Where to Buy Bed Sheets in Singapore: 10 Best Places (2020)

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An adult requires seven to ten hours of sleep every night on average, which accounts for about a third of one’s life! As such, it’s important to invest in good bed sheets to ensure quality sleep all year round. Before we show you the best places to buy bed sheets in Singapore, here’s what you need to consider first when buying bed sheets.

What to consider when buying bed sheets in Singapore

1. Fabric types

Fabric is one of the key things you should look out for. Besides choosing one that you enjoy sleeping in, it’s also important to choose one you can afford. 

Different fabric comes at different price points. For example, cotton tends to be cheaper, while satin, silk, and microfiber are more expensive.

Cotton is the most popular fabric, and they can come in non-wrinkling cotton blends.

2. Weave types

There are several weave types for different fabric materials. The top two weave types are percale and sateen for cotton fabric. 

Percale is a type of weave that is lightweight and closely woven. It’s also a basic and grid-like weave which produces a smooth finish and crisp feel. 

On the other hand, sateen is a type of weave that has more vertical threads than horizontal threads. This results in a soft bed sheet that is smooth and shining, resembling satin!  

3. Thread count

Another thing to look at is thread count. This refers to the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave, and is dependent on a company’s manufacturing techniques. 

The higher the thread count, the softer the bedsheet. However, a higher thread count also means that the individual threads are thinner and may wear out more easily. 

A recommended thread count is above 250 and not lower than 150. 

4. Measurements

While the standard sizes for bed sheets are for single, super single, queen, and king sizes, this does not take into account the depth of mattresses. 

Additionally, a thick mattress topper can affect the overall height of your bed. Like other types of fabric, bed sheets also shrink after their first wash. In fact, they can shrink by as much as 7% of their original size. 

Hence, before heading to the store, take rough measurements of your mattress.

5. Buy more than you need

Make sure you buy an extra two or three bed sheet sets so that you can alternate between them. You never know when you might accidentally spill that glass of wine or coffee on your sheets. Rotating between a few bed sheets will also allow each bed sheet to last longer.

Where to buy bed sheets in Singapore (2020)

Where to buy bed sheetsPrice
Bedding Affairs$90 – $240
Sojao $90 – $200
Linen House$100 – $450
Eurotex$29 – $235
Heavenluxe$289 – $510
Annette$150 – $200
Sunday Bedding$218 – $355
Epitex$49 – $699
AKEMIUCHINot publicised
Weavve$75 – $279

1. Bedding Affairs

Bedding Affairs bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $90 – $240

Bedding Affairs’ bed sheets have been reviewed to be highly durable and soft even after multiple washes. They have a 3-month warranty for their bed sheets and even provide a free delivery service for purchases above $70 in a single receipt.

The store is suitable for:

  • Those looking for simple and minimalist bed sheet designs

2. Sojao 

Sojao bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $90 – $200

Based in Singapore and founded in 2018, Sojao provides care that goes beyond the consumer. The brand aims to support all individuals in its supply chain, and seeks to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing a no-plastics policy in its packaging. 

Deliveries in Singapore are free of charge and take between two to five days. Sojao also does international deliveries. 

If you’re unsatisfied with Sojao’s products, the company accepts returns or exchanges within 30 days of delivery. With their use of organic cotton and attention to other social causes, Sojao is a brand worth looking at. 

The store is suitable for:

  • Those looking for an earth-tone colour range
  • Those who wish to support a larger cause

3. Linen House

Linen House bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $100 – $450

If you’re looking for a large variety of bed sheets in Singapore, Linen House is a brand that you can consider. 

Based in Melbourne, Linen House is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 20 years. Linen House also has a team of textile artists, product managers, graphic designers, and stylists devoted to designing and curating bed sheets for the modern home. 

The company carries a wide range of models too and have bed sheets with varying thread counts to satisfy different consumer needs.

Delivery to Singapore takes five to 10 business days. 

The store is suitable for:

  • Those looking for unique and artistic styles for their bed sheets

4. Eurotex

Eurotex bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $29 – $235

Established in Singapore in 2003, Eurotex’s products can be bought from major departmental stores across the country. The brand is even an authorised licensee for authentic Disney-themed bedding!

Eurotex offers single-fitted bed sheets or a set for you to purchase. Besides the range of sizes, Eurotex’s products are also diverse in their colours, collections, and styles. 

The brand offers self-collection and delivery services when you purchase your bed sheets online. 

The store is suitable for:

  • Those who are looking for diversity in designs
  • Buyers on a budget

5. Heavenluxe

Heavenluxe bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $289 – $510

Heavenluxe was founded in 2019 as an online-only, direct-to-consumer bedding store. 

Heavenluxe sells products for six different bed sizes, including Super Single, Super King, and California King. You can also choose from two types of materials: Heaven Luxe and Egyptian Cotton. 

With a growing base of over 37,000 customers despite its recent establishment, you can be assured that Heavenluxe will provide you with the right bed sheets for your home.

The store is suitable for:

  • Those with a higher budget 
  • Those looking for more premium fabrics for their bed sheets

6. Annette

Annette bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $150 – $200

Annette is a homegrown brand specialising in lifestyle and bedding consumer products. The brand aims to help consumers create a comfortable and sustainable home environment from the inside out. 

All of Annette’s bedding products are made from french flax fibre, sourced from France. This material is stronger and more durable than cotton. It’s also hypoallergenic, breathable, and cool. This makes the material suitable for warmer nights — perfect for Singapore’s heat. 

The best part — Annette provides free delivery for all consumers!

The store is suitable for:

  • Those with a higher budget
  • Those who looking for minimalist designs

7. Sunday Bedding

Sunday Bedding bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $218 – $355

Starting as a humble family business in Singapore, Sunday Bedding has been in the home textile manufacturing industry for over 30 years. 

Sunday Bedding offers bed sheets made from different materials. This includes bamboo sateen, cotton sateen, french linen, and 100% organic cotton. The brand also offers sheets for individual bed accessories such as pillow cases and duvets, and sets that cover them all!

The store is suitable for:

  • Those with a higher budget
  • Those who want to choose sheets for specific bed accessories

8. Epitex

Epitex bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $49 – $699

Founded in 1997, Epitex is a local brand that offers fresh fabrics and designs to suit any individual’s style. 

The brand has a vast palette of materials and designs from all over the world. Their range of materials include Egyptian Cotton, Microfiber, Tencel, and Charcoal Bamboo. 

Besides bed linen, Epitex offers products like bedding accessories and even accessories for the bathroom. 

If you’re looking for one of the best bed sheet brands in Singapore that has good variety and a long-standing history, Epitex is the brand to go to! 

The store is suitable for:

  • Those on a budget 
  • Those who want a choice of many different materials
  • Those who want to explore different designs


AKEMIUCHI bed sheets over a bed

Price range: $39 – $119

First established in 1992, AKEMIUCHI is a trusted home furnishing and accessories brand in Singapore and the region. Apart from selling bed sheets, the company offers an extensive array of bed and bath essentials and accessories. 

AKEMIUCHI’s bed sheets come in two materials: Tencel and cotton. Depending on your budget and desired design, the brand has different bed sheet ranges for you to choose from. You can also choose from different thread counts and patterns. 

The store is suitable for:

  • Buyers on a budget
  • Those who want to explore different designs
  • Those who want sheets for specific bed accessories

10. Weavve

Weavve bed sheets on a bed

Price range: $75 – $279

Weavve is a brand that pays attention to sustainability when it comes to its products and processes. 

From its packaging to manufacturing, Weavve ensures its products are responsibly packed and materials responsibly sourced. Its factories are also Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certified, which means that they have met global standards for protecting workers’ rights. 

One unique feature about the company is that it offers a 100 day free-return policy as it believes in providing quality products that satisfy clients. 

Weavve’s products come mainly in two materials: cotton or Tencel. Besides bed sheets, Weavve also sells sheets for pillows and bolsters, as well as bath towels.

The store is suitable for:

  • Those on a budget 
  • Those looking for minimalist designs and colours

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