4 Best Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

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Note: For product articles, prices are accurate and products are in stock at the time of publishing.  

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Look, we’ve all been there. Someone new shows up at work. They’re hot, gorgeous, attractive – all those wonderful, gender-neutral adjectives, and you’re immediately smitten. You want to express your affection, but you don’t want the rest of your colleagues to find out that a salary isn’t the main reason you go to work anymore. 

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you overhear your eye-candy/crush/fantasy telling another coworker that they’re spending it alone at home. You grit your teeth. How can such perfection not be appreciated by anyone else? They deserve roses, chocolates, cards, a candlelit dinner! Is the rest of the world blind? 

Unfortunately, you’re totally out of their league, and you know it. Worse, they know it too. So you hatch a plan to discreetly make them happy. You’ve obtained their home address from HR (absolutely illegal, by the way), and begin to Google for flower delivery services in Singapore. 

“What a brilliant plan! I must be the first person to ever think of this! I must pat myself on the back for being such an incredible romantic.” 

This thought process echoed across 12,100 people in unison, according to the SEO search volume. I’d call you guys creeps, but since I had to do this article, I’m amongst that number now.

Thanks a lot.

P.S. Please understand that the introduction was meant as a joke, and that this opening wasn’t targeted at anyone. I know that most of you are looking for flowers for birthdays or as condolences. 

Flower Chimp

Flower Chimp - website home
Flower Chimp – website home

Hailing from Malaysia, the startup company Flower Chimp has made waves across many areas of Southeast Asia. Today, they ship flowers to several countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. 

Pink Eustomas, Red Roses, and White Gerberas wrapped in a beautiful lilac paper.

What’s so special about Flower Chimp?

Flower Chimp is a great way to give your loved ones a bunch of flowers without being embarrassed on public transport. Their Trinity Collection consists of 9 roses in a tall box, complete with a small gem set in the middle of each flower. 

Source: Flower Chimp

There’s also a compartment at the bottom that opens to reveal a hidden surprise. Although you won’t find any La Maison or Cote d’Or chocolates here, the small shelf with a set of 16 Ferrero Rochers is still a welcome sight to anyone who isn’t allergic to nuts.

a stylish black box with nine roses in varying shades of red, and a set of chocolates in a pull-out compartment underneath.

It also doubles up as a great way for your loved ones to store their jewellery or other miscellaneous items. Look, I don’t know what you’d put in a box this luxurious, I’ve never gotten anything like this before. N-not that I want anything…

What other products do they offer?

Apart from their Trinity Collection, Flower Chimp also sells bouquets, cakes, wreaths, and a bunch of gifts. These gifts take the form of cute little presents such as ‘Happy Birthday’ and Valentines’ balloons and teddy bears from differing demographics. You have the medium sized teddy with a small heart, a large bear with a bow tie, and a bear who has just graduated from college.

What’s the price range for their products?

Rejoice, for the Trinity Collection means that you can send a box of nine flowers and sixteen pieces of Ferrero Rocher to a loved one for only $99.90 (84.90 after the promotional discount). A bouquet sells for a little less, ranging from $39.90 to $59.90.  For a complete list of all their products, I recommend that you check out their website.

What else should I know?

Flower Chimp can perform same-day deliveries all over Singapore, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your loved ones’ anniversaries. If you’re worried about the quality of the flowers, go worry somewhere else – Flower Chimp teams up with specially selected florists to get flowers of premium quality. 

Of course, maybe you want to give the flowers to the recipient yourself. If that’s the case, all you have to do is to arrange for the company to deliver the flowers to your own house. From there on, you can customise the box even further to give it your own personal spin; perhaps you’d like to include a card in the bottom drawer, or change out the chocolates to something more unique. 

But you’re probably too afraid to do that for you colleague, so I suggest you just stick to sending the flowers anonymously to their house, you perv. Don’t worry – delivery is free.

Check out their instagram.

The Bloom Room

This family-run business is located in Tampines, and visits to their shop are strictly appointment-only. They are not a wholesaler, and thus they only have a small quantity of each design. Now, since you’re a recluse, you might hesitate when it comes to making an appointment, but fret not, I’ll let you know what to expect.

bloom room - website
bloom room – website

What’s so special about the Bloom Room?

Unlike most of the other entries on this list, the Bloom Room specialises in dried and preserved flowers on top of fresh blooms. They’re also not afraid to share their knowledge, and hosts hobbyist floral workshops for aspiring florists. 

What other products do they offer?

The Bloom Room’s signature style revolves around quirky flowers in lively colours, all of which revolve around happy thoughts. With that in mind, their business caters mostly towards floral arrangements for events such as small, intimate weddings and home decorations.

It doesn’t stop there. They also create boutonnieres, wrist corsages, bridal car decor, church decor, rainbow blooms, gift sets, hampers – think of anything that makes use of flowers, and there’s a fair chance that the Bloom Room has a product for you.

What’s the price range for their products?

The prices of their bouquets range from $38 to $215, with the complexity of flowers increasing in accordance with the price. For instance, the $38 bouquet will buy you a total of 3 red roses, complete with filler flowers and foliage. It’s wrapped in a simple paper cone that has a similar shape to a piping bag.

On the other hand, the $215 bouquet would buy you 10 pink Asiatic lilies, even more assorted filler flowers, and a brown Kraft paper wrap. 

Their dried and preserved products sell from $46 to $160. While I would usually protest at buying something that dead for that high a price, the rustic charm of their dried flowers definitely warrant appreciation.

What else should I know?

The Bloom Room offers workshops that teach you how to arrange flowers in various everyday settings, such as mugs, jars, and bowls. Lessons start at $135, and a minimum of 4 pax is required.

As if that extensive list of items wasn’t enough, they also sell items such as plushies, and vessels for your blooms. These take the form of artisanal vases, jars, and baskets.

Although the Bloom Room delivers islandwide, delivery fee per bouquet/arrangement is $15. Subsequent deliveries to the same address on the same day and time slot (10am-2pm and 2pm-6pm) are charged at $7.50 each, although I’m not completely sure why you would want to send someone multiple bouquets in a 4-hour window.

More details on their delivery services can be found on this page, and I highly recommend that you check it out before making a delivery. They cover a lot of information, including redirection and redelivery fees, as well as additional surcharges for special locations such as army camps or Sentosa. 

Again, I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. I never knew that flower delivery in Singapore could be so detailed.

Roses Only

Roses only - website home
Roses only – website home

Hailing from Australia is a man known as James Stevens, who has been part of his father’s floristry business ever since he was born. Instead of flowers, however, he turned his attention solely towards roses. His passion for unparallelled quality has led to great success for his brand, proving that it’s possible to make a booming business out of something that dies in a few weeks.

What’s so special about Roses Only?

For Roses Only, quality is everything. The company uses roses that are genetically flawless, with longer stems, larger heads and intense colours. It doesn’t stop at colour intensity, though – they have a total of nine different colours for you to choose from. 

The roses are delivered in a simple box, and are sold in denominations of six, excluding thirty, for some reason. That means that you can purchase a box of six, twelve, eighteen, twenty-four, or thirty-six roses.

What other products do they offer?

Champagne. Honest-to-goodness Champagne.

Rose Only’s dedication to quality is so incredible, they only pick products that will enhance the classiness factor of your gift. You can pair your roses with a 750ml bottle of Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Perignon Vintage, or a Chandon Rose.

You can also pair the roses with chocolates by their partner, the renowned chocolatier Godiva. Gifting this to your crush is guaranteed to improve their day, as long as they don’t discover that the sender is you.

What’s the price range for their products?

Good things don’t come cheap. A box of eight red roses will cost you $80, and a bouquet of a hundred long stemmed red roses will cost you a whopping $499.95. Their products vary greatly in price, depending on what kind of gift you want to buy, but you can expect to fork out a sum upwards of $100 on any order.

That is, of course, if you’re not intending to just send a single rose and call it a day. 

For more information, you can check out their pricing pages.

What else should I know?

There isn’t much more to know, really – you’re getting what you’re paying for. They deliver not only to Singapore, but to the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong, Australia, and Indonesia as well. This means that if you somehow get your crush’s overseas address (which I’m sure you can, you sicko), you’ll be able to manage all your flower delivery services from the comfort of your Singapore home.

As a bonus, they do same-day deliveries, and it’s all free of charge. 


floracent - website homepage
floracent – website homepage

The biggest problem with flowers is that they tend to die. And while you can apply the same logic to pets and plants, flowers have a really, really short shelf life. Like, 1 to 2 weeks short. If you have the income to pay $300 for something that dies within 2 weeks, hey, congratulations on being rich.

That’s why it’s a good thing that preserved flowers are just as beautiful as fresh ones, even though they’re not quite as pretty. 

What’s so special about Floracent?

Floracent (pronounced ‘fluorescent’) takes pride in its preserved and dried flower arrangements, all of which are contained in adorable bell jars. These roses come in a huge variety of colours in addition to the original red, including black, purple, pink, blue, and a rainbow coloured version that I absolutely want right now. 

What other products do they offer?

There’s another selection that offers preserved flowers inside a tiny pot, but I feel like that’s just not as grand as the ones in bell jars. 

If you don’t like to pay money just to have flowers, Floracent also offers an exclusive series that combines the beauty of flowers with the adorableness of stuffed toys. 

Source: Floracent
This one is my personal favourite

And… that’s it, really. No fancy bouquets, no wreaths, no boutonnieres. They focus on one concept, and devote all their energy to it. 

What’s the price range for their products?

Prices start from $35 for their tiny pots of roses, and climb up to $98. The bulk of their products, however, average around the $50 to $70 mark. Compared to the other products on our list, this is one of the more affordable options.

What else should I know?

Floracent delivers all around Singapore, barring a few restricted places. I recommend that you check out these places on their website, just in case. I don’t know how much the delivery fee is, but the re-delivery is $15. Also, they deliver on the next day at the earliest, so make sure you make a booking early. 

They deliver in 3 time slots – 10am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm, and 6pm to 9pm. That means that you can be a creep in three hour time frames, thrice a day!

Another thing to note is that bell jars are fantastic inventions that help you to keep your flowers dust-free while still looking pretty. Don’t make the same mistake as me – I stupidly went to wash my dried flowers, and the dye ran all over the place. After I dried and stored them in a clear acrylic box, they grew mildew. 

Anyway, these bell jar flowers are a great gift for your loved ones due to the sheer room for customisations. Because dried flowers can technically be placed anywhere, you can take out the rose, leave the filler flowers in the jar, and put a tiny figurine inside. Now you have 2 gifts for the same price, increasing your chances of getting to win your crush’s heart. 


Look, I’m not going to tell you what to do or not do with your money. If you want to impress someone anonymously, these flower delivery companies in Singapore are your best bet. I’m just saying there’s a lot more you can do with the money, like watching a movie on your own, having a candlelit dinner for one, or buying some deodorant. 

Haha, just kidding. 

But really. 

Get some deodorant.