Best Fridges in Singapore: Top 10 Picks From $699 (2020)

Fridges are must-haves in our homes. This is the precious electrical appliance that will keep your vegetables fresh, frozen food chilled and prevents you from getting soft, mushy ice cream. Fridges in Singapore are expensive but a worthy investment in the long run.

Prices of fridges in Singapore range from $500 to $4,000 and above. It depends on the size, capacity, design, energy-efficient ratings and more. Of course, energy-efficient fridges in Singapore are more popular, especially among young couples and families. When a fridge is well-maintained, it could last you for at least 10 years.

Are you planning to buy a fridge for your new house or replace a spoilt fridge? Before you jump into getting one, there are a few important points you need to consider before buying a fridge in Singapore. 

What to Consider When Buying a Fridge in Singapore 

Getting a good fridge for your kitchen is especially important. All your food goes into it and you will want a refrigerator that lasts you for many years. Other than that, your refrigerator should not cause a sharp rise in your monthly electrical bills. 

Here are the things that you need to consider before buying a fridge in Singapore: 

1. Capacity Of The Fridge 

You will have to choose the right fridge size for you and your family. Make sure that the fridge can accommodate to your household needs. Before getting a fridge, consider the following:

  • Daily food usage 
  • Storage of cooking ingredients (eg. Condiments.)
  • Amount of frozen uncooked meat 
  • Desserts
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables 

For a single homeowner or a couple: a fridge capacity of at least 200 to 380 litres is needed. 

For small families of 3 or 4 people: a fridge capacity of at least 350 to 550 litres is needed. 

For larger families of 4 people or more: you will need at least a fridge capacity of 440 litres. 

2. Design of the fridge

Where do you want your fridge freezer to be at? How many doors do you want?

If you’ve been to any electrical appliance store such as Gain City or Harvey Norman, you will likely be overwhelmed by the number of refrigerators on display there. Close to a hundred fridges will be available for viewing and it may be tough to decide on the fridge that is right for you. 

Don’t worry, for here is a breakdown of the general types of designs of the fridges in Singapore. Key considerations for the fridge design are freezer placements, fridge capacity as well as the presence of a water dispenser. 

6 Types Of Fridge Designs

Top-Mounted Double Door Fridges
Bottom-Mounted Double Door Fridges
Side-By-Side Door Fridges
French Door Fridges
Compact Door Fridges
Single Door Fridges
Capacity (Litres):280 – 700480 – 700550 – 850550 – 95050 – 17050 – 700
Size:MediumMediumLargeLargeVery SmallSmall
Freezer Placement: TopBottomOn One SideBottomTop / No FreezerTop
No. Of Doors: 222 to 44 to 611
External Water Dispenser:YesNoYesYesNoNo
Price:Medium MediumHighHigh Very LowLow
Family Size:3 to 43 to 44 and above4 and aboveFor Beverages1 to 2
Notes:10% to 25% more energy efficient than the bottom-mounted fridges. Fresh food will be at your eye level. Will need to bend down to access freezer. Fridge doors are space-saving designs. Popular design where the fridge doors open in the middle. Mostly used in hotel rooms, offices and dormitories. Good for smaller stuff such as fruits and drinks. Single door fridges for areas with space constraints. 

3. Energy Efficient Rating 

This is the most important factor in choosing a fridge in Singapore. The number of ticks on the refrigerator’s energy label shows how much energy it consumes. 

In short, more ticks would mean lesser energy consumption, saving you money. 

Based on the National Environment Agency (NEA), energy efficient ratings range from one to five ticks. Having five ticks would mean excellent energy efficiency and the lowest energy consumption. 

While some refrigerators with four or five ticks may have higher prices, it might be more worthwhile to purchase them as you will save on electricity bills in the long run. 

4. Measuring Space

Singapore is a small island and most of our houses are small. Most Singaporeans live in HDBs that are 3-room, 4-room or 5-room flats and condos are usually small as well. We don’t have the luxury of huge kitchens. Hence, it is important to choose a fridge of the right size for our precious home. 

Before getting the fridge of your dreams, remember to measure the floor area you have. Think about where you want your fridge to be placed and consider if there is enough space for you to swing the fridge door open. Try to make sure that it won’t obstruct people moving in and out of the kitchen. 

5. Price

How much are you willing to spend on your new fridge? What is your budget? Where will you be buying your fridge from?

While each brand has its own price, different electronics store and online shops will have their own promotions and discounts. For the same fridge, it might be cheaper at Store A than at Store B.

One thing to note is that while some online platforms may sell their fridges cheaper, they may not be able to offer in-store benefits such as guarantees, vouchers, points or special discounts and freebies. 

The Top 10 Fridges In Singapore 

SHARP SJRX42E-SL2315L 610mm (W) x 1767mm (H) x 672mm (D) $699
SAMSUNG RT32K503ASL/SS 321L 600mm (W) x 1715mm (H) x 672mm (D)  $709
Hitachi R-V450P8MS
366L650mm (W) x 1695mm (H) x 720mm (D)$745
PANASONIC NR-BV320XSSG 322L 601mm (W) x 1645mm (H) x 656mm (D) $749
Mitsubishi MR-V45EG-ST-P
430L635mm (W) x 1788mm (H) x 693mm (D)$919
362L699mm (W) x 1720mm (H) x 720mm (D)$999
Hitachi R-B570P7MS 470L 750mm (W) x 1795mm (H) x 797mm (D) $1,079
LG GB-B4459GV451L 700mm (W) x 1850mm (H) x 700mm (D) $1,445
LG GBB4059MT408L 700mm (W) x 1720mm (H) x 700mm (D)  $1,488
Smeg FAB28RAZ1
256L600mm (W) x 1510mm (H) x 732mm (D)$2,298


Sharp SJ-RX42E-SL2 J-Tech Inverter 2 Door Refrigerator 315L silver color

Price: $699

  • Net Capacity: 315L
  • Dimensions: 610mm (W) x 1767mm (H) x 672mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Top
  • Colour: Silver 

Key highlights

SHARP SJRX42E-SL2 is one of the most affordable fridges in Singapore. It has an AG+ Nano deodorizer feature that reduces odours and retains the freshness of food. It has an anti-bacterial effect and is able to hold heavy load with its tempered glass shelves. It also features LED lighting which is brighter and energy-saving but comes with an affordable price. The fridge also has a 2-way fresh case and a fan cooling system. 

Where to buy


Samsung RT32K503ASL/SS Top Freezer 2 Door Top Mount Freezer (321L) dark grey color

Price: $709

  • Net Capacity: 321L (Freezer 72L)
  • Dimensions: 600mm (W) x 1715mm (H) x 672mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • Freezer Location: Top
  • Colour: Easy Clean Steel

Key highlights

This refrigerator comes with a deodorizer, twin cooling, no frost and multi-flow cooling features. The twin cooling feature is an independent cooling system to control the temperature and humidity in the fridge. The humidity level is maintained at 70% throughout the fridge, as compared to other conventional fridges where it is at 30%. Food stays fresh. Store large items easily as the fridge has 4 possible conversion modes for flexible storage. 

Where to buy

3. Hitachi R-V450P8MS

hitachi silver color 2 door  fridge in singapore

Price: $745

  • Net Capacity: 366L (Freezer 101L) 
  • Dimensions: 650mm (W) x 1695mm (H) x 720mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Top
  • Colours: Brilliant Silver, Brilliant Black, Pure White 

Key highlights

This fridge features the INVERTER x dual-fan cooling which provides the best cooling function for the freezer and refrigerator compartments. The Hitachi fridge has dual sensing control. It features two Eco Thermo-Sensors, one for the freezer and one for the other compartment. Easily control temperatures with the touch panel.

For families who cook fresh food such as fishes and onions often, the fridge has power deodorization. It is equipped with a Triple Power Filter that removes 7 types of odours. It also has strong tempered glass shelves. Fresh Select is available to allow users to change temperatures between vegetable mode and dairy/meat mode. 

Where to buy


Panasonic NR-BV320XSSG 277L, 2-Door Bottom Freezer Fridge Silver color

Price: $749

  • Net Capacity: 322L
  • Dimensions: 601mm (W) x 1645mm (H) x 656mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Bottom
  • Colour: Silver

Key highlights

PANASONIC NR-BV320XSSG is one of the best fridge in Singapore. It has a sleek-looking style that is slightly smaller, making it ideal for families facing space constraints. Fresh food such as meat and fish are kept fresh with its soft freezing method. Food is chilled at approximately -3 degrees. It retains freshness for 7 days and does not require defrosting. The fridge provides 99.9% of bacteria deactivation, keeping food safe and clean. 

Where to buy

5. Mitsubishi MR-V45EG-ST-P

Mitsubishi MR-V45EG 3-Door  fridge in singapore 430L Silver color

Price: $919

  • Net Capacity: 430L 
  • Dimensions: 635mm (W) x 1788mm (H) x 693mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 2 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 3
  • Freezer Location: Top
  • Colours: Silver, Black, Stainless Steel

Key highlights

This Mitsubishi fridge has three compartments; freezer room, refrigerator room and vegetable room. This makes it easier for users to access specific compartments. The fridge comes with multi airflow cooling system, anti-bacteria food liner, filter deodorizer, tempered glass shelf and an inverter compressor. It has adjustable shelves and non-CFC refrigerant R600a.

With three compartments, its freezer capacity is smaller and it only has 2 NEA energy-saving ticks which benefit you from having a lesser energy consumption, that will help you in saving money. 

Where to buy


Mitsubishi MR-FX47EN-GWH-P Top Freezer Refrigerator Glass white color

Price: $999

  • Net Capacity: 362L (Freezer 123L) 
  • Dimensions: 699mm (W) x 1720mm (H) x 720mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Top
  • Colour: Glass White

Key highlights

Key features of this refrigerator are its neuro inverter, active vio deodorizer, tempered glass shelves, anti-bacteria food liner and a vitamin factory. It comes with a multi-airflow cooling system and removable ice trays and containers. With 3 ticks for energy-saving efficiency, this fridge has a rather small capacity, making it more suitable for couples and small families.

Where to buy

 7. Hitachi R-B570P7MS

Hitachi R-B570P7MS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator 470L glass pure white color

Price: $1,079

  • Net Capacity: 470L (Freezer 120L) 
  • Dimensions: 750mm (W) x 1795mm (H) x 797mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Bottom 
  • Colours: Glass Black, Glass Pure White 

Key highlights

This fridge by Hitachi features a flat glass control panel that lets you change settings with a simple touch. It has tempered glass shelves that are scratch-proof and heat resistant. These shelves can carry weight up to 100kg each.

Other than that, the fridge has energy-saving LED lights, a selectable mode compartment that allows you to adjust the temperature between Vegetable and Dairy/Meat modes to match your lifestyle. Lastly, the fridge is made with a high-power inverter compressor capable of high amounts of chilled air. This cooling power is adjustable. 

Where to buy

8. LG GB-B4459GV

LG GB-B4459GV Bottom Freezer fridge in singapore Gold Color

Price: $1,445

  • Net Capacity: 451L (Freezer 122L) 
  • Dimensions: 700mm (W) x 1850mm (H) x 700mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 3 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Bottom
  • Colour: Gold

Key highlights

This refrigerator comes with express cooling functions, pull-out shelves and foldable shelves to help store tall items. It is made with LG’s special inverter linear compressor and contains BioShield and deodorizer. Multi-air flow is available. You can also use WiFi to remotely adjust your fridge settings. This golden fridge also comes with child lock settings. Additionally, this fridge has a special fast freeze function, decreasing the time needed to freeze ice cubes by 32%.

Where to buy

 9. LG GBB4059MT

LG GB-B4059MT 408L 2 DOOR FRIDGE Matte Black Color

Price: $1,488

  • Net Capacity: 408L (Freezer 122L) 
  • Dimensions: 700mm (W) x 1720mm (H) x 700mm (D) 
  • NEA Energy Efficient Rating: 4 Ticks
  • No. Of Doors: 2
  • Freezer Location: Bottom
  • Colour: Matt Black

Key highlights

With a sleek and modern design, this LG fridge in Singapore features an inverter linear compressor, a deodorizer, tempered glass shelf, energy-saving LED lights, smart diagnosis and a reversible door. LG’s inverter linear compressor is said to be 32% energy saving and has 20-year durability.

Express freeze function and three freezer drawers are available. The fridge has 2-step folding shelves which can make way for taller items. Choose between Fruits and Vegetable settings to control the humidity. However, this design does not have a child lock function.

Where to buy

10. Smeg FAB28RAZ1

Smeg 256L 50's Retro Style fridge in singapore Pastel Blue

Price: $2,298

  • Net Capacity: 256L
  • Dimensions: 600mm (W) x 1510mm (H) x 732mm (D) 
  • Energy Efficient: A++
  • No. Of Doors: 1
  • Colour: Pastel Blue

Key highlights

Just like Smeg kettles, Smeg fridges are pretty, stylish and of unique colours. If you have a larger budget, this fridge might be for you. Unlike all other fridges in Singapore, this Smeg fridge is pastel blue in colour and has a 50’s Retro style design. It is definitely one of the prettier fridges you can buy.

This pastel fridge also comes with a sturdy wine rack within. It is extremely soft and can conserve food for up to 12 hours without the main electricity. If you are going for Retro home design or looking for something Instagrammable, this Smeg fridge is for you!

Where to buy 

Best Places to Buy a Fridge in Singapore 

1. Best Denki

Best Denki is a Japanese electronics retailer with stores all over the world. Currently, it has 13 outlets in Singapore, 308 outlets in Japan, 8 outlets in Malaysia and 25 outlets in Indonesia. Best Denki carries a huge amount of electronic products and is a good place to compare appliances. Best Denki’s head office and online store are located at Tampines. Other outlets can be found in all areas of Singapore, from Jurong Point to The Clementi Mall to Ngee Ann City and Bedok.  

2. Courts 

Courts is a well-known consumer electronics and furniture retailer in Singapore. It currently has 14 outlets across our sunny island and offers 14,000 products. They claim to offer lower prices and is also active in giving back to the community. Dabbling in Consumer Social Responsibility (CSR), Courts has been helping underprivileged children, families, elderlies, the special needs community and supporting football locally. 

3. Gain City 

Gain City was founded in 1981 and is one of the largest electrical appliances store in Singapore. It carries electronics, air conditioners, computers, appliances, the latest tech gadgets and more. They have 4 main showrooms at Sungei Kadut, Ang Mo Kio, Marina Square and Tampines. Gain City also has 9 Specialty Stores all across Singapore. They have an updated website which makes online shopping convenient.  

4. Lion City Company 

Established in 1969, Lion City Company has been bringing home appliances and audiovisual products to customers. The business revolves mainly in supplying wholesale, retails, exports and projects. Currently, Lion City Company can be found at 656 Geylang Road which is near Paya Lebar MRT. 

5. Mega Discount Store

As the name suggests, Mega Discount Store aims to provide its customers with the best price. They obtain most of their products directly from manufacturers, keeping prices low. In Singapore, you can find the Mega Discount Store at Kallang Leisure Park and at United Square Mall. 

6. Parisilk

Parisilk started out as a Paris Silk Store in 1952 and has expanded to a large electronics and computers today. Customers can purchase cameras, audiovisual equipment, home appliances and IT products from them. They are located at Holland Village, Parkway Parade, Bedok and Sembawang. 

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