10 Best Massage Parlours in Singapore to Work Out Those Muscle Knots (2020)

Best massage parlours in Singapore

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There’s nothing worse than having to deal with pain on your back, legs, or arms. You may still be able to move or even work without any problems but doing so leaves you tense and uncomfortable. Lucky for you, there are places where you can work out the kinks in your body. Singapore isn’t just a place with good food; it’s also a place where you can find great massage parlours. Today, we’ll look into where the best massage parlours in Singapore are, and what makes them so good. 

Why getting a massage is helpful

Now, you might still need a bit of convincing, or it’s your first time thinking about getting a massage. You might be asking yourself, “What’s the point of getting a massage?” Well, here are a couple of reasons:

Works out the knots in your body

As you use your muscles repeatedly, you eventually develop knots on them. Knots are bump-like formations on your muscles that can be uncomfortable when touched. They form when the muscle fibres tense up or tighten, which is the result of overuse. 

It’s a natural occurrence in your body, so there’s nothing to be concerned about. However, when left too long, knots can limit your overall range of motion, making it difficult to move freely.

Now if the thought of having knots is a troublesome prospect for you, you don’t need to go to a doctor to have them fixed. 

Massage therapy can help relax these knots. By applying pressure on them, these bumps of muscle fibres can untangle themselves, allowing you to move normally as you did before you had the knots at all.

Relieves stress and encourages relaxation

One of the reasons why massage therapy is so popular in Singapore is because it encourages deep relaxation. Not only does a good massage ease the tension in your muscles, the act itself also helps calm you down. 

Massage therapy helps improve the production of endorphin, or the feel-good hormone, which in turn reduces the production of stress hormones like cortisol. In short, massages not only relax you physically, but also calms you down mentally.

How often should you get a massage?

Getting a massage in Singapore may not always be cheap, so it’s important to consider how frequent you should get one. How often you should get a massage depends mostly on what type of massage it is, what you want to get out of it, your budget, and of course, your own personal preference. 

If all you’re looking for is stress relief, then you can get a massage once every 1 – 2 weeks. For massages that help with athletic training, you’ll need to get a massage at least 3 times a week during intense training, and once a month when there’s no training.

Finally, for massages that help with chronic pain or illnesses, you usually do these massages at least twice a week, or depending on what the doctor tells you. 

Ultimately, however, it all comes down to what you think your body needs. If you feel like it’s about time you get a massage, you should just go for it, regardless of whether you’ve had one recently. 

With that, here are 10 massage parlours in Singapore to get your massage fix. 

10 massage parlours in Singapore to rejuvenate your body

Massage parlourBranch(es)Starting price for a body massage
Ancient Dynasty
Massage & Spa
– Siglap
– Upper Thomson
$48 per hour
Natureland– Robertson Walk
– Valley Point
– Orchard Point
– Holland Village
– Springvale East Coast- Chijmes
– Orchard Liat Towers
$68 per hour
($60 for members)
Le Spa– Club Street
– Upper Bukit Timah
– River Valley
$42 per 30 minutes
Imperial Spa– Bukit Timah
– Jalan Kayu
$41 per 30 minutes
Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa– Kampong Glam
– Bukit Timah
$45 per 45 minutes
Han Dynasty Spa– Thomson
– Balestier
– Alexandra Village
$55 per hour
Massage MasterBedok$60 per hour
($55 for members)
Heal Spa– 100AM 
– Liang Court
– Funan
$69.90 per hour
Legend Spa & Massage– Siglap V
– Kampong Glam
$45 per 45 minutes
Donglin– West Plaza
– Elias Mall
– Tampines
– Yishun
– Chai Chee
– Pasir Ris
$36 per hour

1) Ancient Dynasty Massage & Spa

A woman smiling as someone is massaging her

Starting price: $48 per hour 

Key highlights

  • Affordability: When it comes to going for a massage in Singapore, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that’s as affordable as Ancient Dynasty Massage & Spa. Starting from $48 per hour for a full-body massage, you’re definitely getting the most out of your money.
  • Wide range of additional services: Ancient Dynasty understands that each individual has a different way of relaxing, and does offer different services to suit your needs. Whether you’re up for cupping therapy, ear candling, body scrubs, or scraping therapy, they have something you’re looking for.
  • Aromatherapy: If getting a regular massage isn’t enough for you, then you can give Ancient Dynasty’s aromatherapy a shot. You can choose from a variety of oils, including lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and more. You can even request to mix 2 or more of these oils for a personalised experience.

Contact details

BranchContact info
SiglapAddress: 13 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455206
Contact number: 6636 3777
Upper Thomson Address: No. 5 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787433
Contact number: 6458 4948

2) Natureland

A massage bed in a private room

Starting price: $68 per hour ($60 per hour for members)

Key highlights

  • Membership programme: Although the prices in Natureland are not the cheapest, they do offer a membership programme that will allow you to enjoy their services at a discounted price. You can get as much as 20% off public rates.
  • Open until 3 am: If you’re out in the city late at night and suddenly have the urge to get a massage, then you can pop by Natureland. Natureland still accepts customers as late as 2 am at their Orchard Point and Liat Towers branches. Perfect if you want to relax immediately after a night of drinking.
  • Massage packages: Natureland also offers massage packages for when you want to try as many of their offerings as possible without breaking your wallet. It’s also a good alternative if you want to have an affordable massage.

Contact details

BranchContact info
Robertson WalkAddress: 11 Unity Street, #01-08/09, Singapore 237995
Contact number: 6733 6780
Valley PointAddress: 491 River Valley Road,
#02-01 Valley Point,
Singapore 248371
Contact number: 6338 6780
Orchard PointAddress: 160 Orchard Road,
#B1-12/13 Orchard Point,
Singapore 238842
Contact number: 6235 6780
Holland Village Address: 29/29A Lorong Liput,
Singapore 277740
Contact number: 6467 6780
Springvale East CoastAddress: 907 East Coast Road,
#01-04/05 Springvale,
Singapore 459107
Contact number: 6445 6780
ChijmesAddress: 30 Victoria Street,
#B1-01/02, Singapore 187996
Contact number: 6266 6780
Orchard Liat TowersAddress: 541 Orchard Road, #02-01 & #03-01 Liat Towers,
Singapore 238881
Contact number: 6767 6780

Email: info@natureland.com.sg

3) Le Spa

Massage bed with towels on it, in a private room

Starting price: $42 per 30 minutes, $66 per hour

Key highlights

  • Express massages: Looking to relax, but don’t actually have an hour to spare? Le Spa offers express massages just for you. You can get a 30-minute massage without paying for the flat hour, which is great if you’re in a hurry or out on your lunch break and just want to unwind a bit.
  • Long opening hours: If you’re the type of person who finds yourself craving for a massage in the evening, then Le Spa is the perfect place for you. They offer their services till 10.30 pm, so if you feel like getting a massage after work, they’ve got your back.
  • Wide range of services: Besides body massage, Le Spa offers various services such as foot massage, cupping, and gua sha treatment. If you feel like having more than a body massage, you can give Le Spa a try. 

Contact details

BranchContact info
Club StreetAddress: 14 Gemmil Lane,
Singapore 069253
Contact number: 6222 6803
Upper Bukit TimahAddress: 16A Chun Tin Road,
Singapore 599603
Contact number: 6222 6805
River ValleyAddress: 13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238962
Contact number: 6222 6806

4) Imperial Spa

A woman getting massaged with hot stones

Starting price: $41 per 30 minutes, $69 per hour

Key highlights

  • Happy hour promotion: For those curious about Imperial Spa, here’s a chance for you to try their services out without paying the full price. If you visit their branches between 10 am and 4 pm, you can enjoy a one-hour session at a discounted price.
  • Express massages: If you don’t feel like spending an entire hour on a massage, Imperial Spa does offer 30-minute massages for you to enjoy. This way, you wouldn’t have to pay for the entire hour if you don’t want to.
  • Open until 4 am: Looking to have a relaxing massage past midnight? No problem! Imperial Spa is open from 10 am to 4 am. As one of the massage parlours in Singapore with the latest closing time, it can definitely accommodate you after a long night out in the city.

Contact details

BranchContact info
Bukit TimahAddress: 184 Bukit Timah Road,
Singapore 229854
Contact number: 6635 7979
Jalan KayuAddress: 263 Jalan Kayu,
Singapore 799491
Contact number: 6555 7979

5) Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa

A woman massaging an individual

Starting price: $45 per 45 minutes, $60 per hour

Key highlights

  • Couples discount: If you’re looking to do something special with your partner, you can get a significant discount at Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa. At $105 per hour, you and your significant other can enjoy a nice massage in Singapore. That’s basically $15 off the original price.
  • Wide range of services: If you need a different way to relax, Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa has other services that can help you out. Aside from the usual massage therapy, they also offer foot reflexology, ba guan (cupping) therapy, as well as ear candling. 
  • Seasonal promotions: Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa also offers seasonal promotions, where you can get further discounts. These promotions can give you one of the best prices for massages in Singapore.

Contact details

Branch Contact info
Kampong GlamAddress: 790 North Bridge Road,
Singapore 198758
Contact number: 6686 6466
Bukit TimahAddress: 2 Chun Tin Road,
Singapore 599589
Contact number: 6894 6466

6) Han Dynasty Spa

Interior of Han Dynasty Spa, with 4 massage seats

Starting price: $55 per hour

Key highlights

  • Ladies’ night: Looking for a relaxing time with your girlfriends? Han Dynasty Spa might just have what you’re looking for. Every Tuesday is ladies’ night at Han Dynasty Spa, where you can enjoy a 90-minute full-body massage for only $70, or a 2-hour body massage for only $90. Definitely one of the cheapest places to get a massage in Singapore for ladies.
  • Promotional discounts: Aside from the ladies’ night promotion, Han Dynasty Spa also offers promotional discounts for senior citizens and couples. It’s also worth checking their website from time to time, since their promotions are for a limited time only. 
  • Various services available: Han Dynasty Spa also offers other services outside of their usual massage menu. These include foot reflexology, ear candling, and unlimited dry sauna.

Contact details

BranchContact info
ThomsonAddress: 3 Jasmine Road,
Singapore 576579
Contact number: 6265 6366
BalestierAddress: 221 Balestier Road,
Singapore 329928
Contact number: 6254 6466
Alexandra VillageAddress: 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1,
Singapore 150123
Contact number: 6264 6366

7) Massage Master

An individual getting a back massage

Starting price: $60 per hour ($55 per hour for members)

Key highlights

  • Membership programme: For their loyal customers, Massage Master offers a membership programme, where you can get to enjoy one of the most affordable massage rates in Singapore. Plus, you can enjoy a free body massage after spending a certain amount at Massage Master.
  • Affordable add-ons: If you’re looking for extra services on top of your usual body massage, Massage Master might have what you need. They offer ear candling and therapeutic cupping services for a very affordable price, more so if you’ve joined their membership programme.
  • Package discounts: If you want to try more than just body massage at Massage Master without going out of budget, you can give their packages a try. Their packages combine foot massages and body massages, which make for a more affordable massage experience.

Contact details

  • Address: 341 Bedok Road, Singapore 469522
  • Contact number: 6702 0762 

8) Heal Spa

A woman lying on her stomach with black stones on her back

Starting price: $69.90 per hour

Key highlights

  • Focus on healing: Heal Spa offers a unique form of massage in Singapore. As the name suggests, they prioritise on healing, treating pains, and tensions on your body, rather than just the usual relaxation. Their website has a filter function that can help you choose which massage therapy will work best for you or any condition you may have. 
  • Wide range of therapies: Whether you’re planning to get shiatsu, traditional Chinese tui na, or any other massage therapy, Heal Spa might have something for you. They have a wide range of massage therapies for everyone looking to relax and get healed.
  • Seasonal promotions: If you want to try Heal Spa out but don’t want to spend too much, you can go for their discounts. Check their website from time to time, and they may have something that’s within your budget.

Contact details

BranchContact info
100AMAddress: 100 Tras Street, #04-14,
100AM, Singapore 079027
Contact number: 6694 8606
Liang CourtAddress: 177 River Valley Road,
#B1-06B, Singapore 179030
Contact number: 6252 7727
FunanAddress: 107 North Bridge Road,
#B2-17 Funan Singapore 179105
Contact number: 6970 9894 

9) Legend Spa & Massage

An individual getting moxibustion therapy

Starting price: $45 per 45 minutes, $60 per hour

Key highlights

  • Promotional offers: Legend Spa & Massage offers discounts for services such as body massage all the time for up to 35% of their usual prices. If you want to give them a try, wait until they have a promotion, and you might just save a lot of money.
  • Long opening hours: Not only are they open until 3 am every day, Legend Spa & Massage is also open during public holidays, providing you with more flexibility on when you could get your massage in Singapore.
  • Wide range of services: Aside from the usual foot reflexology and body massages, you can also go for their therapeutic ear candling and ear cleaning services. In addition, they also have moxibustion wellness treatment and lymphatic massage therapies.

Contact details

BranchContact info
Siglap VAddress: 2 First Street, #01-08
Siglap V, Singapore 458278
Contact number: 6444 1588
Kampong GlamAddress: 788 North Bridge Road,
Singapore 198756
Contact number: 6291 4466

10) Donglin

Interior of Donglin, with massage chairs

Starting price: $36 per hour

Key highlights

  • Affordability: Donglin offers a very competitive price for their massage therapies. They’re a good place to get a cheap massage in Singapore, and the low price doesn’t mean they skimp out on quality either.
  • Numerous outlets: If convenience is what you’re looking for, Donglin might be the massage parlour for you, especially if you’re living in the east. With 6 outlets island-wide, you’re rest assured that there’s an outlet within reach. 

Contact details

BranchContact info
West PlazaAddress: 735 Pasir Ris Street 72
#01-352, Singapore 510735
Contact number: 6584 3539
Elias MallAddress: 625 Elias Road, #02-318,
Singapore 510625
Contact number: 6583 0358
TampinesAddress: 480 Tampines Street 44,
#01-263, Singapore 520480
Contact number: 6783 0516
YishunAddress: 641 Yishun Street 61,
#01-206, Singapore 760641
Contact number: 6556 4435
Chai CheeAddress: 25A Chai Chee Road,
#01-475, Singapore 760641
Contact number: 6448 6757
Pasir RisAddress: 445 Pasir Ris Drive 6,
#01-98, Singapore 510445
Contact number: 6583 3766

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