10 Best Washing Machine Repair in Singapore to Get Your Washing Machine Running Again

best washing machine repair companies in Singapore

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The most common problems in a washing machine include unbearable noise coming out of the machine, leakages, failing to spin, excessive vibration, and failure of the machine to start even after closing its door. You probably should not worry if these are experienced for the first time, but if they occur repeatedly, they may be a sign of worse things to come concerning the condition of your machine and look for the best shop of washing machine repair in Singapore. 

Persistent noise may be due to debris entering the machine alongside clothes being washed, or something getting caught in the drum. Some of these can be corrected in a DIY maintenance practice, which you should schedule regularly. Also, if the machine fails to spin you may try reducing the load or amount of clothes being loaded. 

However, if there are foreign objects caught up in the drum, then you may expect worse problems like ripping of clothes when you try to wash. Persistent noise may signal wearing out of the tub bearings or that they may need lubrication, machine motor belt may be worn out, or the pump pulley belt is cracked. In other words, it may be time to visit a washing machine repair shop in Singapore if any of the said problems you encounter are persistent even after trying basic troubleshooting DIY practices.

Here is what you can do when it breaks down

The most obvious thing to do when facing a problem with your washing machine is to try to do a DIY fix. But this should not take lots of your time, plus you might want to leave it altogether if you do not know how to troubleshoot your washing machines. 

Some problems can be repaired easily by reading guides on the internet but others cannot. If unsure of the problem, do not do trial and errors on your machine especially on advanced problems not clear to you, since this may worsen the problem. 

You might want to send it to a repair technician or call them to come and do a thorough check-up because most are easily available even as field technicians. And while you do, here are some options you can result in and have your clothes clean before the machine resumes service. 

Hand washing

Apart from doing a DIY to return your machine into normal use, you may need to start hand washing your clothes, which will definitely take more of time and may not be very comfortable for many who are used to the machine. 

Get a washboard

Without an operational electric washing machine and having sent it to washing machine repairs in Singapore, cleaning filthy clothes and rags can be daunting. It can take time and possibly damage your hands, and that’s why it is recommended to use a washboard. It imitates the agitator in your machine when you rub the clothes against it. 

Send to a Laundromat

Washing many clothes with hand and washboard will certainly eat into your time and if you are a busy person, you may discover it’s time to send them for cleaning to a laundromat and save yourself the time. Laundromats also have specialized equipment and experienced staff that can repair your machines within a day or less.

How much does it cost to repair your washing machine in Singapore?

The cost of fixing washing machines in Singapore will range from tens of dollars to $500 depending on your make, the repairer you send them to, and the extent of damage on the machine. Costs may increase if the repairer will need to buy a spare part. 

The best way to be sure about the cost of repairing or fixing your washing machine is to request for a quote from the repair services. Because most of these have websites from where you can place a request for a quote, it should take you minutes or a couple of hours to get one.

10 best washing machine repair shops in Singapore

RepairsSG– Provides same day service

– Affordable

– Offers multiple services
Oriental Service Centre – Handles almost every brand

– Provides repair on the spot

– Offers sale, service, and repair
Fixwerks– Handles all appliances and equipment services

– Provides home repair service

– Have a huge positive rating
Washing Machine Pro– With 30 years of experience in repairs

– Provides doorstep services

– Offers 30-days repair warranty
YeoBuild Home Repair– Handles all-round maintenance and repair services

– Discloses expertise of technician’s information

– Provides not only home repairs but also health repairs
Tat Hai Repair Center– One of the most experienced repair services

– Provides specialized attention

– Offers trade-ins
Top Hong Traders– Handles all home appliances

– Provides field service

– Open for domestic and commercial establishments
Leng Electronics Service– With more than 20 years of experience

– Handles all types of appliances

– Offers clients to browse their home projects gallery
Vintec repair Singapore– Handles different kinds of home appliances

– Provides onsite services

– Provides buying tips
HM Electrical Services– Repairs different appliances

– Provides Online testimonials

– Offers customers to write a review

1. RepairsSG

repairs sg logo a washing machine repair shop in singapore
  • Same day service: Your machine, especially for business does not have to remain down for extended periods while you wait for technicians. They have field experts and service vehicles to do the job.
  • Affordable: You do not have to pay transportation fees when you send your machines to them for repair. Transport fee is wavered unlike in most cases for other repairers.
  •  Multiple services: From plumbing, electrician services to aircon servicing to repairing washing machines and home appliances, this company is your one-stop shop for all home repair and maintenance issues.

Contact info

2. Oriental Service Centre

washing machine repair header and oriental service centre logo singapore
  • Almost every brand covered: The service can help fix washing machines in Singapore by dealing with over 27 brands. In this case, you do not have to struggle to find for a repairer or technician who should handle your rare washing machine brand. 
  • Repair on the spot:  If there are no major fixes to be done, you will take home your machine with you on the same day. This is a very critical feature if you run a cloth washing business because you can resume service within the day without disappointing your clients.
  • Sale, service, and repair: If it’s unrepairable, you can organize with them to buy a new washing machine.

Contact info

  • Contact no: (6286 6796 / 6298 3381 / 9001 0950)
  • Address: Oriental Service Centre; Blk 45 Bendemeer Road, #01-1451, S’pore 330045

3. Fixwerks

washing machine repair header fixwerks singapore
  • All appliances and equipment covered: You can also get them to fix your oven, refrigerator, -power sockets, water heaters, microwaves, stoves, and ovens. They also provide plumbing, electrical services, and handyman services.
  • Home repair service: You do not need to take the equipment to the technicians because they can come over and fix it for you.  
  • Huge positive rating: Over 800 customers are happy to have been served by this company. It has a 100% rating on customer satisfaction after repairing over 1,500 appliances.

Contact info

4. Washing Machine Pro

  • 30 years of experience in repairs: They have been in the repair business for over 30 years and have served thousands of customers. 
  • Doorstep service: This company will send technicians to your doorstep to do the repairs instead of you as the customer carrying bulky equipment to their workshop. 
  • 30-days repair warranty: You won’t have to worry about a repair gone wrong because these guys will repair the machine and allow you 30 days within which they take full responsibility including re-repairing if there is an issue after the repair. 

Contact info

5. YeoBuild Home Repair

yeobuild home repair logo one of the best washing machine repairer in singapore
  • All-round maintenance and repair: They will help whether you need repair on home appliances, plumbing, washing machine repair, electrical work, and air conditioning and many more. 
  • Discloses expertise technician’s information: You do not have to keep worrying about how qualified the technician is, who is about to come and repair your device. By visiting their page, you can get to know how many repairs the technician has done and how many homes he or she has visited. You can pick the one you want. 
  • Home repairs but health repairs: Their staff do undergo health screening to ensure they are healthy before they come to do home repairs.

Contact info

  • Contact no: (6631 8553)
  • Email: admin@yeobuild.com.sg
  • Address: Yeobuild Private Limited5000 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5Techplace 2 #02-10Singapore 569870

6. Tat Hai Repair Center

tat hai repair center logo one of the best washing machine repairer in singapore
  • One of the most experienced: The company has been in the repair business since 1976.
  • Get specialized attention: They keep customer contact info in a database and provide one-stop repair and maintenance services for them. They cover all types of electrical home appliances. 
  • Trade-ins: In addition to providing maintenance and repairs for all home appliances, you can trade-in old for new appliances.

Contact info

7. Top Hong Traders

man holding a tool for a washing machine repair in singapore
  • All home appliances: You can get all kinds of home appliances repaired by this company without having to deal with different services.
  • Field service: They send the field service repair technicians to your home to do the job. Among the top-rated washing machine repair services in Singapore given their extensive experience. 
  • Domestic and commercial: They repair for individuals and businesses alike.

Contact info

  • Contact no: (82288282)
  • Email: enquiries@tht.com.sg
  • Address: 5066 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2#01-1413Singapore 569569

8. Leng Electronics Service

yi leng electronic service company in singapore
  • More than 20 years of experience: They have provided services to hundreds of clients over a period of 30 years, some of who give positive feedback of their services. 
  • All types of appliances: They repair all types of home appliances including TVs, washing machines, fridges, theater systems, and many others. Preferred washing machine repair services in Singapore if you want someone who can handle your other repair projects. 
  • Browse home projects: They have a gallery of the different projects they have handled to allow customers to have a glimpse of what they do.

Contact info

9. Vintec repair Singapore

vintec logo
  • Different kinds of home appliances: They repair a variety of home and business appliances including wine chillers, fridges, refrigerators, and washing machines.
  • Onsite: They repair the equipment on-site, meaning you do not have to keep shifting the machine.
  • Get tips on buying: Their blog is full of information for any customer looking for someone to fix washing machine in Singapore – you get tips on how to buy, repair and maintain your machines too. 

Contact info

  • Contact no: (+65 6727 3699)

10. HM Electrical Services

hm electrical services singapore
  • Repairs different appliances: From ovens to washing machines, this company will assist to repair your other machines and you can build trust and negotiate better deals with them per every machine repaired.  
  • Online testimonials: There is nothing more valuable for someone looking for washing machine repairers in Singapore than online reviews and testimonials. This company posts reviews from clients including their rating of the service by real customers including the time when they did the review.
  • Write a review: Most repair services would want positive feedback and a review of their services once they service your washing machine. But washing machine repairers in Singapore are not all the same. Some will not stand negative reviews from clients they have served. Others take it as an opportunity to improve their services.

Contact info

  • Contact no: (6810 9298)
  • Address: 30 lorong 16 geylang#03-04 Singapore 398870

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