The 8 Best Electricians in Singapore

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Changing a light bulb? Easy. Fixing faulty writing? Not really. Unless you’re a trained electrician, a do-it-yourself approach isn’t recommended when it comes to anything more than changing a light bulb. As such, when it comes to wiring and complex electrical issues, it’s probably best to leave it to a professional electrician in Singapore.

But first…

What do electricians in Singapore commonly do?

In general, a professional electrician in Singapore provides the following electrical solutions:

  • Diagnose power failures and trips, and rectify them
  • Install ceiling fans, power sockets, power points, and any other electrical fittings
  • Carry out electrical extensions and any other general electrical works

How much do I need to pay when hiring an electrician in Singapore?

Here’s a table of the average costs you can expect to pay when getting an electrician in Singapore, depending on the type of service: 

Electrical serviceCost
Install distribution board (DB)$400 to $700 
Replace DB or fuse box$100 to $110
Install or replace power socket$50 to $90
Install power point for aircon, washing machine, or heater$120 to $150
Install telephone point$40 to $80
Install cable, data, or LAN point$100 to $120
Install light or lighting point$45 to $80 (more than $100 for chandeliers)
Replace light fittings, light bulbs, or switches$40 to 60
Repair lightFrom $50
Install fanWall: $60 to $120
Ceiling: $80 to $200 

As you can see from the above, minor installations such as installing power sockets and repairing lights should cost you less than $100.

1) Daylight Electrician

Logo of Daylight Electrician

Daylight Electrician commands a strong online presence, and has over 20 years of experience as an electrician in Singapore. The company prides themselves on being highly skilled in both commercial and residential projects.

Services offered by Daylight Electrician include: 

  • Rectifying power trip/power failure
  • Electrical installation
  • Electrical troubleshooting services
  • Electrical repair and replacement
  • Power point/power socket installation
  • Electrical switches installation
  • Light installation
  • Light switch services
  • Emergency electrician services
  • Electrical wiring
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Electrical DB installation (electrical panel/electric board)
  • Circuit breaker services

Daylight Electrician uses Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, and provides a 30-day warranty period. 

Price transparency is also an integral part of their service. Costs are agreed upon before any work starts. There are no hidden charges, so what you see on the quotation is what you’ll get. 

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2) Handyman Services Singapore

Handyman Services is a jack of all trades, specialising in home improvement areas apart from electrical services. Electrician services aside, they provide painting, plumbing, accessory installation, furniture assembly, and locksmithing services. 

For electrical services, this what Handyman Services can do for you: 

  • Fix and repair lights
  • Install ceiling fans
  • Install wall-mounted fans
  • Replace switch sockets
  • Install switch sockets
  • Run lighting points
  • Replace light fittings or light bulbs
  • Install instant heaters 

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  • Contact number: 8282 6888


Apart from being an electrician in Singapore, also repairs household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators, among other appliances. What’s more, offers 30-day warranties for installations.

These are the electrician services provided by 

  • Electrical repair services
  • Electrical installation services
  • Resolving circuit breaker power trip
  • Emergency electrician services
  • Property rewiring services

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing electronics, provides rewiring services too. 

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4) AVV Electrical

AVV Electrical is a 24-hour electrician in Singapore specialising in telecommunication wiring. With over 15 years of experience, they’ve handled over 500 projects till date. 

AVV Electrical does the following: 

  • Power socket installation, ceiling fan installation, and balancing
  • Electrical wiring, maintenance, and installation services
  • Electrical troubleshooting (24-hour emergency service) 
  • Telecommunications wiring and installation (intercom)
  • Installation of data points, telephone lines, and LAN cables
  • Water heater installation and troubleshooting
  • Auto gate and auto barrier installation servicing

Apart from electrician work, AVV Electrical also specialises in maintenance and repair works for both commercial and residential property.

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5) TK Electricians

Logo for TK Electricians

Founded in 2015, TK Electricians is an electrician in Singapore that prides itself on being able to quickly and accurately diagnose electrical issues, and providing cost-effective solutions. They can even help you with your smart home automation needs!

TK Electricians provides the following services: 

  • Rewiring of an entire home
  • Smart home automation
  • Installation of power sockets and lighting points
  • Replacement of existing power sockets and light switches
  • Installation of distribution box, circuit breakers, and 13A power point socket
  • Installation of lighting and fan point
  • Installation of two-way light switch
  • Installation of TV socket, data socket, and telephone socket
  • Installation of hood, hob, and oven point
  • Installation of water heater and air-con point, and connection of water heater
  • Installation of surface mounted lighting, track lighting, and hanging pendant light
  • Installation of wall fan and ceiling fan

Contact info

  • Contact number: 9115 8246

6) 1st Electrical Services

1st Electrical Services is an electrician in Singapore providing 24-hour service, 365 days a year, and has a large fleet of vehicles which allows them to provide swift responses. 

These are some of the services offered by 1st Electrical Services: 

  • Rectifying power failure and tripping problems
  • Full house or part rewiring
  • Installation of TV point, heater point, and aircon points
  • Ceiling fan and water heater installation
  • Replace main circuit breakers
  • General repair and troubleshooting
  • Cable TV sockets and SCV point installation
  • Fixing electrical fault and electric blackout
  • Fault finding and inspection testing
  • Move, add, or replace light fixture
  • CCTV system and fire alarm installation

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7) CWC Electrical Engineering Service

With over 20 years of experience under their belt, CWC Electrical Engineering Service is yet another electrician in Singapore that provides round-the-clock service. 

Some of the electrician services that they provide include: 

  • Circuit breaker replacement
  • Power failure and trip repair
  • Smart home automation
  • Transfer switches
  • Installation of lighting
  • Fan installation
  • Wiring upgrades
  • Electrical upgrades

Contact info

  • Contact number: 9858 7555

8) 24 Hrs Electrician 

Logo of 24 Hrs Electrician

As the name suggests, this company is a 24-hour electrician in Singapore, with over 18 years of industry experience.

The electrician services that they provide include: 

  • Fixing power failures
  • Fixing power trips
  • Electrical engineering works
  • Electrical testing blackout
  • New wiring
  • Fixing short circuit
  • Rewiring
  • Installing of power distribution box
  • Installing electrical extension
  • Installing high-power water pressure motor pumps and control panels

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