Kitchen Hobs in Singapore – 10 Best Ones for Your Cooking Needs (2020)

Stylish kitchen hobs in singapore

Having the best kitchen hob can go a long way in cooking a delicious meal or feast for your family and friends. 

Although kitchen hobs aren’t the fanciest appliance to have, it can now be somewhat a feature in the kitchen which can stick with you and your family for years. This is why it’s necessary to choose your kitchen hob carefully to avoid any regrets in the future. Especially if you have to replace it if it doesn’t quite work out. 

Before going directly to our guide of the best kitchen hobs in Singapore, let’s look at the types of kitchen hobs out there and what to consider before buying one.

Types of kitchen hobs in Singapore

1. Electric kitchen hobs

An electric kitchen hob won’t give you the same intuitiveness of using the temperature control that you can get from a gas hob – unless you go for induction hobs. However, a good electric hob heats up quickly and can be cleaned easily after cooking. In addition, just like gas hobs, an electric hob also glows red when it’s hot so you’ll know when the surface is safe to touch or not.

2. Gas kitchen hobs

Gas hobs are far more versatile than the electric type. When you’re using a gas hob for cooking,  you can easily identify and control the heat as you can see the flame. 

2 things to consider before buying a kitchen hob in Singapore

1. Cleaning and care

Both electric and induction hobs have smooth and flat surfaces, making it harder for them to trap dirt and food craps. This makes these types of hobs a breeze to clean compared to gas hobs that have uneven and protruding parts, including drip plates and pan stands. However, note that spilt foods can get “baked” in ceramic hobs’ surfaces and eventually get stuck, so be diligent to wipe them up immediately.

2. Number of burners

You should buy a kitchen hob that is suitable for your daily use depending on how many people are in the household. If you have a bigger family size that consists of at least 5 members, a 4 burner hob is ideal. However, if there are less members, then 2 or 3 burners will work fine.

10 best kitchen hobs in Singapore

Bread toastersPrices
Aerogaz AZ-262F 30cm Tempered Glass Hob$299
EF 80cm Glass Hob EFH 7630 TN VGB $359
Tecno 3-Burner 90cm Stainless Steel Cooker Hob$488
FUJIOH FH-ID5125/FH-ID5120/FH-ID5130 2/3
Rinnai 2 Zone 70cm Induction Cooker RB7012H-CB$799
Bosch PCC6A5B90K Stainless Steel Gas Hob (60cm)$999

1. Aerogaz AZ-262F 30cm Tempered Glass Hob

Price: $299

Key highlights

  • 30cm tempered glass hob
  • 2 burners
  • Cast iron pan support
  • Battery operated ignition
  • Flame failure device

This Aerogaz glass hob has the usual function of a gas hob which includes 2 burger and cast iron pans.It also comes with a flame failure device safety feature that stops and prevents the build-up of harmful gas inside your cooker and kitchen. 

If you’re looking for a kitchen hob in Singapore that is very easy to use but ensures your safety at the same time, this one should be included on your list! 

Where to buy

2. EF 80cm Glass Hob EFH 7630 TN VGB

EF 80cm Glass kitchen Hob EFH 7630 TN VGB

Price: $359

Key highlights

  • 3 Burners
  • 2 x 3.5KW (Triple Ring)
  • 1 x 1.75KW
  • Cast Iron Pan Support with Safety Devices
  • Wok Adapter
  • Battery Ignition 
  • Black Tempered Glass Top

Whatever your cooking needs, EF glass hob will definitely suit your style. It has triple ring burners which includes safety features that automatically stops the gas flow each time a flame is accidentally extinguished. 

This gas hob also comes with a  fully sealed burner base to make your cleaning a breeze. This simple hob is very practical and easy to use that is ideal for Asian cooking.

Where to buy


Turbo Incanto T883ssv 3 Burner Stainless Steel Hob

Price: $438

Key highlights

  • 4.75kW double ring wok burner
  • 1 auxiliary burner
  • Copper alloy burners with safety valve
  • Cast iron pot stand
  • Built-in battery operated ignition system
  • Alloy laser coating control knobs

The Turbo burner stainless steel hob is extremely space-efficient with 2 burners and 1 auxiliary stove. It offers a built-in battery-operated ignition system that generates a spark or heat,  allowing the temperature to increase quickly so your food gets cooked efficiently in no time. 

This kitchen hob also comes with a compact design which makes it not to consume too much space on your kitchen. If you like to have a kitchen hob that is battery operated and easy to operate, consider Turbo burner.

Where to buy

4. Tecno 3-Burner 90cm Stainless Steel Cooker Hob

Tecno 3 Burner 90cm Stainless Steel Cooker kitchen Hob

Price: $488

Key highlights

  • Battery operated ignition gas burners
  • All burners with Variable Valve System (VVS) control
  • High-strength aluminium alloy burners with brass burner caps
  • Two wok burners and one medium burner
  • Heavy-duty cast iron pan and wok supports with enamel coating
  • Instant ignition safety valve mechanism
  • Cool touch bakelite knobs
  • Premium grade SU304 stainless steel

If you prefer a premium stainless steel over any other material, you should definitely consider the Tecno 3-Burner kitchen hob. It has a stainless steel cooker hob that is durable and is built to last for years. It also comes with an extremely versatile variable valve control which makes the cooker hob to produce a powerful flame. 

Moreover, with its ergonomic design, this cooker hob gives your kitchen more ample space for other kitchen appliances and cleaning maintenance is a breeze. 

Where to buy



Price: $499

Key highlights

  • Cooking versatility with multi burners
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Safety flame device
  • Stainless steel cooktop
  • Sealed burners for easy cleaning

This multi-burner, stainless steel cooktop gas hob from Electrolux is a good option for those who are looking for enhanced heating efficiency. This kitchen hob in Singapore has a faster heat-up at 5.0kW with the assurance of having great results whenever you’re cooking. Moreover, it also comes with a sleek and modern design that can make your kitchen look fancy. Furthermore, the sealed burners that make it a breeze to clean.

Where to buy

  2. Shopee


Fujioh Fj Id5125 30cm 2 Zone Induction Hob with Touch Control

Price: $565

Key highlights

  • Ceramic glass
  • Bevelled edge

Fujioh induction hobs are one of the most popular kitchen hobs when it comes to design and function. This modern ceramic induction hob is exceptionally durable which comes with quality glass by SCHOTT. It has a smooth surface, making your cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Moreover, it also comes with safety features to ensure you know when the surface is hot. 

If you’re into a sleek modern design that is a durable and functional induction kitchen hob in Singapore, this hob is a great buy!

Where to buy


Rinnai Rb 3si 3 Inner Burner Built in Hob

Price: $618

Key highlights

  • High heat efficiency
  • Stainless Steel top
  • Simmer control
  • Cast Iron pan support
  • Battery ignition
  • Safety device

The Rinnai kitchen hob is one of the best top selling built-in hobs in Japan. Rinnai’s products go through a series of trials and testing to ensure quality and safety standards. This built-in hob also comes with the cast iron pan support making the stove more stable, durable, and tough. It also has a standard size that is ideal for any kitchen. 

Moreover, this product also provides a gas stop safety feature whereby it cuts off the gas supply automatically if the flame accidentally blows up. If you need a powerful heat source with safety function, this Rinnai burner built-in kitchen hob will definitely be a perfect choice!

Where to buy

8. Rinnai 2 Zone 70cm Induction Cooker RB7012H-CB

Rinnai 2 Zone 70cm Induction Cooker Rb7012h Cb

Price: $799

Key highlights

  • 9 power levels
  • Auto pan recognition sensor
  • Safety switch off
  • Easy to Clean

Rinnai is the number one brand in Japan and also a top selling brand in Singapore when it comes to kitchen appliances. This induction hob by Rinnai is the most energy efficient that you can find on our list. It is equipped with an automatic pan recognition sensor. This auto sensor helps the hob to recognize the cookware size and heats up its base alone rather than the whole cooking zone. It could also detect suitable cookware with the right base dimensions. So when cooking a variety of dishes at a time, this will definitely help you in saving up electric consumption.

Furthermore, besides its energy efficiency function, this induction hob also comes with safety features including child lock and safety switch off. If you’re looking for a long term induction kitchen hob that will help you save as much money for your electricity bills, this one is a perfect buy!

Where to buy


Brandt Bpi6210b 30cm 2 Zone Induction Hob

Price: $899

Key highlights

  • 2 zone cooking
  • Precise and Efficient Cooking
  • Brandt’s 10 Safety Measures

This induction hob by Brandt has extreme power capability that boosts your heat function within seconds, you’ll be able to cook with maximum heat. It also comes with 10 different safety measures including the overheating protection, residual heat indicators, automatic-stop system, child lock, and many others. These safety functions give you the ease to use it as much as you want in cooking your favourite dish. All in all , this Brandt induction hob is certainly considered as an excellent option on our list.

If you’re looking for a 2-stove induction cooker, Brandt induction kitchen hob in Singapore should be considered. 

Where to buy

10. Bosch PCC6A5B90K Stainless Steel Gas Hob (60cm)

Bosch PCC6A5B90K Stainless Steel Gas kitchen Hob

Price: $999

Key highlights

  • Precise adjustment of the flame in nine defined levels
  • Powerful cooking at up to 4 kW
  • Continuous steel pan support
  • Ergonomic control knobs
  • Stainless steel

Bosch is one of the trusted brands when it comes to kitchen appliances, although they tend to be a bit more expensive. This gas kitchen hob in Singapore offers excellent features including its powerful cooking function that comes with 9 different levels of flame adjustments. In order for you to get faster heating when cooking, you’ll need to activate its power boost function to heat up the burner for up to 3 times faster. 

If you’re in search of the best ergonomic yet durable design, outstanding heat function, and build, this Bosch gas hob might be the one you’re looking for.

Where to buy

Best places to buy a kitchen hob in Singapore

Gain City

If you’re looking for a kitchen hob in Singapore that has sleek design with advanced features, Gain City is just the store for you. On their website, you can browse through more than 200 cooker hob models with different features. Many of their kitchen hobs have a variety of sizes that come with 1 to 4 burners, modern designs, and functions that you can choose from.

Hoe Kee

Hoe Kee is a great store where you can shop for kitchen appliances. There, you’ll find multi-function kitchen hobs, including gas and induction hobs. When you’re planning to buy a new gas or induction hob, it’s essential for you to look at different models and ensure that the cooker hob that you’re eyeing has all the functions you need. If you’re looking for kitchen hobs with outstanding features, Hoe Kee is a great place to shop at. 

Mega Discount

If you’re looking for quality yet affordable kitchen hobs in Singapore, Mega Discount is the perfect place to shop. There, you’ll get to enjoy lots or promotions and a range of discounted home appliances. You can also shop from a wide variety of different brands and pick a model that’s best suited to your cooking needs!


Tecno is also a great store for kitchen appliances. They have the most iconic cooker hobs that are carefully engineered to give you the best cooking experience. On their website you can see a variety of cooking appliances which includes induction and gas hobs with 2 to 4 burners. If you wish to buy a new cooker hob for your kitchen that has great features and style, consider TECNO store!

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