10 Best Kitchen Taps in Singapore From S$17 (2020)

Different types of kitchen taps

Are you thinking of remodelling the overall look of your kitchen? Bored of the old-looking design in your countertop with that plain kitchen tap? You’ve come to the right place as we’re here to cover the best options for kitchen taps in Singapore!

The kitchen tap is one of the most important details that contribute to the aesthetic design and function of your kitchen. So, it is critical to choose a suitable kitchen tap in Singapore that will make your daily tasks easier.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best kitchen taps in Singapore, but let’s first cover the different types of kitchen taps out there.

Types of kitchen taps in Singapore

1. Deck mounted mixer kitchen taps

Deck sink mixers have two tap holes with a single spout and work great on both high and low-pressure water systems. Also, most of the deck mixer taps feature a swivel spout. This makes it suitable for those who want comfort and convenience when cleaning the dishes.

2. Kitchen sink pillar taps

The kitchen sink pillar taps are mostly used in utility sinks. It comes as a pair with one-tap controlling the hot water, and the other controlling the cold water. This type of tap is also very affordable, easy to install, and has a wide range of designs to choose from.

For those who are on a tight budget, this type of kitchen tap would be an excellent option! 

3. Monobloc kitchen taps

This type of kitchen tap features a single lever handle or dual handle. Monobloc taps with a single lever handle are easier to use since it allows you to control the flow and temperature of your water. The good thing about this tap is that it has a variety of style options that you can choose from. It’s also easy to install and has a modern look to enhance your kitchen.

10 Best kitchen taps in Singapore

Flexible Chrome Brass Pull Out Spring Kitchen Faucet 360 Swivel Spout Sink TapS$17
Kitchen Sink Mixer Faucet Pull Out SpringS$56
Microcleaner 65% Water Saving Kitchen Sink Filter TapS$60
Modern Pull Out Kitchen Sink Taps Basin Spray Mixer Tap Brass Dual Spout FaucetS$67
Glypen Kitchen Mixer TapS$69
Almaren Kitchen Mixer TapS$79
RUBINE Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap S$89
Blanco Mida Sink Mixer TapS$179
TOTO Ego II Single Lever Kitchen FaucetS$252
Hansgrohe Focus Single Lever Kitchen Mixer SS$457

1. Flexible Chrome Brass Pull Out Spring Kitchen Faucet 360 Swivel Spout Sink Tap

Flexible Chrome Brass Pull Out Spring Kitchen Faucet 360 Swivel Spout Sink Tap

Price: S$17

Key Highlights

  • Deck mounted rotatable
  • 360-degree swivel spout 
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Solid brass body

This kitchen tap is stable and durable that’s made with chrome finished brass construction. It also has an option for standard pressure water streams depending on how you want to use it. Just like any other brands, this tap features a 360-degree swivel for an easy and smooth turning mechanism that brings you utmost comfort while using it. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy to use kitchen tap that can get the job done, you can consider this kitchen tap.

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2. Kitchen Sink Mixer Faucet Pull Out Spring

Kitchen Sink Mixer Faucet Pull Out Spring tap

Price: S$56

Key Highlights

  • Easy to Install
  • Extendable spout
  • 360 degree swivel spout
  • Multi-layer polished chrome finish
  • Solid Brass Body

This kitchen tap is made entirely of brass that is safe, durable, lead-free, and reliable. It has multipurpose features including a spring neck and an extendable 360-degree swivel spout, which makes your cleaning more relaxed and comfortable.

If you’re on a tight budget and need a tap to help you take care of a busy kitchen, you may consider this kitchen tap in Singapore!

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3. Microcleaner 65% Water Saving Kitchen Sink Filter Tap

Microcleaner 65% Water Saving Sink Filter Tap

Price: S$60

Key Highlights

  • Comes with sediment filter
  • Excellent washing power
  • Non-woven and ceramic balls filter
  • Save more than half of your normal water usage
  • Uses 65% less water

This kitchen filter tap is basically designed for those people who are health-conscious. It features a special filter that eliminates bacteria, odour, floating sediment, and rusts from pipes. It also conserves water by up to 65% with superb water pressure to effectively wash your dishes and vegetables. 

Additionally, this tap filter is very easy to install that you can do all by yourself. However, it only lasts for three to four months depending on the usage. So for those who are looking for a very useful yet cheap kitchen tap filter, don’t hesitate to get this Microcleaner kitchen sink filter tap for your sink! 

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4. Modern Pull Out Kitchen Sink Taps Basin Spray Mixer Tap Brass Dual Spout Faucet

Modern Pull Out Kitchen Sink Taps Basin Spray Mixer Tap Brass Dual Spout Faucet

Price: S$67

Key Highlights

  • Body made of solid chrome
  • Dual spout 
  • Mixer tap with pull out spray
  • 360 degree swivel spout 
  • Silent and durable fabric spray hose

This kitchen tap is built with a solid brass body and spout metal that ensures durability and dependability for everyday heavy use. It also offers several convenient features, including the pull-out spray and 360-degree swivel spout which helps you easily in cleaning and rinsing your vegetables and fruits. This kitchen tap is also practical yet very functional that gives you convenience when using it.

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5. Glypen Kitchen Mixer Tap

 Glypen Kitchen Mixer Tap

Price: S$69

Key Highlights

  • High-pressure water systems up to 10 bar (1000 kPa)
  • Water and energy saving aerator (5.7 L/min.)

This kitchen tap is the most budget-friendly among any other Ikea’s kitchen mixer taps. Its main feature is to lower your water and energy use, helping you lower your utility bill. It has a small aerator that makes your tap reduce the water flow while maintaining its pressure. Moreover, Glypen kitchen mixer tap has a chrome-plated brass that is hard and durable and is also very easy to clean. So the quality is guaranteed to withstand ten years of washing, pouring, and rinsing, which makes the users avoid any inconvenience of changing the kitchen taps more often.

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6. Almaren Kitchen Mixer Tap

Almaren Kitchen Mixer Tap

Price: S$79

Key Highlights

  • Comes with a tool inclusion that makes it easy to install
  • High-pressure water systems up to 10 bar (1000 kPa)
  • Water and energy saving aerator (5.7 L/min.)

Almaren kitchen mixer tap is also one of IKEA’s products. It comes with a hard and durable ceramic disc that can handle high friction when changing the water temperature. Just like the Glypen model, this kitchen tap also uses a high-temperature system that prevents it from any damage. It also helps you to conserve water and energy at an affordable price. This kitchen tap in Singapore is a good choice with its excellent quality and best value for your money. 

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7. RUBINE Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

RUBINE Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Price: S$89

Key Highlights

  • Contemporary design
  • Effortless water flow
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Simple installation
  • Single handle faucet

This single-handle kitchen tap has a contemporary design with high-quality brass material. Rubine kitchen tap also comes with a chrome finish with a 1-year warranty. They have a  guaranteed replacement policy if any of the tap materials proves to be defective within the warranty period.

Moreover, this kitchen tap in Singapore has an excellent rating with two ticks of water efficiency score of 4.3 L/min. With this feature, this kitchen tap is very cost-efficient, which helps you pay less in your water bill.

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8. Blanco Mida Sink Mixer Tap

Blanco Mida Sink Mixer Tap

Price: S$179

Key Highlights

  • Single-lever mixer tap
  • Spout can be swivelled by 360°
  • With ceramic disk cartridge
  • Flexible connector pipes

The Blanco Mida sink mixer is a single-lever mixer tap with a rounded spout on a slender body. It comes with a glossy finish that favourably compliments your kitchen decor. When it comes to installation, this kitchen tap is easy to install. With its flexible connector pipes, users can put and assemble the kitchen tap easily in the right way. It also has a swivelled spout that gives you a 360-degree rotation for easy and comfortable use when washing your vegetables and fruits.

Above all, if you’re looking for a simple yet very functional kitchen tap in Singapore, then try to look further into this product.

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9. TOTO Ego II Single Lever Kitchen Faucet

TOTO Ego II Single Lever Kitchen faucet

Price: S$252

Key Highlights

  • Durable cartridge
  • Durable chrome plating
  • Lead-free treatment
  • Pure brass alloy
  • Water-saving aerator

Originating from Japan, TOTO is the biggest toilet manufacturer in the world. It’s not debatable that their products are proven to have great quality and innovation. This made them become a trendsetter and trustworthy go-to brand for commercial establishments and private homes. 

Toto’s Ego II kitchen faucet has a sleek and modern design with a pure brass alloy. It’s sturdy and durable that has antimicrobial properties and rust-resistant features. It also has a water-saving aerator feature that reduces water consumption without compromising comfort. So you will still get to enjoy a full, pleasurable water jet while saving on your water bill.

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10. Hansgrohe Focus Single Lever Kitchen Mixer 

Hansgrohe Focus Single Lever Kitchen Mixer

Price: S$457

Key Highlights

  • Flow rate: 5 L/min
  • Laminar and shower spray
  • Lockable shower spray
  • Magnetic shower support
  • Quick-connect hose
  • Swivel and pull-out spout

For those who are looking for utmost convenience, Hansgrohe kitchen mixer tap is an outstanding choice! Its hand spray offers two jet types which allow you to toggle according to your needs. It can be pulled out up to 50 cm long that can significantly help to increase your operating radius around your sink! 

Also, if you are the type of person who loves to cook at home, you should consider having this kitchen tap.  As its large spray can help you perfectly in cleaning and rinsing your vegetables, meat, or fish for your meal. 

Where to buy

Best places to buy a kitchen tap in Singapore


When you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation or setting up a new plumbing system, Ikea simply can’t go unnoticed. They have a variety of home fixtures, including kitchen taps, types of furniture, and appliances that you can possibly think of. Ikea offers a wide range of kitchen tap options with guaranteed quality for ten years. You may check out IKEA’s website or visit their local stores at Alexandra or Tampines. 


For decades, GROHE has become the leading provider of sanitary fittings and a global brand. They provide innovative water products for house and building materials. If you’re going to check their website, you’ll see that they have over 300 kitchen tap products available for you to choose from. If you’re the person who’s looking for high standard quality, design, and technology, then try to check out their website!

3. Universal Union

Universal union enterprises specialise in sanitaryware and bathroom accessories.They also offer kitchen fixtures and appliances including kitchen taps, water heaters, and more. The good thing about Universal union is that it is a one-stop-shop for kitchen and bathroom needs. They also provide a free delivery service when purchasing through their website or local store. Additionally, if you mistakenly bought a wrong item you can easily return it back and change it with the correct one!

4. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe, also based in Germany just like GROHE, they create attractive, timeless, and highly functional products. In spite of the high price, Singaporeans still wish for Hansgrohe products due to their long heritage and branding, as well as their outstanding quality and design.

5. SG Appliances

SG appliances is one of the earliest to bring household electrical appliances online in Singapore. They provided consumers with electronic and home appliances for decades. Their products are best for those with a limited budget and looking for a kitchen tap in Singapore with a variety of shape designs. You’re very welcome to visit the SG appliances website or local store near you!

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