ErgoTune Review: High-end Ergonomic Office Chair That Doesn’t Break the Bank

ErgoTune chair

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Disclaimer: This article was written in partnership with ErgoEdge. Views expressed are solely that of Unopening’s.

Suffering from back pain as you’re sitting at your desk for too long? Finding the right ergonomic office chair can be challenging, especially given the multitude of options available. In this ErgoTune office chair review, we share more about their Supreme chair and our take on it. 

About ErgoTune Supreme 

The ErgoTune Supreme chair is the latest office chair by ErgoEdge, a company which specialises in designing and selling ergonomic office desks and chairs. 

They pride themselves on making high-quality ergonomic products that are durable for years to come. 

For instance, each of their ErgoTune chairs is rigorously tested, going through more than 20,000 cycles of tests to ensure they last a lifetime and are value-for-money. Class IV hydraulics are also used in the chairs, allowing them to support a weight of up to 250kg. 

ErgoTune Supreme features

Focusing on ergonomics, the ErgoTune chair is designed to adapt to any body shape and individual needs. The chair has 11 adjustable points to provide you with maximum comfort. 

In this ErgoTune review, let us go into the details on how these features are tailored to your needs. 

Height-adjustable backrest

Side view of the ErgoTune Supreme chair
Side view of the ErgoTune Supreme chair.

When it comes to buying an office chair, one of the most important things to look out for is the backrest. One main feature of the ErgoTune ergonomic chair is its adjustable backrest. Regardless of your height, your back will supposedly be fully supported. 

Another main feature is the ATLASTM — Auto Tuning Lumbar Area Support. It’s claimed that whenever you move, it will automatically move along with your body to fit to the natural curve of your lumbar spine and give your lower back support. 

DuraWeaveTM hybrid mesh upholstery

The upholstery of the ErgoTune chair is made of fabric and polyester blend. This means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds — breathability of the mesh, and comfort from the fabric. 

TrueTiltTM precision recline controls

With this feature, you can recline to any angle you like, up to 136 degrees. Plus, you can control the recline tension, which is the resistance you feel when you lean back. 

GyroBraceTM 5D armrests

Top view of the ErgoTune chair armrests when rotated
Top view of the ErgoTune chair armrests when rotated.

Another adjustable feature is the armrests. Not only can you change their height, but also their width and position. 

Whether you’re typing, reading, or using your phone, the adjustable armrests supposedly ensure that your arms and elbows aren’t left hanging. 

TriTuneTM 3D headrest

Side view of the ErgoTune Supreme chair headrest
Side view of the ErgoTune Supreme chair headrest.

Unlike most office chairs, the ErgoTune also comes with a headrest, ensuring that your head and upper spinal column are supported as well. 

Their 3D headrest can move in three ways: up and down (height), forward and backward (depth), and tilt up to 60 degrees. 

All these allow you to adjust to the settings you’re most comfortable with. 

Adjustable seat depth

The seat of the ErgoTune chair can move forward and backwards, allowing you to get to an ideal sitting position. 

According to ErgoTune, the recommended sitting position is to have your knees at 90 degrees, and two to three fingers apart from the edge of the seat. 

Adjustable seat height

Of course, an office chair isn’t complete without the adjustable seat height feature. Simply adjust the seat height according to your height, and to match with your work desk or dining table. 

12-year limited warranty

With a 12-year warranty, this is probably the longest warranty we’ve come across so far for an office chair.

To get this 12-year extended warranty, you just have to share a picture of your ErgoTune chair on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter. Sharing this picture grants you an additional four years of warranty (8 years + 4 years, for a total of 12 years).  

ErgoTune review: Our take on the Supreme chair

Our first impression of the ErgoTune Supreme chair is that it’s pretty sturdy, and also comfortable to sit on and lean back on. It’s got a bit of a premium vibe as well. 

The chair also came with a manual, which we found pretty useful. While browsing it, we took some time to play around and discover the full functionality of the chair. Here’s our take on each of the features. 

Manual for the ErgoTune Supreme chair
The manual tells us how to adjust each part of the chair, and contains tips on getting the ideal sitting position.

Height-adjustable backrest

The backrest can be pulled up, and you can fully adjust its height after pulling it all the way up.

We also like that the ATLASTM feature fit snugly into the lumbar curve on our lower back, giving the support it needs. 

DuraWeaveTM hybrid mesh upholstery

The upholstery has a velvety touch, giving it a premium feel. And while the ErgoTune chair doesn’t come with a seat cushion, the upholstery makes it seem like you’re sitting on a cosy armchair. 

TrueTiltTM precision recline controls

This is one of the features that we took some time figuring out. It’s also one feature that’s not seen in most office chairs in Singapore. 

The left knob below the seat locks and unlocks the recline function. The right knob allows you to toggle with tension levels of recline (i.e. how much weight you need to put to recline the chair)

Once you find the right angle of recline, you can lock it with the left knob. While it’s a nice feature to have, some stretching is required to reach the knob. 

GyroBraceTM 5D armrests

The ErgoTune chair flushed against a desk
The rotating feature of the armrests allows them to be flushed against the desk, providing a platform for your arms and elbows to rest on.

This is another feature we took some time figuring out. Actually, we’ve never really realised how useful adjustable armrests could be until we tried the ErgoTune chair. 

The height of the armrests can be adjusted with the buttons underneath them. What’s more, they can move sideways and rotate according to your preference. 

The good thing about all these is that they can be at the same level as the desks and flushed against it. This provides a platform for the arms and elbows to rest on. 

The armrests make a rather loud gear clicking sound when we rotate them and move them sideways. This may potentially be a slight disturbance to others, especially in a very quiet office environment. Nonetheless, it’s not that big of a deal.

TriTuneTM 3D headrest

The adjustable height function is a nice feature to have, especially for taller people. 

But for shorter people, the headrest can be a little too tall for them. Instead of supporting the neck comfortably, the headrest positions against the back of the head, which could make it a bit uncomfortable for those of a shorter stature. 

Similar to the armrests, adjusting the height and depth of the headrest can get a little noisy.

Adjustable seat depth

The left tab underneath the seat allows you to move the seat position. 

It’s another nifty feature to have to cater to people of different heights, allowing them to adjust to their preferred seat depths. This also allows for better weight distribution, reducing the strain on the lower back. 

Adjustable seat height

And just like other office chairs, the seat height can be controlled with the tab on the right hand side underneath the seat. This helps you sit up straight on the chair regardless of your height, with your knees at a 90-degree and your feet planted firmly on the ground.

ErgoTune review: Other things we noticed

Another thing we like about the chair is that the armrests are cushioned, providing extra comfort and reducing the strain on our arms and elbows when working. 

One the other hand, we noticed is that it can get a little noisy when we’re moving the chair around an office area that isn’t carpeted.

Is the ErgoTune chair worth it? 

Here’s a summary of our ErgoTune review, along with the pros and cons of the chair. 

– Every part is adjustable, allowing anyone to get a comfortable ergonomic fit

– Recline controls, which allows you to lock to the desired recline angle

– Backrest provides enough support for the back

– Armrests can be flushed against the desk to support the arms and elbows
– A little noisy when adjusting the headrest and armrests, and when moving it around on non-carpeted floor

A simple principle we’ve learned from reviewing this chair is that ergonomics doesn’t have to be complicated. It comes naturally when your chair is properly adjusted to your unique body shape and size.

A poorly fitted chair will always feel uncomfortable, no matter how expensive.

This is where the ErgoTune shines, with 11 points of adjustments to ensure it can adapt to the needs of different individuals. Whether you are tall or short, you’ll most probably appreciate all the height adjustable features (in headrest, backrest, armrest, and seat depth) that helps you get a good fit.

As a plus point, it’s especially useful if you have people of various sizes sitting on it, for example in a shared home office or co-working spaces.

The ErgoTune chair has gone through rigorous tests to ensure its durability for many years to come, with an unheard of 12-years warranty to back that up.

When you consider all the features that the ErgoTune Supreme comes with, it’s actually pretty good value at $599 — especially in comparison to high end options from the likes of Herman Miller and Steelcase which are in the $1,000+ range. If you’re looking for an office chair that provides all day ergonomic comfort without breaking the bank, the ErgoTune chair might be perfect for you.

To purchase the ErgoTune Chair, simply visit their website here!

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