The Ultimate Baby Gift Sets & Hampers Guide In Malaysia: The perfect gift for new parents

Newborn gift Malaysia

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You got a new notification that your friend’s baby was born.

You have just days to decide what you want to get for your friend as you will be meeting him in a few days.

One thing you know for sure, you don’t want to get his baby another set of clothes because everyone will be getting one.

In this post, let us show you one of the perfect baby gift sets & hampers you may get in Malaysia today.

Meet Blissbies, the toy-based baby gift sets & hampers Malaysia

With so many options, finding suitable baby gift sets & hampers for your friend is difficult.

Blissbies has one mission. They curate meaningful educational newborn gifts & hampers in Malaysia to support new parents and provide a good learning journey for their newborns & young babies in Malaysia. Their toys are carefully selected and tested by their babies.

Their Blissbies gift set boxes are delivered in a nice-looking kraft box that may surprise your friend.

The gift box has various toys that may surprise your friend’s babies.


The Blissbies Story

When their son was born, they received a lot of gifts and hampers, from clothes and diapers to soft toys.

The one gift they found most helpful was a box of toys. It was one gift that they liked, as every item inside helped entertain and distract our kids.

They don’t have enough toys.

The box of toys they received did help to expand their toy collection. Being a parent means spending a tremendous amount of 1-on-1 time with their newborn. They will never have enough toys because kids quickly get bored of them.

After the first few days, the toy became familiar and might not excite them anymore. They learned that having a good variety of toys and books is essential. Because they can rotate them frequently, hopefully, their kids might treat it as a new thing again by day ten.

How do they source and curate the toys in the blissbies gift box?

They have three principles when we curate our blissbies toys.

Their son likes it

They make sure at least one baby likes it first.

Safe for playing and sleeping

They don’t curate items like items that are not newborn-safe.

It is entertaining

All the toys they curate must be fun and exciting to play with.