6 Best Places to Find a Part-Time Maid in Singapore

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Housework in this day and age can be a tedious prospect. Sometimes we’re either just too busy, too tired, or the living space is just too big to clean by yourself. Whatever the reason is, however, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s important to maintain a clean environment to live in. But how do you do that if you just don’t have the time or the energy to do it yourself? Well, you can always go with hiring a part-time maid in Singapore.

Hiring a part-time maid in Singapore can be a difficult prospect in itself, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in. Here, we’ve listed 6 of the best maid agencies Singapore has to offer.

Why Hire a Part-time Maid in Singapore Instead of a Live-in Maid?

There are various benefits to hiring a part-time maid in Singapore over a full-time one. Here are some of these benefits.


Part-Time Maids

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a part-time maid is that you only need to pay them when you need their services – and let’s face it, you don’t really need to do a thorough cleaning of your place every day. This means you wouldn’t need to worry about paying a regular salary. You can simply pay a part-time maid on an hourly or daily basis, depending on the agreed upon maid agency fees.

Live-in Maids

Aside from having to pay a live-in maid a full-time salary, you will also need to worry about the costs for housing them. This includes food, water and electricity. On top of that, you will also have to pay them even when there isn’t much work to be done.


Part-Time Maids

A part-time maid in Singapore works by the hour, which means they’re usually on a tight schedule. This also means that they can finish whatever work needs to be done during the timeframe that you’ve paid for.

Live-in Maids

Because live-in maids don’t have a schedule to work with, unless you’ve given them one, they tend to do their job at their leisure. This is not to say that they are not good at managing their work. They are, however, not under any pressure to finish whatever job you need them to finish within a specific timeframe. At the end of the day, you’re still going to have to pay them.

Professionalism and Skill

Part-Time Maids

The agencies you hire a part-time maid in Singapore from have a strict hiring process, so you’ll know that you’re paying for a well-trained professional. Furthermore, since agencies have a reputation to uphold, it’s in their best interests to hire only people who know what they’re doing.

Live-in Maids

Although it’s not fair to say that live-in maids are clueless at their job, it’s less likely that they know what they’re doing. Since they’re not working with an agency, there is no need for them to uphold a strict work ethic. That is to say, there’s just nothing stopping them from acting unprofessionally.


Part-time Maids

A part-time maid in Singapore tends to work with an agency or a similar company. These agencies not only screen their staff, they also usually have records of these people around. If you have any problems with their staff, such as damages or theft, it’s pretty easy to find them. The very nature of their employment ensures that they’re only interested in cleaning your house and getting paid

Live-in Maids

Although live-in domestic helpers spend a longer time with you and your family, hence you build rapport and trust with them, it’s still not a guarantee that you’re safe from malice or theft. Having access to your home 24/7 also doesn’t help, either. What’s more, they usually don’t work through an agency that can provide oversight to these workers.

CostProductivityProfessionalism & SkillSecurity
Part-time maid benefitsPay them as neededCan finish within a timeframeStrict hiring process, reputable agencyScreening process is thorough
Live-in maid benefitsPay them by dayNo inclination to hurryNo need to uphold work ethicLess thorough screening process

What Services Do Part-Time Maids Offer?

Part-time maids generally offer the same kinds of jobs a live-in maid would, which includes general house cleaning. House cleaning itself involves vacuuming or sweeping, mopping, dusting, taking out the garbage and even ironing out your clothes. Aside from the standard residential cleaning, they may also offer other work, such as refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning, window cleaning and cupboard or cabinet cleaning.

Some agencies offer services outside of cleaning, such as babysitting, pet sitting, house watching service, grocery shopping, and other serrand-based service.

If you want a quick look at the key features of each agency, here’s a handy table that you can refer to.

CompanyKey features
HelplingTailored cleaning plan that matches you to the most competent maids
Pink MaidCustomisable services & babysitting
Domestic OneYou are insured for any damages incurred during the cleaning service + up to 3 replacement helpers 
Amah & Cleaner Offers confinement services and expanded home services such as house watching during extended holidays
Lazy.com.sgYou are insured for any damages incurred during the cleaning service + affordable fees
KaodimRepeat customers get discounted rates

6 Best Places to Hire a Part-Time Maid in Singapore

 1. Helpling

three part time maids from Helpling with cleaning equipment

Key Highlights:

  • Easy Booking Process: Helpling’s booking process has been simplified through its website and its apps. This makes it easier to find the right cleaner for your needs and much easier to manage your bookings. You can also communicate with your chosen maid through the platform even before you meet them in person. This will help to make the scheduling even easier. 
  • Very Flexible: This platform helps you form a cleaning plan and matches them with the best maids available for those specific needs. Because of the review system, it’s also much easier to find out about a particular cleaner long before you have to use their services, so you pretty much have an idea about what you’re getting.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Although their customer support isn’t available 24/7, they are available every day of the week. If you have any needs, it’s very likely that they will be looked into within a reasonable amount of time. 

Contact Details

2. Pink Maid

Logo for Pink Maids, a maid agency in Singapore with part-time maids

Key Highlights:

  • Babysitting: Aside from the usual cleaning services, Pink Maid’s part-time maids are also trained to babysit children for their parents. Child caring services include feeding, bathing and clothing the child. They can even entertain your child, or even help teach them basic subjects. They’re a good service to hire if you plan on taking a vacation and won’t have anyone to watch your children.
  • Customisable Services: Pink Maid’s services are very flexible, allowing you to easily customise the type of cleaning you want done in your home. Your personal requirements will be sent directly to the helper on the day they are scheduled to work with you. If you have a favourite maid, it’s also possible to have them sent to you every time for consistency.
  • Expanded Home Services: Aside from cleaning, Pink Maid’s helpers also do laundry, ironing and basic food preparation. Any other helper services could also be assigned on the spot.

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3. Domestic One

Key Highlights:

  • All Staff Are Insured: Domestic One’s services are all insured, meaning that if any unforeseen accident occurs while the part-time maid is working, you will be fully compensated for any damages done. Their customers are certainly rest assured whenever they’re the ones doing the cleaning.
  • Payment Transparency: Domestic One also prides itself on the transparency it has with any fees they charge their customers. This means you wouldn’t be caught off guard with any sudden mark-ups or hidden fees. All their rates are listed clearly on their website.
  • Free Replacements: If you’re not satisfied with the cleaning done by your helper, then Domestic One can offer you a free replacement, at least 3 times. This is done at no additional costs to the customer.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 6388 1329

4. Amah & Cleaners

Logo for Amahs & Cleaners, a maid agency in Singapore with part-time maids

Key Highlights:

  • Confinement Nanny Services: Amah & Cleaners is one of the few maid agencies that offer confinement nanny services in Singapore. This service caters to women who have recently given birth. Their services include cooking and preparing meals for the mother, helping take care of the newborn, laundry, grocery shopping and more. The part-time maid in Singapore that is assigned to this service will be specifically trained to deal with newborn babies.
  • Expanded Home Services: Aside from regular cleaning services, Amah & Cleaners also provide other services to help their customers out on specific needs. This includes babysitting, pet sitting, spring cleaning, house moving cleaning and house watching services for people going on a lengthy trip.
  • 6 Month Replacement Guarantee: If for some reason, the customer is not satisfied with the cleaning services, they may ask for a replacement for free within the next 6 months. 

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5. Lazy.com.sg

Logo for Lazy.com.sg, a maid agency in Singapore with part-time maids

Key Highlights:

  • Easy Booking Process: This cleaning service has a quick and easy booking process via their apps. From there, any customer can schedule, reschedule, or postpone any services they would like to make use of. It will take less than a minute to schedule a cleaning service for your home. The scheduling process is also very flexible for your needs.
  • Affordable: When it comes to the fees for a part-time maid in Singapore, this company has one of the most affordable services around. Their recurring cleaning service in particular is very inexpensive for people who repeatedly use the app.
  • Insured: This service has its staff insured on all their cleaning services, which allows you to use their services without worrying about incurring unforeseen costs brought about by accidents.

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6. Kaodim

Logo for Kaodim, a service agency in Singapore with part-time maids

Key Highlights:

  • Repeat Cleaning Packages: The more often you use the maid service offered at Kaodim, the cheaper it gets. It can be as low as $22.00 per hour if you hire their helpers on a weekly basis. This is less than half of the price if you hire a helper only once. If you go for more hours per session, your discount goes even higher, where you’ll only have to pay $20 per hour if you hire a maid weekly.
  • Expanded Services: Aside from the regular house cleaning services, the Singapore part-time maid you hire at Kaodim will also do a thorough job at changing sheets, cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom and clearing away the garbage. The staff are also very responsive.
  • Customizable Services: If your required cleaning is not listed on the site, you may contact Kaodim’s customer support in order to help you with any specific service you may need.

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As you can see from looking at all the websites named above, there are so many different platforms in Singapore where you can find what you are looking for. Each part-time maid agency comes with its own strengths, and it’s just a matter of time before you can get a squeaky-clean house.

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