9 Best Sofa Beds in Singapore From $149 (2020)

best sofa beds in singapore

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If you, like most Singaporeans, enjoy your trips to certain furniture stores (think IKEA), you will definitely have come across the sofa bed. An interesting combination of possibly two of the most comfortable articles in our homes, some of you may find it strange while some, if not many of you, may love it. Below, we’ll help you find out the most perfect sofa bed in Singapore that will fit into your budget yet adds a great style and comfort in your home.

But if you are thinking: Shouldn’t a bed be in the bedroom and a sofa in the living room? Well, there are quite a few good reasons why you should consider getting a sofa bed, and here are some to keep in mind.

6 Reasons why you should get a sofa bed in Singapore

1. They are super versatile

Everybody loves sofa beds! Besides pulling out your sofa and having it immediately transforms into a comfortable bed, it can also double up as your child’s play area. The ample space and soft surface allow your kids to comfortably play and fall asleep on thereafter.  

2. Sofa beds are just as comfortable as a sofa. Or a bed.

It doesn’t mean that because it is a hybrid, it cannot be better than or just as good as a standalone sofa or a bed. In fact, many sofa beds have been reviewed as more comfortable and more convenient in comparison. 

3. They can look as good as, or better, than a sofa

There are trendy and hip-looking sofas. Then there are modern takes of a sofa bed in Singapore. And what’s not to love about it? Besides sprucing up your home, you also have a good-looking bed to lean on (pun intended) when you need it.

4. Sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes

Because of the variety of styles, shapes and sizes, they come in, you will definitely be able to find a sofa bed that suits your needs and preferences easily. 

5. They save space

Most of us live in flats which most of the time, can be too small. Any extra piece of furniture can cause a roadblock. Sofa beds are the perfect solution to small spaces, especially in land-scarce Singapore. 

6. Sofa beds in Singapore can be very affordable

In general, you don’t have to worry about spending a bomb on a nice sofa bed because their prices are really quite reasonable. Especially so when there’s a sale happening!

If you have been convinced to get a sofa bed, here are the 10 of the best sofa beds in Singapore we have picked out so you don’t have to spend any more time than you need to find one. You are very welcome.

9 best sofa beds in Singapore

Julia Sofa Bed$149
Tatami Foldable Sofa Bed$160
Tessa 3 Seater Storage Sofa BedS$399
Boston 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed$499
Nathan Sofa Bed$559
King Koil Sofa Bed SFB1043$749
Lawry Queen Size Sofa Bed (DA3803)$799

1. Julia Sofa Bed

Slate grey julia sofa bed

Price: $149

View on HipVan


  • Colour: Slate Grey (Faux Leather), Silver (Fabric)
  • Size: W180cm x D78cm x H76 cm

Just got your interior design done and looking for something stylish and petite to complement it? Look no further. The Julia Sofa Bed fits perfectly in small spaces and is so hip. You wouldn’t believe how comfortable and easy to maintain it is with its high-density foam, providing maximum support, and faux leather upholstery. Depending on how you decide to relax, Julia comes with 3 recline positions that you can switch with the least effort. 

2. Tatami Foldable Sofa Bed

Tatami foldable black ad white stripes sofa bed i the living room

Price: $160

View on Shopee


  • Colour: A variety to suit your needs
  • Size: 60cm to 180cm (King-size)

The high-quality fabric cotton linen makes this the perfect sofa bed in Singapore’s hot weather. Besides that, this sofa bed is anti-bacterial and anti-dust mites, making it a great choice especially if you are highly sensitive or have young children at home. 


Hammmarn grey sofa bed

Price: $139

View on Ikea


  • Colour: Knisa Dark Grey, Black
  • Size: 120cm

This sofa bed quickly and easily transforms into a spacious bed for two. Comfortable and lightweight, the stretched fabric, which the mattress pad lies on, helps to make the sofa bed comfortable to both sit on and sleep on. The cover is also removable so you can easily wash it and keep your sofa bed squeaky clean! 

4. Tessa 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed

Pigeon grey tessa 3 seater storage sofa bed

Price: $399

View on HipVan


  • Colour: Pigeon Grey, Silver, Granite, Hailstorm
  • Size: W184cm x D100cm x H86 cm

Generous seat area, ample hidden storage space, 3-seater that features a reclining backrest and can be set at 3 positions with minimum hassle? You are in for a treat!

The Tessa 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed boasts all of these functions, giving you the freedom to choose between a sofa, lounge or super single bed, depending on your inclination (again, pun intended). 

5. Boston 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed

Boston 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed - Siberian Grey

Price: $499

View on HipVan


  • Colour: Siberian Grey, Orion
  • Size: W214cm x D86cm x H86cm

Does a fancy sofa bed that meets your requirements of style and function? The Boston 3 Seater Storage Sofa Bed features ample storage space that’s hidden underneath plush comfy cushions for maximum comfort. And get ready to have a great sleep because it comes with curved armrests that help elevate the sleep experience.

6. Nathan Sofa Bed

Price: $559

View on Castlery


  • Colour: Midnight blue velvet, Deep teal velvet
  • Size: Sofa: W208 x D87 x H81cm; Bed: W194 x D110 x H42cm

If you are one of those who prefer a hardy frame to your furniture, this is it. The Nathan Sofa Bed is made from solid pine wood frame and comes with a velvet fabric-cover which makes it very stylish. It has also wood and steel legs that makes it sturdy and durable.

It’s made with 100% polyester material making it really soft, comfortable and easy to clean. This sofa bed is best for busy professionals or parent like you! 


Three seat sofa bed, Skiftebo dark grey

Price: $600

View on Ikea


  • Colour: Beige, Blue, Grey, Black
  • Size: A variety to suit your needs

Besides being able to quickly convert into a bed, there is also a large space under this beautiful sofa bed for easy storing of magazines and other necessities.

If you are worried about how much wear and tear this sofa can handle, you will be interested to know that the fabric is highly resistant and can withstand daily usage for some time. Possibly the best buy for those with pets and/or children!

8. King Koil Sofa Bed SFB1043

King Koil Sofa Bed SFB1043 light grey

Price: $749

View on FurnitureSG


  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Size: Sofa: 150cm x 98cm x 78cm, Bed: 120cm x 190cm

With a humid kind of weather and limited living space, the perfect sofa bed in Singapore would have to fulfil comfort, style and size. Introducing King Koil’s Sofa Bed SFB1043!

Besides being super easy to set up and convert from sofa to bed and vice versa, this sofa bed has side pockets for convenient storage of magazines and remote controls, just to name a few. 

9. Lawry Queen Size Sofa Bed (DA3803)

Lawry queen size sofa bed in grey color

Price: $799

View on SleepSpace

View on HomeSpace


  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: L150cm x D100cm x H84cm

If you are looking for a sofa bed for your tiny apartment, this may be it. This 2-seater sofa bed’s relatively small size makes it a space-saver while opening up to a queen-sized bed. On top of being super comfortable due to its suede fabric, it also comes with a cherry on top – two complimentary cushions!

Best places to buy sofa beds in Singapore

Should you like to have more choices to choose from, don’t fret. Places like our all-famous IKEA, Castlery, MegaFurniture, HipVan and FortyTwo carry a range of cheap sofa beds in Singapore that caters to your needs. 

1. Castlery 

Castlery is proof that designer furniture need not be expensive. By cutting out the middleman and keeping their processes simple, you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Whether it’s mid-century modern to contemporary styles, you can be sure to find what you need, like a cheap sofa bed in Singapore, to enhance your home aesthetics, as evidenced by their range of suitably designed sofa beds. 

2. FortyTwo

There is a reason why FortyTwo is the biggest home furnishing eCommerce website in Singapore with the highest traffic of more than 220,000 visitors a month, as per Alexa.com in 2017. From dining sets to sofa beds, there seems to be something for everyone amongst their large variety of furniture. If you have any queries and wish to get advice on adding a piece to your home, they are just a chat or a phone call away.

4. HipVan

Does stylish designs and quality products at an affordable price sound good? Then perhaps you should check out HipVan’s website, it is one of the best shops to buy a sofa bed in Singapore. With a hearty number of attractive furniture and sofa beds in Singapore, you will be spoilt for choice.

1. IKEA 

This place is probably the most convenient, having two large shops in the West and East regions of Singapore. Known for their immense range of affordable Do-It-Yourself furniture, they carry a good variety of quality sofa beds that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

3. MegaFurniture

Existing predominantly online, you can feast on all their latest and hottest furniture range from the enjoyment of your own home. Besides comfort and looks, MegaFurniture is also big on quality. Their variety of sofa beds, for one, allow you to select one that fits into your very own living space without worry and achieving the trendy, modern home you have been dreaming about.  

We’re hoping that this article has made you a believer in sofa beds. Now go out there and get one for your home! Happy sofa bed shopping!

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