The toilet bowl is one of the most important facilities in any home, but also one of the most under-appreciated. We use it so often in our daily lives that we don’t even think about it unless we need to use it. When it breaks down (something that won’t happen in the near future if you’re lucky/ got one of these 5 best toilet bowl brands in Singapore), you’ll have to replace it.

Replacing something as important as a toilet bowl can be a hassle. Luckily, it’s not a thing you have to do often. That is, of course, if you chose a good quality toilet bowl in the first place.

If you’re looking to replace a toilet bowl in Singapore, but don’t know where to start looking, then don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. Here are 5 best brands of toilet bowl Singapore has.

Why a Good Toilet Bowl is Important

Before we get into the list, however, let’s look into why it’s important to have a good toilet bowl in the first place. Now, in order to function normally, our body needs to get rid of waste regularly. Back in the old days, we relieved ourselves of this waste by digging a hole in the ground, or we did our business next to the closest bush or tree. If there’s a river or any body of water close by, that’s the natural filtration system in Singapore. Knowing what we know now about sanitation and hygiene, we don’t have to tell you why this is bad.

Human waste can be a breeding ground for all sorts of microbes. These microbes can cause severe illnesses, and in really bad cases, death. If you don’t get rid of your waste properly, it can find its way to our water supply and cause all manner of bad things to happen. Toilet bowls are meant to lessen the spread of these germs by getting rid of your waste properly and hygienically through its own self-contained system.

Why Good Toilet Bowls Matter

Now, a good toilet bowl can not only save you from being infected by these microbes, it also needs to have extra features as well. One of these is how they use water. Toilet bowls use a lot of water every time you flush. The really good models should help you save up on your water bills. Of course, less water use per flush shouldn’t affect your toilet bowl’s ability to get rid of waste at all. Instead, they should be more efficient with how they use the water inside the cistern.

There’s a reason why toilets are sometimes referred to as “thrones”. They’re something you might have to sit on for long periods of time. You wouldn’t want a toilet bowl that can restrict the blood flow into your legs, or hurt your back when you use it. So ideally, a good toilet bowl in Singapore should be comfortable for those who use them.

What Qualities does a Good Toilet Bowl in Singapore Have?

Before you choose a toilet bowl to replace your old one, you should know that no two brands or models are made the same. Each toilet bowl has several qualities you need to pay close attention to in order to pick the best one suited for your needs. One brand might be better at saving water, while another might cost less. Whichever quality is more important depends entirely on you. That said, here are the things you need to look out for when picking a good toilet bowl:

Water Efficiency

The average toilet bowl uses about 1.6 gallons (6 litres) of water per flush, with some even going as high as 2.3 gallons (9 litres). That’s a lot of water to waste on flushing. A water efficient toilet can help you save a lot of water. Some water efficient models use only about 1.3 gallons (4.9 litres) or less with each flush.

Dual Flushing

Certain models of bowls come with two flushes, one for flushing down liquids, which generally uses less water, and one for flushing down solid waste. Choosing a toilet that has the option to do partial flushes can help you save on water even more.


The shape of the toilet bowl is very important to consider, especially in regard to the amount of space available to you. Bigger bowls give you more seating space, hence are more comfortable. But that also means you’ll need a larger space to house them.

Flushing Systems

Older toilets use rubber flaps for their flushing systems. These usually break after a while. Toilets that use the flush tower system tend to save more on water and are less likely to break.

Adequate Size

Depending on who’s using them, the toilet’s height could also be a huge factor to consider. Most of the toilet bowl Singapore has are about 15 inches tall, though models that are 17 inches tall are available. Taller people naturally would want to use a taller toilet. Some people with disabilities will also need taller toilets to make the process easier for them.

Installation and Maintenance

Don’t get a toilet bowl that is complicated to install, or constant maintenance. Always choose a toilet bowl with installation that is straightforward. Or better yet, get a brand where you can get a toilet bowl with installation thrown in for free.

5 Best Toilet Bowl Brands in Singapore

1. Baron

Logo for Baron, which sell toilet bowls in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Water Efficiency: The Baron brand toilet bowls are water efficient, meaning their toilet bowls save plenty of water during flushing. Some of their best models only use 1.1 gallons (4.5 litres) of water per flush. To further save on water, each of their toilets have the option to do a partial flush, which can be used for light or liquid waste. Water is distributed from all around the rim of the toilet bowl during the flush.
  • Soft Closing Seat Cover: The entire catalogue of toilet bowl Singapore brands you can get from Baron comes with a soft closing seat cover. These seat covers have special mechanisms in place that close slowly, preventing the toilet seat cover from slamming hard when closed. This can prevent unnecessary loud noises, and also lessen the likelihood of damaging your toilet seat.
  • Compact Sizes: Most Baron models are small, allowing you to put them in smaller spaces. This is a design choice that helps shorter people a lot. If space isn’t something you can afford, this brand is a good choice to consider.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 68944700
  • Fax: 68947556

2. Toto

Logo for TOTO, which sell toilet bowls in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Hands-Free Systems: Toto is one of the few companies that offer toilet bowl models that are completely hands free. You can basically do your business, flush it down, and wash yourself without your hands coming in contact with anything.
  • Power Flushing: Toto’s toilets make the most of their water. Certain models have flush systems that make use of nozzles along the rim to increase the flushing power of the toilets. This makes cleaning much easier, with the need for manual cleaning reduced.
  • Enlarged Toilets: Many of Toto’s toilets are designed to be elongated or larger overall. While this doesn’t do much for space, the larger seats offer you plenty of comfort while you use them. Some models even offer soft seats to further increase comfort.

Contact Details

  • Tel: +65 6270 8828
  • Fax: +65 6270 9929
  • E-mail:

3. Saniton

Logo for Sanition, which sell toilet bowls in Singapore

Key Highlights

  • Quiet Flushing: One of Saniton’s main selling points is its flushing system. Although it doesn’t have power flushing systems like other companies do, Saniton does offer something unique to the table – quiet flushing. The toilets are basically designed to minimise noises every time you flush. This greatly improves your privacy and minimises the noise disturbance you may cause each time you use your water closet.
  • Water Efficiency: Saniton also uses less water than your traditional toilet bowl Singapore brands with each flush. Furthermore, you also have the option to do a partial flush or a full one, depending on your needs, thanks to the built in dual flush systems.
  • Wall Hung Water Closets: If you’re looking for toilet bowls that don’t take up much space, Saniton offers a variety of wall hung water closets for you to choose from. They’re generally smaller than the average toilet bowl, but they’re also designed to be installed to the wall. The concealed cistern also allows for further flexibility on space as well as flexibility on water usage.

Contact Details

  • Tel: 65 6753 3627
  • Fax: 65 6755 0782
  • E-mail:

4. Genova

Logo for Genova

Key Highlights

  • Water Efficiency: Genova’s Arino-brand toilet bowls make use of the tower flush system, making for a more efficient use of water than other brands. This sort of system is also more reliable than the rubber flap one and is less prone to breaking, so you won’t have to look for a toilet plumber in Singapore any time soon. Although it isn’t as efficient as Baron when it comes to saving water, Arino is a good alternative regardless.
  • Compact Design: The toilets manufactured by Arino are on the smaller end, making them ideal if space is a factor. This also makes installation much easier. The sleek design also has a modern look that’s very popular amongst women in particular. Some toilet bowls can be a bit short, though, so if you’re a tall person, you should choose one of the bigger models.
  • One Piece Toilets: Arino is known for its one-piece toilet designs, which means that the bowl and the cistern are one structure. This offers the toilet bowl a more streamlined profile, allowing you to save even more space. They’re also easier to clean, as you only need to worry about cleaning one structure instead of two separate ones.

Contact Details

  • Tel: (65) 6299 0222
  • Fax: (65) 6296 4831
  • E-mail:

5. Sansei

Logo for Sansei

Key Highlights

  • Elegant Designs: Sansei produces toilet bowls that are non-traditional, but they all have elegant designs. They work just like any other toilet bowls in Singapore, but if looks are as important to you as functionality, then Sansei is a great option. Despite their unorthodox design choices, Sansei’s toilet bowls can be quite comfortable.
  • In-wall Cisterns: Most of Sansei’s models forgo the use of the traditional cistern, which means their toilet bowls are attached directly into the wall. This means you get to save on space, but also, they’re much easier to clean, as the overall structure of the toilet is pretty much reduced. The flush button may also be installed elsewhere, not necessarily where the cistern is, which provides plenty of options for people with limited mobility.
  • Compact Sizes: Sansei toilets are designed to save space. If space is at a premium, then the best small toilet bowl replacement Singapore has to offer is the way to go. Despite being on the small side, since most of Sansei’s toilets are built into the wall, they can still afford to maximise comfort.

Contact Details

  • Tel: +65 6292 8321
  • Fax: +65 6292 4520
  • E-mail:

If you’re still unsure of what toilet bowl brand you want, here’s a handy table that showcases the special features of the company.

Toilet Bowl BrandSpecial Features
BaronWater efficient
TOTOHands free toilet
SanitonQuiet flushing systems
GenovaTower flush system
SanseiElegant designs

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