10 Best Wine Chillers in Singapore From $123.90 (2020)

best wine chillers in singapore

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We all enjoy a glass or two of wine sometimes. Whether it’s with friends or a nightcap on our own, a small glass can help us relax and unwind. The best way to consume wine is when it’s chilled just right. But with so many options for a wine chiller in Singapore, it may be a tad difficult to figure out which one is the right one for you. 

In this article, we’ve shortlisted some of the best wine chillers in Singapore to help you make an informed decision. Before we dive into that, let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when getting a wine chiller in Singapore. 

Things to consider before buying the best wine chiller in Singapore

1. Capacity

This will depend on how much of an avid wine drinker you are. If having a glass every night is your thing, then you may want to consider getting a larger wine chiller. 

This is also to ensure your wines are always kept at their optimal chillness for immediate consumption whenever you desire. 

2. Dual-zone or single-zone cooling

Dual-zone wine chillers allow you to set different temperatures for each section to cool different types of wine.

If you’re looking for something more compact, a single-zone cooling wine chiller will do the trick — but that would mean that all your wines will be cooled at one temperature. 

3. Energy efficiency

Before you make a wine chiller purchase, keep in mind that you’ll need to keep it running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

To make sure you don’t get a heart attack upon receiving your electricity bill, it’s a good idea to take note of some elements to keep costs down. These include thermoelectric cooling, LED lighting, and triple pane glass to keep your wine chiller working optimally. 

4. Chiller size

Where you intend to keep your wine chiller is also something you need to consider. While some homes are large enough to have an entire room dedicated to keeping wines, most of us probably don’t have that luxury of space. 

A small space means a smaller wine chiller. Although you’ll still be able to have your wine whenever you want, you may need to plan and chill your bottles ahead of time.

10 best wine chillers in Singapore 

Wine ChillersPrices
FARFALLA 12 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC-12TBK$123.90
EuropAce 33 Bottles Wine Cooler$299
Tecno TWC133CDN 40 Bottles Wine Chiller$466
Valenti 47bot Wine Chiller With Fan Cooling System VAW47S$568
Brandt CAV50B/X 50 Bottles Wine Cellar$989 – $1,059
Kadeka KS54TL$1,488
Liebherr WKb 4611 Barrique Wine Cellar$2,290

If you’re wondering which wine chiller you should get, here are 10 best wine chillers in Singapore for you to choose.

1. FARFALLA 12 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC-12TBK

Small wine chiller in Singapore

FARFALLA 12 Bottle Wine Cooler FWC-12TBK

Price: $123.90

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Product details

  • Thermoelectric system
  • Single-zone cooling
  • Controlled humidity
  • Compact
  • Lightweight 

Lightweight and compact, this wine chiller boasts a thermoelectric system with single-zone cooling. Although it can only hold about 10 to 19 bottles, you can be sure that your bottles are kept optimally chilled with its two-layer glass door. 

2. EuropAce 33 Bottles Wine Cooler

Europace 33 Bottle Wine Chiller EWC 1331S

Price: $299

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Product details

  • Anti-vibration chrome shelves
  • LED interior lights 
  • Touch panel control
  • 33-bottle storage space

If a handle that sticks out doesn’t appeal to you, this wine chiller with its recessed handle will be perfect for you. Holding up to 33 bottles at a time, its shelves have an anti-vibration feature to make sure your wines retain their original flavours when you decide to consume them. 

This EuropAce wine cooler also comes with a five-year compressor warranty.


Mayer Wine Chiller Mmwc28Mag-Wd

Price: $409

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Product details

  • Single-zone cooling
  • 28-bottle storage
  • Seamless design
  • LED light
  • Three-layer glass door for enhanced UV protection
  • Touch control
  • Compressor direct cooling

This wine chiller is perfect for those who seek clean lines in all their furniture. The three-layer glass door protects your wines from harmful UV rays. It’s single-zone cooling system lets you adjust the temperature from 4°C – 18°C. And to make it even better, its touch control makes it easy to operate.

4. Tecno TWC133CDN 40 Bottles Wine Chiller

Tecno Twc133cdn 40 Bottles Wine Chiller (Black)

Price: $466

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Product details

  • 40-bottle storage
  • Sleek minimalist design
  • Double-tinted tempered glass door
  • Digital temperature control
  • Quiet, energy-saving compressor

Stylish and quiet with low energy consumption this Tecno wine chiller is perfect for wine drinkers to have their daily nightcap without worrying about their utility bill. 

This wine chiller stores up to 40 bottles, and features a classic see-through black tinted door, with wooden shelves and a stainless steel handle. It’s the epitome of how a classic wine chiller looks. 


Chateau Cw18Sns 18 Bottles Wine Chiller

Price: $529

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Product details

  • Single-zone cooling
  • Adjustable temperature
  • UV-insulated triple glass door
  • Ventilation circulatory system
  • Reversible door

This compact and stylish wine chiller will fit seamlessly into any room you place it in. It can hold up to 18 bottles at any one time and features a single-zone cooling system.

Through its temperature display feature, you’ll be able to see that the temperature is kept constant throughout the day and night. Its insulated triple glass door also maintains the coolness within the chiller for optimal results. 

And guess what, it has a reversible door so you can open it from any side. Convenient!

6. Valenti 47bot Wine Chiller With Fan Cooling System VAW47S

Valenti 47bot Wine Chiller with Fan Cooling System VAW47S

Price: $568

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Product details

  • 47-bottle capacity
  • Fan cooling system and frost-free glass door
  • Touchpad temperature control
  • LED display temperature range

With the Valenti wine chiller, you don’t have to worry about this wine chiller frosting up. It features a frost-free glass door and a fan cooling system to keep the temperature consistent. You can control and adjust the temperature with its touchpad temperature control panel. 

Its soft interior lighting also allows you to see and showcase your wines. Its affordability and compact form make it one of the contenders for the best wine chiller in Singapore.

7. Brandt CAV50B/X 50 Bottles Wine Cellar

Brandt CAV50B/X 50 Bottles Wine Chiller

Price: $989 – $1,059

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Product details

  • Adjustable temperature
  • Large storage capacity

With an adjustable temperature feature and three wooden shelves, there’s no need to worry you won’t have enough properly-chilled wines for your next party. 

This wine chiller may take up more space in your house, but this also means you’ll have sufficient space to keep all the wines you love in it. 

8. Kadeka KS54TL

Kadeka KS54TL Wine Chiller

Price: $1,488

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Product details

  • Compact
  • Hold up to 54 bottles at any one time
  • Charcoal filter for humidity and freshness control
  • Single-zone cooling 

This sleek looking and compact wine chiller may cost quite a bit, but it can hold up to 54 bottles of your favourite wines. 

The humidity and freshness of the wines are perfectly controlled with its charcoal filter, promising a dry environment for your wines to thrive in. This wine chiller also features a three-layer anti-UV full glass door in a light blue tint, a stylish addition to your home interior.

9. Liebherr WKb 4611 Barrique Wine Cellar

Liebherr WKb 4611 Barrique Wine Cellar

Price: $2,290

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Product details

  • 195-bottle capacity
  • Single-zone cooling 
  • Equipped with temperature alarm for irregularities
  • Digital temperature display
  • Electronic control system

This wine chiller is perfect for those who have space to spare and hundreds of bottles of wine to keep chill at any one time. 

Boasting a large capacity of up to 195 bottles of wine, this wine chiller features a black hard line full reversible door design that minimises condensation. It also has an activated charcoal filter to ensure that the interior is fresh and odourless.

In the case of any irregularities within the chiller, the door and temperature alarm will also alert you of it.


Miele Wine Cellar

Price: $12,800

View on Gain City

Product details

  • Active AirClean filter 
  • FlexiFrame
  • Single-zone cooling
  • Optimum wine protection through UV filters
  • Secure storage of wine bottles with pull-out racks

The most expensive wine chiller in the list, the Miele wine cellar can keep up to 178 bottles at any one time. With its Active AirClean filters, the air within the chiller is kept clean and odourless.

Your wines are protected from harmful UV rays with the chiller’s UV filters. Its FlexiFrame also allows you to open the chiller from any side you wish, adding greater convenience when removing wines from the chiller. 

Where else to buy the best wine chiller in Singapore

Prefer to be able to see the actual product before buying one? You can check out some of the best wine chillers in Singapore at the following places. 


This homegrown furniture and appliance store is renowned for its quality products at affordable prices. Its wine chillers are no different. 

Featuring a good range of wine chillers, you can take your pick from compact ones to larger, free-standing chillers. 

The great thing about the wine chillers they carry is that not only do there’s a wide range of  sizes and also prices. This means that you’ll most probably be able to select the best wine chiller in Singapore for your needs.

2. Mega Discount Store

Mega Discount Store is a great place to get appliances for a great price. Wine chillers are no exception. 

The number of wine chillers they sell is pretty phenomenal. And the brands they carry are those we associate with producing reputable appliances. 

Whether you require something large for your huge wine collection or a small one just for your cooling and drinking pleasure, this place has it all. 

3. Wine Fridge Singapore

You can tell from the name that they know their stuff about some of the best wine chillers in Singapore. 

Their website makes it easy for you to navigate and look for the type of wine chiller you want. 

Price-wise, you should be able to find a wine chiller that fits your budget and preferences. Do look out for their promotional items as you may be able to snag a great wine chiller for an awesome price. 

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