10 Best Places to Buy Ceiling Lights in Singapore

best stores to buy a ceiling light in singapore

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Moving into your new home or renovating your office space? Ceiling lights are a must-have. From functional ones to funky modern types, finding suitable ceiling lights in Singapore may be a highly time-consuming task. 

When choosing the right ceiling light for your space, it’s advisable to know what you’re looking for in terms of use and design before going on a search. In this article, we’ll help you narrow down your search.

How to choose ceiling lights

Before shopping for your ceiling lights, you should consider the several different types available. Which ones are more suitable for your needs and wants? Which are more practical for your space? Let’s look at the different types of ceiling lights in Singapore.

1. Flush mount fixtures

Flush mount fixtures are lights that are hung flat against the ceiling to save space. Some of them have fluorescent bulbs to provide a broader spectrum of light. 

This is the best choice for spaces with low ceilings. They are also cost and energy-efficient. 

2. Semi-flush mount lights

In terms of style, semi-flush mount lights can be pretty fancy, although perhaps not as fancy as a chandelier. 

It falls between 4 to 8 inches from the ceiling, and is suitable for spaces with a slightly higher ceiling. 

3. Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights can sometimes be too bright and flashy for the eyes, but they’re the preferred choice for functional spaces. 

Available in a variety of styles to suit various spaces, these lights are also cheaper and brighter than your normal light bulbs. 

4. Island lights

Island lights are great for being a piece of decoration for ambient spaces. 

They differ from other types of ceiling lights by having a few sources of light shining down from one light piece. 

5. Recessed lighting

These lights are hidden and are one of the more popular kinds of ceiling lighting in smaller apartments with low ceilings. 

Recessed lighting is highly efficient in giving a stylistic ambience as they aren’t very visible, giving your ceiling a clear and sleek look. 

6. Track lighting

If you’re looking for a light fixture that’s flexible and easily repositioned, track lights are usually recommended. 

Its versatility allows you to easily change the type and number of lights, the position on the track and the direction they aim, letting you to feature a specific artwork, furniture, or area of your home. 

7. Pendant lights

Hung from the ceiling like a chandelier, pendant lights are a great way to add a touch of class to any space with ambient lighting. This is especially possible with inverted pendant lighting. 

While pendant lights are usually thought of as decorative, they can also be used functionally for lighting up workspaces and study rooms. 

8. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are probably the king of the ceiling light world. However, they’re usually very pricey and require a very high ceiling to hang them from. 

These lights are beautiful and awe-inspiring, but you need to ensure you’ve sufficient space before deciding to install a chandelier.

10 best places to buy LED ceiling lights in Singapore

Places to buy LED ceiling lightsContact information
Coconut Tree LightingContact no.: 6702 6486 / 6258 0294
Email: sales@coconuttreelighting.com.sg
FORTYTWOEnquiry form
HipVanContact no.: 6291 1725
Email: hello@hipvan.com
HOME FIRSTContact no.: 6710 7994 
Email: nicole@homefirst.com.sg
HORIZON LIGHTSContact no.: 6338 3767
IKEAContact no.: 6786 6868
Email: customerservice.ikeasg@ikano.asia
Lights & CoEnquiry form
ScreedContact no.: 6100 1680
SEMBAWANG LIGHTINGContact no.: 67597703
Email: slh8888@hotmail.com
THREECUBESContact no.: 6245 0776 
Email: ask@threecubes.com.sg

1. Coconut Tree Lighting 

Coconut Tree Lighting in dining area

Priding themselves as a young and dynamic company, Coconut Tree Lighting has many highly experienced lighting experts who can give you the lighting advice you need. 

Even though their range of ceiling lights in Singapore is not that extensive, they do carry some nice ones. If you happen to like vintage stuff, they have beautiful vintage-looking ceiling lights that’ll add some pizzazz to your space. 

If you’re looking for something more conventional, they have a good series of such ceiling lights that you can purchase. 

Prices for their ceiling lights range from $17 to $500 and above.

Contact details


Forty Two showroom

Fortytwo is a rather well-known brand for funky modern furniture and even lighting. 

Whether you’re looking for a chandelier or fluorescent lights, their wide range of ceiling lights in Singapore will definitely fit your needs. Looking for romantic ambient lighting, or a simple one for functional purposes? There’ll be a ceiling light for you here. 

Contact details

3.  HipVan

Hipvan ceiling lights showroom i singapore

HipVan offers a good range of ceiling lights at reasonable prices. The good thing about HipVan’s ceiling lights is their range of designs. Whether you’re looking for industrial lights, Japanese-inspired ones, or even just simple, functional ones, they have it all. 

Contact details


Home first ceiling lights store in Singapore

Although their website seems less polished than other brands listed here, don’t let this dissuade you from looking through their ceiling light offerings. 

With a vast range of ceiling lights in their repertoire, you can expect to have a ball of time shopping for the ones of your liking. 

From functional ones to designer models, prices are relatively affordable. Though they do tend to lean on the higher-end for more elaborate designs. 

Contact details


Horizon ceiling lights

If you’re looking for themed ceiling lights and lights for high ceilings, Horizon Lights could be the right place for you to shop for LED ceiling lights in Singapore. 

Their range of ceiling lights will leave you spoilt for choice. You can even get themed ceiling lights to match the colour or concept of your space! However, note that prices tend to be on the steeper side. 

Contact details


IKEA home furnishing store in Singapore

Most of us should be relatively familiar with IKEA’s light offerings, and it’s not just because it is the brightest section of the mall. 

The range of ceiling lights they carry is pretty impressive, and their corresponding prices are super affordable too. If you browse hard enough, you’ll find funky designs that could be on sale if you’re lucky!

Contact details

7. Lights & Co

Lights & Co ceiling lights at home

If you’re a fan of monochromatic designs, you’ll surely find a ceiling light to fit your décor here. 

While the ceiling light designs and range at Lights & Co are extensive, you don’t have to worry about the price. Here, there’s a ceiling light to fit every budget range. You can also opt to chat with their experts online if you need any advice!

Contact details

8. Screed

Screed Ceiling lights in Singapore

Ceiling lights in Singapore can help to beautify a space and create an ambience.

At Screed, ceiling lights take on another level of aesthetics. While their prices may be a little high, you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck. 

Their wide variety of ceiling lights will cater to any setting you require. So you can consider them as your one-stop shop for all your ceiling light needs!

Contact details


SEMBAWANG LIGHTING house in singapore

Even though the design of ceiling light is a relatively big deal in amplifying the atmosphere of a space, functionality is still of utmost importance. This is where Sembawang Lighting takes the lead. 

Boasting a wide range of ceiling lights, you can pick your favourite (or favourites) for a reasonable price. These ceiling lights may work  best especially for study rooms and offices.

Contact details


THREECUBES lighting store in singapore

Looking for ceiling lights that are functional, decorative, or even hidden? You can find them all at THREECUBES. 

Besides having a myriad of ceiling light designs for various uses, they have lights that protect your eyes. Look for the ‘eye care’ or ‘eye protection’ category on the left filter bar of their website. 

This range of ceiling lights isn’t something that you usually find at light retailers, so if you’ve been looking for lights that are comfortable for your eyes, THREECUBES caters for that and is an ideal place to shop.

Contact details

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