6 Best Dating Sites in Singapore to Meet Other Singles (2020)

Different dating sites to choose from in singapore

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Finding a partner, however serious you want the relationship to be, isn’t always easy. These days, it’s not uncommon to get a little help from dating sites or apps to find a match out there. In fact, there are quite a number of available options if you’re looking for a dating site in Singapore.

Members of a dating site in Singapore are all looking for the same thing – a partner! So you don’t have to worry whether someone is single, or the awkwardness of trying to get to know a person better.

Here are 6 free dating sites in Singapore that you can consider if you’re looking for that special someone!

1. Academic Singles

Logo for Academic Singles, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Find Educated Singles: Looking for a dating site in Singapore with educated singles? Catering to educated individuals, Academic Singles might be the channel for you.
  • Targeted Dating Services: You’ll have to take a scientific personality questionnaire when you first sign up with Academic Singles. A profile will then be built for you based on your opinions, attitudes, and desires. Following this, you’ll be matched with other members who might be suitable.
  • Available on Android: Academic Singles is compatible with Android and many other devices, so you can easily find a match on the go!

2. BE2 

Log for Be2, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Scientific Personality Assessment: Upon registration, you will need to take a personality quiz consisting of about 60 questions. You will then be suggested potential matches based on your answers.
  • Free Comprehensive Personality Analysis and Description of Ideal Partner: Once you’re done with the personality quiz, you’ll get a comprehensive personality analysis, along with a description of an ideal partner. You’ll also receive your first partner recommendations – free of charge!
  • Photo Voting: be2 uses a voting matchmaking feature. By selecting a thumbs-up on an individual’s photo, you’ll send he or she a ‘like’. The person then has the option to message you if he or she wishes to take things further.

3. Lunch Actually

Logo for Lunch Actually, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Work with a Dating Consultant: You’ll get to work with an experienced dating consultant who will create a personalised Dating Success Program for you. This includes understanding your past, finding a handpicked match on the database, and follow-ups after each date.
  • Great Reputation: Lunch Actually is a dating site in Singapore that enjoys a good reputation and is heavily featured in the media, with over 4,500 media appearances.
  • ‘Success’ Rate: While Lunch Actually doesn’t measure their success rate by marriage, 85% of their matches have been rated satisfactory to excellent.

4. GaiGai

Logo for Let’s Gai Gai, a dating site in Singapore

Key highlights

  • Large Membership: GaiGai has 80,000 members in its database, meaning you’ll have a relatively higher chance of finding a match!
  • An Array of Different Events: Let’s GaiGai hosts different events where you can make mingle with other singles out there. Some of these events include dance, kickboxing, and much more.
  • Image and Date Coaching: GaiGai provides personalised image consulting to help you make a good impression, and even dating simulations! Furthermore, their curriculum is backed by research and years of experience by certified coaches.

5. Lovestruck

logo for lovestruck

Key highlights

  • Guidance by Consultants: With Lovestruck, personal consultants will guide you toward finding matches.
  • Obtain Feedback After Each Date: Following each date, you’ll get feedback from your date to find out how he or she felt about the meeting.
  • Dates Are Arranged for You: The Lovestruck’s team will also schedule dates for you at your convenience.

6. Singles 50

Logo for Singles 50, a dating site in singapore

Key highlights

  • Catered to Older Singles: Looking for a dating site in Singapore with older singles? Members on Singles 50 site are 40 and over – perfect for you if you’re in that age group and wish to date within that age group
  • Matches Based on Compatibility: You’ll be required to take a quiz when you first sign up. This will go toward creating your profile, following which you’ll be matched with suitable members.
  • Balanced Gender Count: There is almost an equal number of registered male and female members, so you don’t have to worry about not finding a match!

To wrap up, here’s a quick summary of the 6 Singapore dating sites we’ve covered. Happy dating!

Dating Site in SingaporeHighlights
Academic Singles– For educated singles 

– Targeted dating Services

Be2– Scientific personality assessment

– Free comprehensive personality analysis and description of ideal partner

– Photo voting

Lunch Actually– Help from a dating consultant 

– Great reputation Good results 

Lets GaiGai– Large membership

– Many different eventsImage and date coaching

Lovestruck– Guidance by consultants 

– Feedback after each date

– Dates arranged for you

Singles 50– For older singles

– Matches based on compatibility

– Balanced gender count

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