9 Best Toilet Bowl Brands in Singapore to Consider for Your Home (2020)

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The toilet bowl is one of the most important things in our home, yet also one of the most unappreciated. In fact, we use it so often that we don’t even think about it until we need to use it. If you’re looking to buy or replace a toilet bowl in Singapore but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here are the 9 best toilet brands in Singapore that you can consider.

What to consider when looking for a good toilet bowl in Singapore

Here’s what to look out for if you’re looking for a good toilet bowl in Singapore.

Water efficiency

The average toilet bowl uses about 6L of water per flush. Some go as high as 9 litres. That’s a lot of water just for flushing. This is where a more water-efficient toilet bowl can come in. Some water-efficient models use only about 4.9 litres or less per flush.

Dual flushing / Partial-flush option

Some toilet bowls come with 2 flushes, 1 for liquids (which generally uses less water), and 1 for solid waste. Buying a toilet bowl that has such features can help you save more water.

Flushing system

Older toilet bowls use rubber flaps for their flushing system, which usually give way after some time. Toilet bowls that use the flush tower system are not only less likely to break, but also tend to save more water.


While bigger bowls give you more seat space and may therefore be more comfortable, that also means it’s going to take up more space in your toilet. If you live in an HDB flat where each toilet tends to be smaller, you might want to take this into consideration.

In terms of height, most toilet bowls in Singapore are about 15 inches tall, though 17-inch models are also available. If you’re rather tall or have family members who are tall, you might want to get a taller toilet bowl. Those with physical disabilities might also need one to make things easier.

With those factors in mind, let’s get started on our list of the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore to consider.

9 best toilet bowl brands in Singapore

1. Baron

Logo for Baron, which sell toilet bowls in Singapore

Key highlights

  • Good water-efficiency: Baron is a Singapore brand that makes water-efficient toilet bowls—some of their best models use only 4.5L of water per flush. Furthermore, their toilet bowls allow for a partial flush for light or liquid waste. Water is released from all around the rim of the toilet bowl during such a flush.
  • Soft-closing seat covers: All Baron toilet bowls come with a soft closing seat cover. These seat covers have special mechanisms in place allowing for slow closing, preventing the toilet seat cover from slamming down hard. This prevents unnecessary loud noises and lowers the likelihood of damaging your toilet seat.
  • Compact sizes: Most Baron models are small, allowing you to fit them in even if you have a small toilet. If you’re looking for a toilet bowl in Singapore but are short on space, Baron is a brand you can consider.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Those living in HDB units or a home with a smaller toilet

Contact details

  • Contact number: 6894 4700

2. Toto

Logo for TOTO, which sell toilet bowls in Singapore

Key highlights

  • Hands-free systems: Searching for a toilet bowl in Singapore that’s hands-free? Toto is one of the few companies selling completely hands-free toilet bowls. You can basically do your business and have the waste flushed down without having to touch any part of the toilet bowl.
  • Power flushing: Toto’s toilet bowls make the most out of water usage. Some models have flush systems that use nozzles along the rim to increase flushing power. This makes cleaning much easier, reducing the need for manual cleaning.
  • Enlarged toilet bowls: Many of Toto’s toilet bowls are designed to be elongated or have a larger overall size, which can make the seat more comfortable. Some models even have soft seats for greater comfort.
  • Washlet® technology: Through its Washlet® technology, Toto pioneered the concept of electronic bidets in toilet bowls. If you prefer for a bidet to finish things up for you, you can choose from Toto’s range of toilet bowls that come with the technology. The Washlet® technology also includes advanced features such as a heated toilet seat, toilet bowl deodorising, and warm air drying!

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Those who live in a home with a larger bathroom
  • Those with a higher budget
  • Buyers who want a toilet bowl that will require less cleaning
  • Those interested in having a bidet function in their toilet bowl
  • Those who want to avoid touching surfaces in the toilet

Contact details

3. Saniton

Logo for Sanition, which sell toilet bowls in Singapore

Key highlights

  • Quiet flush: Although Saniton doesn’t offer power flushing systems like other companies, Saniton offers something unique: quiet flushing. Their toilet bowls are basically designed to minimise noise each time you flush. This is good for privacy and reduces noise disturbance from each flush.
  • Water-efficient: Saniton toilet bowls come with a dual-flush system, so you can choose between a partial and full-flush and save water for your home.
  • Wall-hung toilet bowls: If you’re looking for a toilet bowl in Singapore that doesn’t take up much space, Saniton offers a variety of wall-hung ones to choose from. What this means is that the toilet bowl is installed and attached to the wall, therefore occupying less space on your toilet. The toilet bowls are also generally smaller than average ones.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Those living in a HDB unit or a home with a smaller toilet
  • Buyers keen on toilet bowls with quiet flushing
  • Those looking for dual-flush toilet bowls

Contact details

4. Genova

Logo for Genova

Key highlights

  • Water-efficient: Genova’s Arino toilet bowls use the tower flush system, allowing for more efficient use of water. This system is also less prone to breaking and is more reliable than the rubber flap system. Although the Arino toilet bowls aren’t as water-efficient as Baron’s, they are still a good alternative.
  • Compact design: The Arino toilet bowls tend to be smaller, making them ideal if you have limited space. This also makes installation much easier. The sleek designs are also quite modern looking, making them popular among women. However, do note that some toilet bowls can be a bit short, so you should choose one of the bigger models if you’re tall.
  • One-piece toilets: Arino is known for their one-piece toilet designs, meaning that the bowl and the cistern are one structure. This creates a more streamlined profile for the toilet bowl, allowing you to save even more space. The toilet bowl also becomes easier to clean, since you only need to worry about cleaning one structure instead of two separate ones.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Those living in a HDB unit or a home with a smaller toilet
  • Buyers with a keen eye for aesthetics

Contact details

5. American Standard

logo of American Standard

Key highlights

  • Dynamic vacuum mechanism: The good thing about American Standard’s toilet bowls is that they are equipped with water jets at the side. This helps to create a powerful swirl, which flushes waste effectively.
  • Made of aqua ceramic: In addition, their toilet bowls are made with a super hydrophilic technology material that prevents dirt and dark stains from sticking to the toilet bowl surface. This makes cleaning easier and reduces cleaning time.
  • Water-efficient: Equipped with 2 holes through which water is ejected, a double vortex is created to flush waste efficiently. It helps you to save water, since this mechanism allows a smaller volume of water to be used than the average toilet bowl.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Buyers who want a toilet bowl that will require less cleaning
  • Buyers with a higher budget

Contact details

  • Contact number: 6311 3611

6. Kohler

Logo of Kohler

Key highlights

  • Powerful flushing: Kohler is another brand that’s known for powerful flushing. Their toilet bowls come with Revolution 360™ technology, which creates a powerful swirling to ensure a 360-degree coverage.
  • Touchless flush and auto-opening: Some of their toilet bowls also come with a sensor-activated flush, meaning that you won’t have to touch the flush button. On top of that, some of their toilet seats also come with a microwave sensor to detect movement, enabling the cover to open and close automatically. All these features help to minimise germs on your hands.
  • Water-cleansing function: If you’re willing to fork out a bit more, you may want to consider their intelligent toilets, which are equipped with a water sprayer. Not only does it allow you to control the water pressure, but also the position of the sprayer and water temperature. Plus, it’s an ideal alternative to toilet paper.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Those who want a toilet bowl that doesn’t have to be cleaned too often
  • Buyers with a higher budget
  • Those interested in having a bidet function in their toilet bowl
  • Those who want to minimise the touching of surfaces in the toilet

Contact details

  • Address: 52/56 Peck Seah Street, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079321
  • Contact number: 6224 0039

7. Duravit

Logo of Duravit

Key highlights

  • Powerful flushing: Duravit’s toilet bowls come with an open design of the rim. This special design allows the water to flow horizontally, then vertically to flush the entire inner surface of the bowl efficiently without splashing.
  • Low water consumption: Another good thing about this open design is that it helps to save water. Unlike most toilet bowls in Singapore, Duravit’s toilet bowls only use 1.6/0.8 gallons of water
  • Easy to clean: Their toilet bowls come with a special coating that makes the surface so smooth that dirt and residues run off easily with water. Not only does it make it more hygienic, but it also saves you time cleaning it.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Buyers who want to minimise cleaning of the toilet bowl 
  • Buyers with more budget to spare

Contact details

  • Address: 63 Tras Street, Singapore 079002
  • Contact number: 6221 9315

8. Bravat

logo of Bravat

Key highlights

  • Soft-closing covers: Like Baron’s toilet bowls, Bravat’s toilet bowls also come with Soft-closing Technology to ensure low noise and smooth closing when the cover is closed. This ensures that the cover doesn’t slam hard and get damaged quickly when closed.
  • Dual-flush: With their toilet bowls, you have the option to use either the 3.5L or 5L flush. This allows you to save water when flushing lighter waste.
  • Powerful flush: Bravat is also another toilet bowl brand in Singapore that features powerful flush. Their toilet bowls have an enlarged flushing valve, allowing greater water pressure and maximum siphonic function to flush down waste.
  • Intelligent toilets: Bravat also has intelligent toilet bowl models that can perform functions such as bowel stimulation, air temperature adjustment, automatic deodorisation, and automatic open and close

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Buyer with a preference for products made in Germany
  • Those who want to avoid touching surfaces in the toilet 
  • Those interested in a toilet bowl with advanced features
  • Those looking for dual-flush toilet bowls

Contact details

  • Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #01-06 Vertex, Singapore 408868
  • Contact number: 6659 1868
  • Email: sales@bravat.com.sg

9. Roca

logo of Roca

Key highlights

  • Smart toilet series: The toilet bowls in Roca’s smart toilet series come with a lot of useful features. For instance, the automatic closing feature ensures that you don’t have to touch the cover, minimising getting germs on your hands. Additionally, the control panel function allows you to control the bidet water pressure and temperature.
  • Dual-flush: Some of their toilet bowls come with dual-flush, providing you with the option to flush with either 3L or 6L of water. This also helps you to save water, especially when flushing light waste.
  • Various designs: Not into smart toilets? Another good thing about Roca is that they offer a lot of toilet bowl options that you can choose from depending on your needs. Some of the options they have include wall-hung toilets, close-coupled toilets, and single floor-standing toilets. The wall-hung ones, for instance, can help you maximise space in your bathroom.

Who the brand is suitable for 

  • Those who want to minimise the touching of surfaces in the bathroom 
  • Those interested in a toilet bowl with advanced features
  • Those looking for dual-flush toilet bowls

Contact details (of distributor)

  • Address: 12 Tai Seng Link, #03-02/03, Singapore 534233
  • Contact number: 6533 0455

Here’s a handy summary of the key highlights of each toilet bowl brand we’ve looked at.

Toilet bowl brandKey highlights
Baron– Water-efficient
– Soft-closing seat covers
– Compact size
TOTO– Hands-free
– Power flusing
– Enlarged toilet bowls
Saniton– Quiet flushing
– Water-efficient
– Wall-hung
Genova– Water-efficient
– Compact design
– One-piece toilet
American Standard– Dynamic vacuum mechanism
– Made of aqua ceramic
– Water-efficient
Kohler– Powerful flushing
– Touchless flush and auto-opening
– Water-cleansing function
Duravit– Powerful flushing
– Low water consumption
– Easy to clean
Bravat– Soft-closing covers
– Dual-flush
– Powerful flush
– Intelligent toilets
Roca– Smart toilet series
– Dual-flush
– Various designs

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