9 Best Dehumidifiers in Singapore From $34.80 (2020)

Best dehumidifiers in Singapore

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Singapore’s humid climate can cause some problems with the air indoors, especially if the space is not well ventilated. Homes and office spaces that have poor ventilation can often suffer from mould and musty odour. One solution is to use a dehumidifier. In this article, we look at the top options for the best dehumidifier in Singapore! 

Before we dive into our list, let’s first go over the different benefits of using an air dehumidifier. 

Why do you need a dehumidifier?

1. Improves air quality

Dehumidifiers help to improve air quality drastically if the space suffers from poor ventilation. As Singapore’s climate is humid, poor ventilation in rooms can cause musty odours. 

In the long run, breathing in these odours can affect your overall well-being as airborne contaminants may reside in the musty air.

2. Helps eliminate dust mites

Dust mites are difficult to eliminate in humid, stuffy rooms. However, they do not fare well in dry environments. 

That’s why getting a dehumidifier will be handy in helping you eliminate dust mites! All you need to do is maintain a humidity level of around 35% to 50% and you’ll be able to keep dust mites at bay.

3. Prevents mould

Mould is also a common problem that stuffy rooms face. Generally, proper air ventilation can help to prevent the build up of mould. 

However, if your room or office does not have a window, you’ll need to use a dehumidifier to get rid of mould. Keeping the humidity level low will help to keep mould build-up under control.

Best dehumidifier in Singapore: 9 options from $34.80

Eva-Dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifier E-333$34.80
New Mute UV Air Purify LED Display Mute Dehumidifier$56.99
Deerma Dehumidifier DT16C$199.90
Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier$229
Novita Dehumidifier ND298$399
Delonghi Dehumidifier DEX14$388
EuropAce 3-in-1 Dehumidifier With Air Purifier EDH 6161T$459
Novita Dehumidifier ND838$670
Philips Series 5000 2-in 1 Air Dehumidifier DE5205$688

1. Eva-Dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifier E-333

Eva-Dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifier E-333

Price: $34.80

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Product details

  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Compact 
  • Removes odours
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Energy efficient

If you need a dehumidifier for a small space like your closet or storeroom, you can consider this product. 

Its compact size makes it easy to store in tight spaces, helping to clear mould and bacteria in places like your wardrobe. Say goodbye to odours from your clothes with the Eva-Dry mini dehumidifier!

2. New Mute UV Air Purify LED Display Mute Dehumidifier

Cheap dehumidifier in Singapore

New Mute UV Air Purify LED Display Mute

Price: $56.99

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Product details

  • Air dehumidification
  • Air purification
  • Energy-saving
  • Quiet
  • Water max extraction: 1080ml / day 
  • Water tank max capacity: 2.2L 

If you’re looking for a no-frills dehumidifier for your room, this model is worth considering. 

It’s energy saving and quiet — perfect for the evenings when you’re winding down and going to sleep! 

What’s more, it has purification features, which is great for those who are looking for a multifunctional dehumidifier.

3. Deerma Dehumidifier DT16C

Deerma Dehumidifier DT16C

Price: $199.90

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Product details

  • Air purifier mode
  • Laundry mode
  • Product size: 328 x 197 x 508mm
  • Water tank capacity: 2L
  • Water tank capacity: 2.1L
  • Rated power: 200W
  • Rated voltage: 220V to 240V
  • Product net weight: 10.6kg
  • 24-hour timer switch

If you need a dehumidifier to help dry your laundry, this is a great option to consider. 

The dehumidifier comes with a 24-hour timer switch, which allows you to set a custom timing that suits your needs. Additionally, it features an air purifier mode which helps to eradicate harmful particles in your home. 

4. Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier

Olee Premier Aqua Dehumidifier

Price: $229

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Product details

  • Absorbs up to 600ml per day 
  • 2L storage tank
  • Removes odours
  • Eliminates mould and mildew
  • Energy-efficient and noise-free
  • Thermo-electric peltier technology
  • Auto cut-off switch when water tank is full or removed
  • Two modes to select from: Auto sensor mode or to keep it on at all times
  • Three timer settings: 6hr, 8hr, 12hrs 
  • Compact in size

If you’re looking for a quality dehumidifier to eradicate mould, dampness, and mildew in your room, you can consider this Olee dehumidifier. 

There are three timer settings you can choose from, and it has an automatic cut-off switch when the water tank is full or removed. 

At slightly more than $200, this humidifier comes at a pretty reasonable price given that it has the features of many high-end models in the market.

5. Novita Dehumidifier ND298

Novita ND298

Price: $399

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Product details

  • Rated power: 210W
  • Recommended coverage: 28m²
  • Extraction: 12 L/day
  • Tank capacity: 2.6L
  • Built-in ioniser
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Energy-saving standby mode

This Novita humidifier model comes with a built-in ioniser, producing up to 20 million negative ions/m3. This helps to keep your air fresh while reducing airborne allergens and germs.

It also has a programmable timer, so you can let it run for 1-24 hours depending on your needs. 

What’s more, the device has an economical standby mode so you don’t have to worry about a high utility bill!

6. Delonghi Dehumidifier DEX14

Delonghi Dehumidifier DEX14

Price: $388

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Product details

  • Capacity: 2L
  • Depth: 220mm, Height: 500mm, Width: 334mm
  • Energy rating: A
  • Power rating: 2-3 kW
  • Moisture extraction: 14L / day
  • Double drainage system
  • Control system turns off when tank is full
  • Easy-to-clean washable air filter
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic

If you’re looking for the best dehumidifier in Singapore that’s easy to clean and move around, this Delonghi dehumidifier should be on your list. With its portable design, you can easily move the dehumidifier between rooms when needed.

What’s more, it’s a pretty sleek and compact design for a dehumidifier that can extract up to 14L of moisture in a day! 

7. EuropAce 3-in-1 Dehumidifier With Air Purifier EDH 6161T

EuropAce 3 in 1 Dehumidifier With Air Purifier EDH 6161T

Price: $459

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Product details

  • Dehumidifier mode, air purifier mode, and laundry mode
  • LCD touch panel controls
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Capacity: 2.5L water tank
  • Compact and slim design
  • Applies three-step air purification: pre-filter, silver ion, carbon charcoal filter

If you’re looking for a powerful dehumidifier that has a sleek design and doubles as a purifier, this might be the best model to go for in the market. 

With its three-step air purification system, you can be assured that the air in your environment will not only be dehumidified, but also highly purified. 

8. Novita Dehumidifier ND838

Novita Dehumidifier ND838

Price: $670

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Product details

  • LaundryFresh™ technology
  • Custom humidity settings
  • Auto humidity sensor
  • Multiple modes to choose from: Auto, Shoes Drying, Laundry Drying, Air Purifying
  • Focus drying function
  • Power efficient
  • Timer
  • Oscillating air outlet
  • Energy-saving standby mode
  • System stops automatically when tank is full
  • Child-lock Function

If you have children at home, this Novita dehumidifier will be perfect for you. It has a child-lock function, which makes it safe for your child’s room. 

With the dehumidifier’s LaundryFresh™ technology, the device can absorb moisture from your damp laundry, while getting rid of mildew smells and potential airborne germs. 

Additionally, there are multiple modes you can choose from such as shoes drying mode and economical standby mode.

9. Philips Series 5000 2-in 1 Air Dehumidifier DE5205

Philips Series 5000 2-in 1 Air DE5205

Price: $688

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Product details

  • Five different fan speed settings: level 1 to turbo
  • Automatic dehumidification control
  • Custom dehumidification control: 40%, 50% , 60%, 70%, and 80% room humidity.
  • Purifier mode
  • Timer mode between 1-9 hours
  • Dehumidification rate : 25L/day

Looking for the best dehumidifier in Singapore that’s a bit more high-end? 

One of the best features about this Philips dehumidifier is that you can pre-set the humidity level between 40% to 80%, and choose from five different fan speeds.

Its timer mode also helps you save energy and clear bacteria in your home. If you’re looking for a model that gives you greater humidity control, you should definitely consider this Philips dehumidifier.

Other places to buy the best dehumidifier in Singapore


If you live in Singapore, you definitely know about COURTS. Whether it’s electronic home appliances or furnishings, you’ll find everything that your home needs in their stores. 

There’s also a wide range of dehumidifier brands here with different features to choose from, so you can easily compare different models and find the best dehumidifier in Singapore for your needs!


TANGS is also a great retailer to shop at if you’re looking for dehumidifiers or other home appliances. On their site, you’ll find that many of their products are on sale so be sure to check out TANGS and compare prices before you make your purchase!

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