The Best Induction Cookers in Singapore: Top 10 Brands in 2020

best brands of induction cookers in singapore

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Are you tired of accidentally burning yourself on your gas stove? Are you finding something more children-friendly? Or maybe you want a portable stove so you can cook outside? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then an induction cooker in Singapore is just what you’re looking for. 

Induction cookers heat your cooking vessel through electrical induction. There is no gas or flame involved, making it very safe. It can revolutionise your cooking process.

Interested? We’ll introduce you to the 10 best induction cookers in Singapore that we know of.

5 Advantages of Having an Induction Cooker

1. Easy To Clean

Induction cooktops are smooth and often made of glass. As they don’t heat the surface, any spills from your cooking won’t burn onto the cooktop. It’s easier to wipe off the surface when the spills don’t stick. 

Also, the cooktop cools down immensely quick, so you won’t have to wait long before cleaning up the mess left behind.

2. Energy Efficient

Induction cookers are more energy-efficient as less heat gets lost in the process since it goes directly to the food. It’s eco-friendly with a lesser cost on your bills.

There’s also less heat loss generated while you cook. That means it’s cooler when using an induction cooker in Singapore than a gas or electric stovetop. You won’t have to sweat as much if you use an induction cooker in Singapore.

3. Less Of A Fire Hazard

Since the induction cooker in Singapore uses electrical induction to cook your food, there are no flames involved at all. It’s less of a fire hazard than a gas stove with an open flame.

4. Quicker Cooking Time

The food heats up faster as the induction cooktop transfers heat straight into your pan. In fact, an induction cooker in Singapore can save you up to 50% of your cooking time.  

5. Saves Space

Portable induction cookers are often small and compact, and very portable. They’re perfect for bringing around – be it for camping, or to your balcony for a steamboat with your family.  When you’re done, they’re easy to be stowed away as well.

Say yes to a more enjoyable cooking time in the kitchen!

Top 10 Induction Cookers In Singapore

Interested in buying an induction cooker? Here are the top 10 induction cookers in Singapore that you should look into.

PowerPac Induction Cooker Steamboat With Stainless Steel Pot$49.90
Taiyo Induction Cooker 2100W (IE28)$65
TILLREDA Portable Induction Hob (IKEA)$79
SONA Multi-Function Induction Cooker SIC 8603$49.50
Xiaomi Mi Electric Induction Cooker$79
Dretec Mini Flat Induction Cooker$103.55
Philips Sensor Touch 2100W Induction Cooker$119
TEFAL Induction Hob IH201867$158
Ovente Double Induction Countertop$299.99
Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S$830

1. PowerPac Induction Cooker Steamboat With Stainless Steel Pot

PowerPac Induction Cooker Steamboat With Stainless Steel Pot

Price: $49.90

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  • Power consumption: 2000W
  • Product dimension: 350 x 280 x 62mm

The PowerPac Induction Cooker Steamboat comes with a free stainless steel pot perfect for your family! With a microcomputer control, you can preset the program to up to 8 modes, and also preset the timer to ease your cooking process. 

There are also multiple safety protection and self detecting functions that make it safe to operate even if you’re unfamiliar with it. The anti-slip feet make it safe to put this cooker on glass table tops without worry too.

2. Taiyo Induction Cooker 2100W (IE28)

Price: $65

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  • Power source: 2100W
  • Temperature/power levels: 8

The Taiyo IE28 Induction Cooker 2100W has a multi-functional design to ease your cooking process. With 8 power levels that go up to 2100W, it has a strong heating power with high heating efficiency that will be useful when you’re frying. 

There are also 6 cooking programmes to suit a wide variety of food you may choose to cook. You can also preset cooking time and control the duration of cooking. The best part is that it comes with a “pause” function, so you can halt your heat and come back to the settings without having the hassle of switching it on and off.

3. TILLREDA Portable Induction Hob (IKEA)

TILLREDA Portable Induction Hob

Price: $79

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  • Power consumption: 2000W
  • Product dimension: 300 x 385 x 540mm
  • Product weight: 3kg
  • Temperature/power levels: 8

Like all IKEA products, TILLREDA Portable Induction Hob is designed smartly with convenience, space, and style in mind. The hob has holes in the back that you can use to hang it up when not in use. The handle, which is designed to be easy to carry around, can also be used as a hook to hang up the hob.

The hobs are specially designed for you to wrap the cords around it and fasten it with clips when not in use. For small kitchens, this portable induction hob is a useful addition that’s compact. With 2000W, it’s fast, precise, and energy efficient, and packs a punch with its powerful fry function.

The smooth tempered glass surface has an integrated touch control panel which makes it both easy to clean and easy to use. It’s also family-friendly, with a child lock built into the hob.

4. SONA Multi-Function Induction Cooker SIC 8603

SONA Multi-Function Induction Cooker SIC 8603

Price: $49.50

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  • Power source: 2100W
  • Cooking modes: 8

The SONA Multi-Function Induction Cooker (SIC 8603) has a big surface area which distributes heat evenly throughout your dish. It has a 3 hours auto cut-off timer for safety, with other safety features such as overhead safety protection and auto pot detection. 

With a unique splash resistance structure, you won’t be making messes when cooking anymore. There are also 8 cooking modes for you to choose from, ranging from boiling soups to deep frying and even hot pot. It’s really a multi-function induction cooker that’s equally good for a steamboat as it is for braising meat.

5. Xiaomi Mi Electric Induction Cooker

Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker black and white color

Price: $79

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  • Power source: 220V ~ 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 2100W
  • Product dimension: 280 x 265 x 70mm
  • Product weight: 2.1kg
  • Materials: Black microcrystalline panel
  • Cooking Modes: 5

The Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker has a round, minimalistic design in black and white will make this cooker a stylish addition to your kitchen. 

It’s versatile, with 99 gears that lets you control the 2100W of firepower with accuracy. The heat is adjusted through a single knob, which makes it quite user-friendly. The LED screen in front of the knob displays the amount of heat, cooking mode, time, and other information. 

The cooker is a smart product, meaning you can control the settings from your phone across the kitchen. Something cool about the app is that it provides you with recipes based on the type of meat selected.

There are 5 modes: soup, hotpot, cooking, porridge, and frying. The timer goes up to 4 hours, which is perfect if you’re double-boiling soup. If you’re worried about the slippery pot effect, rest assured – there’s a silicone ring around the edge to create fiction so that your pan will stay on. 

6. Dretec Mini Flat Induction Cooker

Dretec Mini Flat Induction Cooker

Price: $103.55

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  • Power consumption: 350W 
  • Product dimension: 190 x 250 x 60mm
  • Product weight: approx 1.5kg
  • Suitable pot size: 12-16cm
  • Materials: Main body: PBTresin, ABS-resin; Top-pate: Unti-heated glass
  • Cord length: 1.8m
  • Temperature/power levels: 5

Dretec’s Mini Flat Induction Cooker has a compact, simple, yet elegant design. It’s very user-friendly – everything is controlled using buttons with clear indication. 

It can cook a variety of food using one of its 5 temperature settings: 60, 60, 160, 80, and 200℃. An additional useful function is its “constant temperature cooking mode”, which ensures that the temperature of your pot remains constant while cooking. 

If you’re learning how to cook and you are afraid that you might accidentally leave this induction switched on, don’t worry. There are 6 modes of safety functions built into the product, including pot detection, small detection function, and overheating protection. 

Due to its smooth and flat glass surface, the induction cooker is easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about having a hard time scrubbing your stove after cooking!

7. Philips Sensor Touch 2100W Induction Cooker

Philips Sensor Touch Induction Cooker HD4911/62

Price: $119

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  • Power source: 2100W
  • Temperature/power levels: 5
  • Product dimension: 280 x 350 x 65mm
  • Product weight: 4kg
  • Materials: Full glass panel
  • Cord length: 1.2m

Philips Induction is said to shorten cooking time by a third and can seal nutrients into the food better than a normal stove. You can set a timer of 1 to 120 minutes, and a 24h preset timer function for delayed cooking. It makes cooking around your busy schedule easier. There are also 5 power levels to control its high power. 

The surface is cool to touch, so you don’t have to be worried about burning yourself on extremely hot surfaces by accident. It’s easy to clean with its full glass panel, easy to read thanks to the digital display, and easy to control as its operational panel is made out of a sensitive sensor touch.

For the health-conscious, this induction cooker in Singapore is perfect for you as it comes with a variety of healthy eating cooking programmes.

8. TEFAL Induction Hob IH201867

Tefal Ih-201867 2100W Induction Cooker

Price: $158

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  • Power source: 2100W
  • Temperature/power levels: 8
  • Product dimension: 57 x 275 x 345mm
  • Product weight: 2.3kg
  • Suitable pot size: 12-24cm
  • Cooking Modes: 6

TEFAL IH201867 Induction Hob is a compact and portable cooktop that’s energy-efficient and heats up quickly. You can control the power levels using the digital display and touch controls, and use the preset functions for good heat control. 

As the induction hob does not get hot, cleaning is made easier and it’s quite safe even if you touch the top by accident. Its durable black ceramic plate surface is also scratch-proof, easy to clean, and durable, so you can take it out when you go camping.

The induction hob is also designed to be family-friendly, with safety features such as over/under voltage protection, auto alarm function, and auto switch-off. With its sleek, modern look, it fits just right into small kitchens.

9. Ovente Double Induction Countertop

Double Induction Countertop Burner Ceramic Glass Cooktop with Temperature Control

Price: $299.99

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  • Power source: 1800W
  • Product dimension: 280 x 350.5 x 63.5mm
  • Product weight: 2.5kg
  • Materials: Ceramic glass top, glass body
  • Temperature/power levels: 8

Ovente Double Induction Countertop Cooker has a modern and sleek glass body that you can leave on the countertop even when not in use. The surface is made of ceramic glass, which is stain proof, easy to clean, and cools down quickly. 

You can adjust the heat using 8 variable temperature levels and 5 programmed timer levels that go up to 3 hours. As it’s designed with even heating in mind, you can cook a variety of food just at the right temperature, and efficiently so.

It’s extra safe, with an overheating sensor that automatically turns off the device when no cookware is detected. For those with children, this induction cooker has a child safety lock that will free you of worries. 

The cooker is also a low-noise burner, so it’s handy if you want to cook at night.

10. Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S

Tiger 1.0L Induction Heating tacook Rice Cooker

Price: $830

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  • Power source: 1080W
  • Product dimension: 260 x 354 x 213mm
  • Product weight: 4.5kg
  • Capacity: 1.0L

Tiger’s Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S is multi-functional as you can prepare two dishes simultaneously on one appliance. This synchronous cooking, “tacook”, has both a cooking plate for the rice and an inner pot for your main dish. The induction heating system will generate a heat perfect for steaming your rice.

It’s also designed in such a way that the flavours of your dish won’t affect your rice. All you need to do is to put both the cooking plate and inner pot into the cooker, press the button, and voila, your meal would have already been fully prepared! It’s hassle-free and perfect for busy individuals who are short of time but want to cook a simple meal for themselves.

Best places to buy induction cookers in Singapore

If you’re looking for a good place to buy an induction cooker, we have some of the best stores in Singapore to recommend. 

1. Courts

Courts is a well-known household brand selling a wide range of appliances, from televisions to stoves. It sells a lot of major brands’ products and guarantees the lowest prices.

You can head down to their physical stores to check out their induction cookers in Singapore before buying it.

2. Harvey Norman 

Harvey Norman is another leading household brand in Singapore. They specialise in electronics, computers, furniture and bedding, and are known for their reliable products. Harvey Norman carries a lot of major brands. 

Check out their online catalogue, or go to one of their few retail chain stores, to find out more about induction cookers they sell.

3. Lion City Company

Lion City Company sells home appliances and audiovisual products of major brands. Their services mainly entail supplying wholesale, retail, projects and exports, but they also offer a wide range of products to walk-in customers.

Their store is at 656 Geylang Road Singapore if you want to peruse a selection of induction cookers in Singapore before buying. Or you can also buy from their website.

4. Rina Electrical

Rina Electrical pride themselves in their customer services, prioritising customers’ needs and considerations. They often provide detailed consultation before customers make any purchases. They carry a comprehensive range of electrical housewares and kitchen appliances of high quality. This includes major household brands.

Check out their online catalogue or leave them an enquiry to find out more. 

Having a portable induction cooker in Singapore can be really useful. It’s easy to use, cuts down on your cooking time, and saves electricity. Get one today to make cooking even more enjoyable!

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