10 Best Hand Blenders in Singapore From $19.90 (2020)

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Whether you want to make your own smoothie, blend baby food, or just mash up some ingredients, a hand blender can do the trick! What’s great about hand blenders is that they are easy to use and store. Unlike traditional blenders, hand blenders barely take up any space in your kitchen. In this article, we share with you our top options for the best hand blender in Singapore. 

What to look out for when buying a hand blender in Singapore

Hand blenders are one of the most convenient kitchen appliances you can have. It’s much easier to clean and also chops up chunky ingredients well. Before you decide on any particular model, make sure to consider a few things before making your purchase, including what you’ll be using it for. 

Ease of use

Different hand-held blenders come in varying sizes and weights. When choosing the right hand blender for yourself, you should definitely consider whether it’s easy to hold or if it’s too heavy. 

Ideally, it should be no longer than a sheet of A4 sheet paper, and weigh no more than 2 pounds (approximately 900 grams).

Another point to consider is whether you prefer operating your hand blender with a button or with a dial. This is up to your personal preference. Knowing which option feels more intuitive for you will help you choose the right hand blender for your needs.

Lastly, getting a hand blender that’s easy to clean is going to be a great help. Hand blenders with tiny spaces and small corners tend to be difficult to clean. 

On the other hand, those with detachable blades tend to be much easier to wash. If you use a dishwasher, make sure that the hand blender you’re getting is dishwasher safe. 


Knowing what you want to use the hand blender for will definitely help you choose one that best suits your needs. Certain blenders have more power and sharper blades — these are good for chopping up chunky ingredients. 

But if you’re just looking for a simple hand blender to whip up softer foods, you probably won’t need one with a high power. The most functional hand blenders are the ones that help you take the hassle out of your cooking experience. 

Power and speed

Different blenders have varying powers and speeds. To make thicker, heavier pastes, you’ll need one with stronger power and control. 

Looking at the wattage of a hand blender can give you an idea of its power. In general, a 200W hand blender fares moderately in terms of power. Having a blender that lies between 400W to 800W is a pretty safe bet. 

Quality and durability

Power and speed are not the only aspects to consider. The quality and material of your hand blender makes a big difference too. 

In general, blenders which utilise more plastics in its parts tend to be less durable. In comparison, metal blender shafts tend to take pressure much better than plastic. 

If you’re looking to whip up chunky ingredients like fruit or even crush ice, you’ll definitely want one that has more metal parts. 

10 best hand blenders in Singapore

Hand blenderPrice
PowerPac Mix Hand Blender$19.90
Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender – HR1600$50
Odette Handheld Immersion Blender HB976BL$59.90
Mayer Multi-Purpose Hand Blender MMHB109$69
Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender $69.90
Tefal Hand Blender Optitouch HB8338$99
Bosch MSM66150 Hand Blender$99
KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender (KHB1231G)$117
Braun MQ775 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender$125
Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade Hand Blender$145

1. PowerPac Mix Hand Blender

PowerPac Mix Hand Blender

Price: $19.90

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Product details

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Low in noise
  • 200W
  • 220-240V 
  • 50/60Hz

Looking for a simple, no frills blender to make puree? If you aren’t looking for an exceptionally powerful tool, you can consider this PowerPac hand blender. 

Its 200W power is sufficient to chop up soft and small ingredients, perfect for making baby food and sauces. It’s also probably the best hand blender in Singapore that comes with an affordable price tag. 

2. Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender – HR1600

Philips Daily Collection Hand Blender - HR1600

Price: $50

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Product details

  • 550W
  • ProMix blending technology
  • Comes with 0.5 L beaker
  • Single switch
  • Slim grip

Looking for a hand blender that gives you a bowl of smoothly whipped ingredients? You’ll love this Philips hand blender. Its unique design features a sleek blending foot and ProMix technology that allows for faster and more consistent blending. 

Coupled with its 550W power, you can chop up tough ingredients that you want to put in the mix easily.

3. Odette Handheld Immersion Blender HB976BL

Odette Handheld Immersion Blender HB976BL

Price: $59.90

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Product details

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Unique foot shape to prevent splashes
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Comes with 550ml beaker and 600ml chopper
  • Detachable food grade stainless steel whisk and blade
  • Two speed options
  • 300W

The sleek and ergonomic handle of this blender makes blending with one hand feel like a breeze. With two different speed controls, you can choose to bring it up a notch if you want to whip up tougher ingredients. 

This blender is also designed for a range of uses; not only can you use it for blending and chopping, you can use it for whisking and whipping too! What’s more, it’s dishwasher-safe. 

4. Mayer Multi-Purpose Hand Blender MMHB109

Mayer Multi-Purpose Hand Blender MMHB109

Price: $69

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Product details

  • Stainless steel blending stick
  • Rotary switch control
  • Power button switch
  • Slim body
  • Four stainless steel blades
  • Comes with 800ml beaker and 500ml mini chopper
  • 400W

Made with stainless steel and with a power of 400W, this Mayer blender is a great multi-purpose hand blender. 

It comes with an 800ml beaker — perfect for making soups — and a 500ml mini chopper as well! If you prefer adjusting speeds with a rotary switch, this blender is perfect for you.

5. Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender 

Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender

Price: $69.90

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Product details

  • Variable speed control
  • Three-in-one: Blend, Chop, Whisk
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Two straight and two blending blades
  • 600W

This Panasonic hand blender utilises two straight and two angled blending blades to ensure that your ingredients are chopped up efficiently. Its stainless steel shaft can be put directly into the saucepan so you can blend your soup and sauces thoroughly.

6. Tefal Hand Blender Optitouch HB8338

Tefal Hand Blender Optitouch HB8338

Price: $99

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Product details

  • 16 speed + turbo settings
  • ActivFlow Technology
  • Anti-splash guard
  • Ergonomic soft-touch handle
  • 600W motor

Whether it’s creamy or chunky soups, this Tefal hand blender will do the trick! It has 16 speeds and a unique ActivFlow Technology which features four stainless steel blades that mashes tough ingredients. 

Coupled with its 600W motor, this Tefal hand blender is perfect for those looking for a blender that’s compact yet powerful. Given its features, it’s probably the best hand blender in Singapore that’s below $100. 

7. Bosch MSM66150 Hand Blender

Bosch MSM66150 Hand Blender

Price: $99

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Product details

  • Extra lightweight
  • 12 speed settings
  • Stainless steel blender foot
  • 600W

This Bosch hand blender is a powerful tool that comes with 12 different blending speeds. Still not powerful enough? It even has an extra turbo button for optimal blending. 

Although it runs at 600W, blending is smooth as it’s designed to do the job with low noise and vibrations.

8. KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender (KHB1231G)

KitchenAid 2-Speed Hand Blender (KHB1231G)

Price: $117

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Product details

  • Powerful two-speed DC motor 
  • 20.3 cm removable twist-lock stainless steel arm 
  • Comes with 700ml BPA-free graduated blending jar with lid
  • 180W

If you’re looking for a hand blender that’s multi-functional, this KitchenAid model is the best pick for you. From smoothies to sauces and baby food, you can blend a wide range of ingredients easily. 

The hand blender also comes with a 700ml blending jar, so you know just how much you need to blend without having to use measuring cups!

9. Braun MQ775 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender

Braun MQ775 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender

Price: $125

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Product details

  • Smart Speed control
  • Thermal cut-off
  • EasyClick system
  • 750W motor

What makes this hand blender stand out from the rest is its Smart Speed control system. The speed of the blender isn’t controlled by a button or a rotary switch. Instead, it’s squeeze sensitive! That’s right, the harder you squeeze the handle, the faster the speed. With this feature, you can easily change the speed of your blender without so much of a hassle. 

Additionally, this blender has a unique SPLASHControl technology which prevents splashing. No more cleaning up of splatters!

10. Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade Hand Blender

Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade Hand Blender

Price: $145

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Product details

  • Balloon whisk 
  • Comes with 0.75 L beaker
  • Chopper bowl with blade
  • Variable speed + turbo settings
  • 800W

Hand blenders have a reputation of being a little difficult to control especially when they’re at high speeds. But not with this Kenwood hand blender. 

This model is part of the new Kenwood Triblade range, which is designed to help users blend and mash effortlessly as it can handle loads that are 20% heavier. It’s why this is probably the best hand blender in Singapore. 

The design of this hand blender is pretty unique too. The blades are angled such that they can chop up ingredients more effectively. The foot of this blender is also designed to reduce splashing and splatter.

Other places to buy the best hand blender in Singapore


COURTS stores are all around Singapore,making them a convenient and accessible place to shop. On their website, you can find a range of products with clear product specifications. If you’re looking to compare between different hand blender models, do take a look at their website or visit a COURTS store nearby. 

  1. Harvey Norman

Like COURTS, Harvey Norman features a wide range of different household appliances. Prices at Harvey Norman are also pretty affordable and there are regular promotions throughout the year. If you’re looking for a hand blender, be sure to check out the products here before making a decision!

  1. PaRiSiLK

PaRiSiLK features both high end and more basic hand blenders. Here, you can find reputable brands like Kenwood, Bosch, and Tefal. If you’re a fan of western brand kitchen appliances, do check out their website to look for the best hand blender in Singapore that suits your needs.

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