10 Best Bread Makers in Singapore From $89 (2020)

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Over the past few months, one hobby that was quickly getting popular in Singapore was baking homemade bread. If you’re thinking of making your own bread or looking to upgrade your current bread maker, this article is for you. Here, we feature our picks for the best bread maker in Singapore and discuss a few features you should consider before making your purchase. 

What to look for when buying a bread maker in Singapore

1. Size and capacity

Are you baking for a large family and your friends? Or do you only want to make small portions? 

Knowing how much bread you intend to make should definitely be part of your considerations when choosing a bread maker. 

If you’re just starting out, perhaps you should get a smaller bread maker and only switch to a bigger one when you’ve become more seasoned at bread making!

2. Crust controls

There are various crust controls you can experiment with a bread maker. 

Higher-end models tend to have a wider range of controls for you to choose from. If you want to achieve a certain type of crust for your bread, comparing the range of crust controls of different bread makers will help you choose the one that suits your needs. 

Additionally, you should also read and compare reviews on different sites to see if the crust controls on the bread-making models are precise. 

3. Time-delay feature

Time-delay timers give you that extra time to add ingredients to the pan before the bread is baked. Usually, this feature is used for overnight bakes so you can wake up to the smell and taste of freshly baked bread!

If you want to make use of the time-delay feature, ensure that you’re using a bread recipe that pairs well with the time-delay feature. Not all bread recipes are suited for this feature, particularly those that include milk, juice, fresh fruit, eggs, or other items that may spoil easily. 

10 best bread makers in Singapore

Bread makerPrice
Mayer 750g Bread Maker$89
Midea ESC1510 Bread Maker$109.90
Aztech ABM4600 Bread Maker$109.90
Mayer 1kg Bread Maker MMBM4406$139
Song Cho Bread Maker (SC-BK06A)$158
Rommelsbacher BA550 Bread Maker$179
Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker$279
Zojirushi Bread Baking Machine$293
Panasonic SD-P104WSH Breadmaker$299
Zojirushi BB-KWQ10 Bread Baking Machine $339

1. Mayer 750g Bread Maker

Mayer 750g Bread Maker

Price: $89

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Product details

  • 14 baking functions
  • Selection of 500g or 750g capacity
  • Bakes a fresh loaf in just an hour
  • 15-hour Delay-Bake Timer
  • 60-minute Keep Warm function
  • 15-minute Memory function
  • Light and dark crust colour settings
  • LCD display
  • Viewing window
  • Non-stick baking pan and kneading paddle

Looking for the best bread maker in Singapore that’s cheap? This Mayer bread maker offers a wide range of features at a very reasonable price tag. It has 14 baking functions and allows you to bake either 500g or 750g of bread. 

Additionally, it has a quick baking function and can bake fresh bread in an hour! Who said baking bread needs to be a long and arduous process?

2. Midea ESC1510 Bread Maker

Midea ESC1510 Bread Maker

Price: $109.90

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Product details

  • 19 pre-set programmes
  • Time-delay timer
  • Capacity: 750g
  • Voltage: 200-240V
  • Power: 580W
  • Product weight: 5.4kg

If you’re looking for an entry-level bread maker, this Midea bread maker is a great model to consider. 

It has a 750g capacity — a portion that’s just enough to share with a family of four to six. Additionally, given its 19 pre-set programmes and time-delay feature, it’s relatively affordable for those who are just starting out.

3. Aztech ABM4600 Bread Maker

Aztech ABM4600 Bread Maker

Price: $109.90

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Product details

  • Bakes up to 1,000g of bread
  • 60-minute Keep Warm function
  • 13-hour time-delay preset
  • 10-minute Memory function
  • Adjustable crust control function
  • 12 pre-set programmes

Looking for an affordable bread maker that lets you bake bigger bread portions? This Aztech bread maker is perfect for you. It has a capacity that allows you to bake up to 1,000g of bread — which is about 2.2 loaves!

Plus, it has adjustable crust controls and 12 pre-set programmes which you can use to make the perfect bread that you and your family are craving for. 

4. Mayer 1kg Bread Maker MMBM4406

Mayer 1kg Bread Maker MMBM4406

Price: $139

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Product details

  • LED display
  • Non-slip feet
  • 12 baking functions
  • 13-hour preset timer
  • 1-hour ultra fast baking setting
  • Adjustable crust control feature 
  • 60-minute keep warm function
  • Removable non-stick baking pan and kneading paddle

Can’t wait to have a taste of freshly baked bread? You’ll love the ultra-fast baking setting that comes with this Mayer bread maker. This setting allows you to bake bread in one hour so you can take a bite into your homemade bread in no time!

What’s more, it comes with 12 baking functions and adjustable crust control features to help you bake the bread you desire. 

It also comes with a removable non-stick baking pan and kneading paddle, making it easy for you to wash and clean it. 

5. Song Cho Bread Maker (SC-BK06A)

Song Cho Bread Maker (SC-BK06A)

Price: $158

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Product details

  • Sleek body design
  • Large LED display
  • 13-hour customisable timer
  • Ceramic-coated bread barrel
  • 10-minute power cut-off function
  • Bread weight: 680g to 900g
  • 14 baking functions
  • Dimensions: 36.5cm x 25cm x 29.5cm

If you’re looking for the best bread maker in Singapore that’s compact and comes with a wide range of settings to choose from, you’ll love the Song Cho Bread Maker. 

It has 14 functions which allow you to not only bake the basic bread, but also make dough, cake, jam, gluten-free goods, and more. 

Additionally, its ceramic-coated bread barrel makes it easy to clean. With a compact and sleek design, it won’t take up too much space on your countertop too! 

6. Rommelsbacher BA550 Bread Maker

Rommelsbacher BA550 Bread Maker

Price: $179

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Product details

  • 13 programmes to choose from
  • Special gluten-free bread setting
  • Automatic ingredient container for nuts/ fruits
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Selection of two bread sizes (700/ 900g)

If you’re looking for a bread maker with a stainless steel body, you should definitely consider this Rommelsbacher bread maker. It has 13 different programmes to choose from and even has a special gluten-free bread setting! 

Love to share your bakes? With this bread maker, you can choose to bake a 700g or 900g loaf!

7. Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker

Kenwood BM450 Bread Maker

Price: $279

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Product details

  • 15 standard baking programmes
  • Five personal programme settings
  • 58-minute rapid bake setting
  • Non-stick coated bread pan and kneader
  • Touch-screen controls

The Kenwood bread maker is perhaps one of the more high-end models in the market. 

What makes this different from other bread makers in Singapore is that it has different personal programme settings so you can customise the baking process according to your very own recipe. 

Additionally, it has a non-stick bread pan and kneader which makes cleaning fuss-free!

8. Zojirushi Bread Baking Machine

Zojirushi Bread Baking Machine

Price: $293

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Product details

  • Compact and slim design
  • Three bread textures: Regular, firm, or soft
  • Quick baking cycle
  • Crust control function
  • 13-hour delay timer

From cookie dough, pasta dough, French bread, and more, this amazing bread baking machine lets you experiment making a range of home-baked yummies. Its quick baking cycle prepares bread in less than 2 hours so you can have fresh bread in no time!

Don’t have much countertop space? Don’t worry; its compact and slim design makes it suitable for small kitchens. 

9. Panasonic SD-P104WSH Breadmaker

Panasonic SD-P104WSH Breadmaker

Price: $299

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Product details

  • Automatic dispensers
  • 13-hour digital timer
  • 13 menus to choose from (includes rice flour bread and dumpling skin)
  • 10-minute power interruption protection

Love being adventurous in the kitchen? You’d appreciate this Panasonic Breadmaker, which is probably the best bread maker in Singapore. 

Its 13 menus allow you to bake a wide range of bread and even make dumpling skin! This bread maker is easy to use, convenient, and also has a 13-hour digital timer that allows you to enjoy freshly-baked bread in the morning. 

What’s more, its automatic dispensers allow ingredients such as yeast and raisins to be added at the optimum timing, ensuring an even mixing and distribution. 

The breadmaker’s power interruption protection also ensures that it retains its settings for up to 10 minutes during a power failure and continues to bake once there’s power supply. 

10. Zojirushi BB-KWQ10 Bread Baking Machine 

Zojirushi BB-KWQ10 Bread Baking Machine

Price: $339

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Product details

  • Compact
  • Can prepare up to 500g of bread/cake
  • Programmable 13 hours timer
  • Wide LCD control panel
  • Viewing window
  • Quick baking option
  • Crust control programme
  • Automatic dispenser

If you want a highly customisable bread maker that’s designed for small households, this bread maker is a great option to consider. It’s compact and bakes up to 500g of bread. 

With its programmable timer, you can set baking time 13 hours in advance and bake overnight. Nothing is more refreshing than the inviting smell of freshly baked bread in the morning!

It’s also equipped with an automatic dispenser, so that you don’t have to wait for the alert tone to add things like raisins and nuts during the baking process. 

Other places to buy the best bread maker in Singapore

  1. Best Denki

Best Denki is one of the best stores to browse for the best bread maker in Singapore. There’s a wide selection, various brands to choose from, and the stores are located all across the island. 

  1. Harvey Norman

You’ll be able to find various bread maker models with Harvey Norman. There are frequent discounts and promotions on their products too, so make sure you check out the store and compare prices before making your purchase.

  1. Lazada

Looking for affordable, high-quality bread makers? You should definitely check out what Lazada has to offer. On the site, you’ll get to read reviews, compare prices, and features between different models easily. If you love the convenience of online shopping, you should definitely look through the selections on Lazada. 

Tried any of these bread maker models? We’d love to know more about your experience!

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