9 Great Outdoor Furniture Options in Singapore for Your Home

best outdoor furnitures in singapore

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If you’re searching for outdoor furniture that you can get in Singapore, chances are you either have a garden or a balcony at home. Or maybe, you have both.

With so much outdoor space available, it’ll be such a waste not to make full use of it, especially since space is a premium in Singapore.

But before you jump into buying a lounge chair or a hammock for your garden or balcony, be sure to take note of a few things.

What to look out for when choosing outdoor furniture in Singapore?

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, the design is not the only thing that matters. They should also be made of materials that are durable and weatherproof.


Despite the rain shields, moisture can still seep into your balcony. This means that anything that’s not water-resistant is prone to damages. Apart from electronics, this also means that products made from leather, cotton, and velvet should not be put outdoors.

If you’re considering to place wooden furniture outdoors, you should also ensure that it’s been treated with proofing, so that it doesn’t rot when it comes into contact with water.

Resistant to heat and sunlight

Being located near the equator, Singapore gets a lot of sunshine. And this also means that outdoor furniture in Singapore should be resistant to the sun.

When choosing furniture for your outdoor area, ensure that they’re durable enough that they don’t crack under the sun. This includes items made of leather, which get dried up when exposed to strong sunlight.

Is not lightweight

The wind can get pretty strong sometimes in Singapore, so ensure that your outdoor furniture are sturdy enough and not get easily blown by the wind.

This means that furniture such as light plastic chairs, cork boards, and loose fabrics should not be put outside.

What materials are suitable for the outdoors, then?


Glass is heavy, is resistant to heat and rain, and looks great on any tabletop. It fits almost all themes and designs, and can be used to hold down less resilient objects. One example could be to use the glass top of a table to weigh down polaroids or pictures.


A popular choice amongst many homeowners with an outdoor deck, rattan has a timeless design, and can hold up to both rain and heat. The downfall of rattan is that it’s quite light, and although Singapore doesn’t really have extremely strong winds, it’s still advisable not to leave them near places like swimming pools.


Canvas holds up well to rain, and while it might get hot under the sun, it doesn’t really denature as quickly. Although it’s prone to blowing away, most canvas sheets meant for the outdoors are used in things such as rain shields or hammocks, and are weighed down. 


Gardeners probably already know this, but terracotta pots are fantastic at doing what they do – keeping potted plants outside. They’re heavy, aren’t affected by the rain and sun, and don’t absorb moisture, preventing root rot.

With all these criteria in mind, let’s look at 10 outdoor furniture to have in Singapore.

9 outdoor furniture to have in Singapore

Here’s a table to summarise these outdoor furniture and their prices:

Outdoor furniturePrice
Shoe RackFrom $4.62
Folding Lounge Chair From $20.92
Hammock with Removable CanvasFrom $62.50
Wooden Table and ChairsFrom $53.23
Wooden SwingFrom $79.56
Wicker Table Set$394.90
Round Sofa with Coffee Table$799.90
Portable Foldable Aluminium Table$29.90
Landon Outdoor Dining Set$283

1) Household outdoor shoe cabinet

a shoe rack filled with shoes

Price: From $4.62

View on ezbuy

Material: Plastic

The shoe rack is one of the most essential things to have at home. If you’re planning to place your shoe rack outside, it’s equally important to have one that’s durable.

This shoe rack is one of the cheap outdoor furniture on this list that you can get online. It’s made of plastic, so it’s resistant to rain and harsh sunlight, making it suitable to be placed outdoors.

While it is a bit on the lighter side, as long as there are shoes placed on it, it shouldn’t get blown away by the wind easily.

When it gets dirty with sediments, simply wash it with soapy water.

2) Folding Lounge Chair

Folding Lounge Chair

Price: From $22.92

View on ezbuy

View on Lazada

Material: Synthetic rattan and stainless steel

A garden chair is a great way to bask in the sunlight without having to change your clothes. The mesh nature of the chair (made of synthetic rattan) is also resistant to sweat, which makes it a good option for people who tend to perspire a lot.

Another good thing about the synthetic rattan is that it’s resistant to heat and rain. This is because organic rattan is a plant fibre, and therefore is susceptible to bacterial growth. Plus, it goes great with all kinds of designs and themes. 

The frame is made of stainless steel, which means that it doesn’t corrode easily. This makes it a sturdy furniture that’s perfect for the outdoors in Singapore.

3) Hammock with Removable Canvas

Hammock with Removable Canvas

Price: From $98.40

View on ezbuy

Material: Cotton canvas and steel pipe

If you love relaxing outside your home, the hammock is another outdoor furniture to consider getting in Singapore. It’s the perfect furniture to lounge on while sipping a fancy cocktail.

The good thing about this hammock is that you can easily clean it too. When the canvas gets dirty, simply remove it to have it washed.

The only downside to hammocks is that they take up a lot of space. This hammock stretches to a length of 260cm. Depending on your balcony size or outdoor area, you might not be able to include any other outdoor furniture if you own a hammock.

4) Wooden Table and Chairs

A wooden table and 2 wooden chairs, with a mug and potted plant placed on the table

Price: From $48.80

View on ezbuy

Material: Wood and metal

This quaint little set is perfect if you like sipping tea with your friend outside. The seats and table don’t get hot in the sun, is waterproof, and are heavy enough that a passing breeze won’t be able to move them.

Since pure wood has a tendency to absorb moisture and become a home for algae, this set of table and chairs are treated with wood sealers and waterproofing products. 

Pair this with a modern tea set for maximum chic, or go for a tea set made from porcelain if you want a more vintage vibe. 

5) Wooden Swing

Wooden swing

Price: From $79.56

View on ezbuy

Material: Wood

Who says swings are only found in playgrounds?

If you have enough space in your balcony or garden, you can consider having a swing at home too. This wooden swing is 168cm long and 175cm tall, so be sure to check that there’s enough space for it.

Plus, it comes with a shelter. So you can rest assured that you’ll still be kept dry when it suddenly rains.

6) Wicker Table Set

Wicker table, 2 wicker chairs, and 2 wicker stools, with cushions on top of the chairs and stools

Price: $394.90

View on ezbuy

Material: Rattan wicker

Wicker is a tricky topic. For the sake of clarity, wicker isn’t a material, but a method of weaving – that’s why rattan is the main material.

Given that rattan wicker is waterproof, it’s the ideal outdoor furniture to have in your garden. It also comes with cushions, which is a terrible thing to have on a piece of outdoor furniture. However, take a look at this:

Wicker table, with the chairs, stools, and cushions stored underneath it

Whenever it rains, all you have to do is to pick up your cushions and shove them into the shelf. Problem solved!

The glass top is also a nice touch for the rattan table, since it forms a solid platform for you to put your drinks on. You can keep your family photos underneath that glass sheet, or a yearly calendar too. 

7) Round Sofa with Coffee Table

Round sofa with cushions and coffee table

Price: $799.90

View on Arena Living

Material: Rattan, water-resistant polyester fabric, glass, and aluminium

Another wicker furniture to consider getting for your garden is this chic round sofa set.

The circular design of the sofa provides plenty of space to stretch, making it the perfect sofa to lounge and relax on. Besides, it comes with a coffee table to put your drinks on.

The thing about outdoor furniture is that they’re prone to get dirty easily. So the good thing about this sofa is that you can get it cleaned easily, since the covers are removable and machine-washable.

Plus, this set of patio furniture is weather resistant. And it’s not just the rattan that makes it weather resistant. Its cushion fabric is both water resistant and UV light resistant, so you can be sure that it doesn’t get damaged easily when placed outdoors.

8) Portable Foldable Aluminium Table

Portable foldable table

Price: $29.90

View on Lazada

Material: Aluminium

This foldable table is another cheap outdoor furniture that you can get online. It’s also something that you can consider buying even if you don’t have a balcony or outdoor space at home. Simply set it up whenever you need extra space to put down your stuff.

When not in use, you can easily fold and store it. Plus, it’s lightweight and comes with a handle, so that you can easily carry it for campings and picnics.

It’s also a pretty useful portable table to have especially when you can kids around. Its height can be adjusted to a height of 55cm, 60cm, and 70cm, allowing children to sit comfortably around it.

9) Landon Outdoor Dining Set

table with 4 chairs

Price: $283

View on FortyTwo

Material: Polypropylene

This dining set is made of polypropylene (a type of plastic), which makes it an ideal patio furniture that’s weather resistant. Feel free to leave them outdoors; you don’t have to worry that it might get damaged by the rain.

The thing about shopping online is that you may not get to see the physical product before purchase, so there’s a bit of uncertainty on the quality of the product.

But the good thing about this dining set is that it comes with a free return within 100 days of delivery. If you find that the physical product is not to your liking, you can return it as long as it’s unused and not damaged to get your money back.

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