spices, and dried herbs.

2. Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder

Manual coffee grinder

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder

Price: $45

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Product details

  • Perfect for travelling
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Slim and with an easy-to-store design (handle can be removed)
  • Ceramic mill
  • Can store up to 24g of coffee

Love to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? As a coffee drinker, Hario Mini Mill should be an essential item to bring when you’re outdoors. This easy-to-use manual coffee grinder will let you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee even when you’re away from home.

This small and lightweight grinder can fit in any backpack or small cabinet. Plus, you can adjust the grind size to your liking. Its ceramic burrs also ensure that you get an even and silent grind.

Given its small size, this Hario Mini Mill is probably the best small coffee grinder in Singapore.

3. Delonghi KG49 Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric coffee grinder

 Delonghi KG49 Electric Coffee Grinder

Price: $69

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Product details

  • Capacity of up to 12 cups 
  • Push to grind system
  • Stainless steel grinding blades
  • Three grind sizes: Coarse, medium, fine

The Delonghi KG49 Electric Coffee Grinder has a push-to-grind system. After filling it with coffee beans, you just have to push the top to start grinding. 

Another good thing about this coffee grinder is that you can choose the grind settings. No need to keep opening it to check if it’s the right fineness! 

The grinder also comes with stainless steel blades and a sturdy body with rubber feet at the bottom. This ensures durability and stability, especially when used on slippery surfaces. 

With three grind sizes to choose from, the Delonghi KG49 coffee grinder makes for a perfect entry-level coffee grinder for beginners.

4. KitchenAid Coffee and Spice Grinder

Electric coffee grinder

KitchenAid Coffee and Spice Grinder

Price: $69.34

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Product details

  • Powerful and durable
  • Grinds up to 12 cups
  • Push to grind
  • Clear cover to see grind size
  • Stainless steel blade

KitchenAid is one of the most awarded kitchen appliances brands in the world. So it’s safe to say that their coffee grinders are of high standards. 

Equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades and a powerful motor, this coffee grinder can grind coffee beans for up to 12 cups of coffee in no time.

This electric grinder also uses a push-to-grind system, which means you can easily grind your coffee beans with just a touch of a button. Its clear cover allows you to see the consistency of the grind. 

What makes it a very versatile coffee grinder in Singapore is that you can also grind spices with it. Perfect if you need to grind spices like turmeric, cumin, and any other dried herbs and spices!

5. Krups GVX231 Coffee Grinder

Burr coffee grinder

Krups GVX231 Coffee Grinder

Price: $79

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Product details

  • Professional grinder
  • 17 grind sizes
  • Large bean capacity
  • Easy to use and clean

Krups specialises in kitchen appliances that are high-quality and easy to use. The Krups GVX231 Coffee Grinder is no exception. Whether you’re a barista or just a casual coffee drinker, you’ll be able to use Krups with ease. 

This professional grinder has 17 grind sizes. From making coffee with French press to coffee dripper, it’s for any brewing style. 

Another great feature of this Krups coffee grinder is its large bean capacity. You can grind coffee for two to 12 cups at any one time! Grinding coffee beans for a large family or group gatherings will need just one round of milling, making Krups GVX231 one of the best large burr coffee grinders in Singapore.


Burr coffee grinder

Braun Kg7070 Burr Coffee Grinder

Price: $102

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Product details

  • 15 grind sizes
  • Two to 12 cups capacity
  • Large bean container
  • Overheat protection

Grind beans for any type of coffee you love with any of the 15 grind settings on the Braun KG7070. 

This burr coffee grinder is very easy to use even for beginners. It comes with an individual cup size selector (two to 12 cups) that allows you to grind the exact amount of fresh coffee beans you need.  

Its large bean container also lets you fill up to 220g of coffee beans. And when you’re grinding large amounts of coffee beans, you don’t have to worry about your coffee roast getting ruined as it comes with an overheat protection.  

In addition, its circular container and brush makes cleaning a breeze. 

7. Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

Burr coffee grinder

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

Price: $149

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Product details

  • 12 grind sizes
  • Preset timer
  • Anti-static borosilicate glass coffee catcher

The Bodum Bistro burr grinder has a very useful preset timer. With a single button push, it will grind your desired coffee quantity. No manual labour, no checking for fineness.

Another thing that differentiates the Bodum coffee grinder from the usual coffee grinder in Singapore is that it has a borosilicate glass container. It works by reducing the static cling of the coffee grounds, ensuring no spill and mess when the beans are being ground. 

8. Nivona CafeGrano 130 Grinder – Swiss Made Electrical Burr Coffee Grinder

Burr coffee grinder

Nivona CafeGrano 130 Grinder – Swiss Made Electrical Burr Coffee Grinder

Price: $185.99

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Product details

  • Multi-stage grinding process
  • Large coffee bean holder
  • Four grind size settings
  • Hardened steel conical grinder

The Nivona CafeGrano 130 coffee grinder is excellent at bringing out the full-taste and aroma of your freshly ground coffee. The multi-stage grinding process gently and slowly grinds coffee to lock up the aroma.

You can select from four grind sizes — extra-fine, fine, mid-coarse, and coarse — for any brewing type. 

Equipped with the hardened steel conical grinder, you can be sure this is one durable coffee grinder in Singapore. 

9. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Burr coffee grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)

Price: $239

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Product details

  • 40 grind settings
  • Bean capacity: 227g
  • Grounds capacity: 142g
  • Very easy to use

This Baratza Encore Conical Burr coffee grinder is probably the best entry-level coffee grinder in Singapore. It’s very simple to use and has 40 grind size settings, meaning you can grind your beans for any coffee imaginable. 

It’s equipped with a high-quality DC motor, with electric and gear speed reducers that slow down the burr to 450 RPM. This allows the beans to be kept cool during extended grinds, all while ensuring a quiet, consistent, and even grind with no static residue.

10. Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder

Burr coffee grinder

Bezzera BB005 Coffee Grinder

Price: $499

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Product details

  • Amazing quality and performance
  • Hand-assembled in Italy
  • Adjustable grind size and dose
  • Perfect for coffee connoisseurs

Bezzera BB005 is probably the best coffee grinder in Singapore for coffee connoisseurs. While it’s the priciest one on this list, it delivers with top-notch performance. 

It’s more suited for experienced coffee lovers and baristas. As there are no presets, you’ll need to select your grind size and dosage by yourself. The grinding adjustment knob will allow you to select the grind fineness for any imaginable coffee brewing method. 

What’s more, it comes with conical burrs, which requires fewer rounds to grind a dose of coffee. This means that less heat will be created. As the heat gets dispersed onto a wider area, this preserves the integrity of the coffee. 

Conical burrs are also more durable, so you can be sure that this coffee grinder will last for many years to come. 

Best places to buy a coffee grinder in Singapore


Looking for a cheap coffee grinder in Singapore under $100? COURTS is your best bet. This retailer offers the best value-for-money coffee grinders in Singapore. Even if you’re on a very tight budget, you’ll find a good quality coffee grinder here. 


Tangs is well known for their customer service and fast shipping times. With over 80 years in the business, they know that excellent customer service is the key to good business. 

On top of coffee grinders, you’ll be able to find all the tools (even coffee beans) you need to make a great cup of coffee at TANGS. 

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