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If there’s one thing we all know will never change in Singapore, it’s the sweltering heat of this sunny island. It will always remain as one of the talking points in many conversations — or rather, complaints. Well, instead of just talking about it, why not consider getting a new standing fan in Singapore to keep your surroundings cool in the hot weather? 

Stay “breezy” fellows — pun intended.

How do you choose a good standing fan in Singapore? 

There are many factors to consider when deciding what a good standing fan in Singapore entails — besides the power of the fan, of course. We all need that top level power every now and then. 

Here are some factors that you should consider when looking for your next standing fan:

1. Noise level

For starters, you don’t need the whirring of the fan to disrupt your train of thought when you’re writing your report at home. Or to prevent you from listening to the most important conversation between your two favourite Korean actors when you’re watching TV. 

At night, while you’re snoozing away, you don’t need the sound of the fan to add on to the arrhythmic snores of your partner. 

When getting a standing fan, do take note that a quiet fan generally has a noise level of less than 60 decibels. Lower levels of noise may lead to higher prices, so do remember to budget wisely!

2. Speed settings

Last but not least, you should consider the power of the fan. Depending on what you want to use the fan for, many speed settings may not be necessary. 

For example, if you only want the fan to be placed in the corner of your room and directed only at you, consider buying one with different speed settings. 

On the other hand, if you want a standing fan that covers an entire space, you may want one with higher power but limited speed variations. 

3. The size of your space

Before considering the power of the fan, it’s also equally — if not more — important to consider the amount of space you have for your standing fan. Often, there may be a misconception between the size of the fan and its power to cool down a room. 

Don’t assume that a bigger size translates to more power. Given today’s technology, a tiny fan can be just as powerful. 

In addition, you should consider if you want the fan to cover all corners of your room, or just a small part of it. 

Ultimately, the size of the fan will be based on your preferences. However, it’s always better to have a good estimate of the space you have for your new standing fan, before your purchase. 

4. Whether it comes with a remote control

Just like any other electrical appliances, a standing fan should be convenient for you to use anywhere and at any time. 

Imagine getting up every time you need to adjust the fan’s speed or its oscillation. Consider the number of times you get up to change the settings of your fan while you work every day, then every month, then every year. 

How much time have you used to do that, compared to a simple press of a button when you have a remote control? 

Likewise, while it’s convenient to have a remote control for your standing fan, it might mean a higher price. So be sure to consider this as well. 

10 best standing fans in Singapore

Best standing fansPrices
PowerPac 16 inch Stand Fan$25
Morries 18 Inches Fan Blade Stand Fan$59.90
Sona SFS1170 16 inch Stand Fan$60
Europace ESF 616P 16 Stand Fan$69.90
KDK P40US Stand Fan$105
Mitsubishi LV16-GU 16 Living Fan$108
Xiaomi Smartmi DC Inverter Stand Fan$119
Panasonic Stand Fan$169
Dyson AM07 Tower Fan$499

1. PowerPac 16 inch Stand Fan

PowerPac 16 inch Standing fan in Singapore

Price: $25

View on Lazada

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Key highlights

  • 3-speed settings and no remote control 
  • Adjustable height
  • Built-in thermal protection

At its low price point, the PowerPac 16-inch Standing Fan does the job of helping you cool your room. 

You have 3 different speed and oscillation options to choose from. Plus, its thermal protection prevents itself from overheating throughout the time that you’re using it — which is frequently, we bet!


Mistral MSF1678 Standing fan in Singapore

Price: $48

View on Lazada

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View on Courts

Key highlights

  • 3-speed settings and no remote control
  • Adjustable height
  • 120-minutes timer

If you’re looking for an affordable fan that meets all your basic needs, look no further! This Mistral 16-inch Standing Fan can do those for you.

It has a 3-speed selection, a 120-minute timer, and a guard ring with a clip for easier opening and cleaning. Not only does it just cool your room, but also helps you save on electricity and ensures your safety. 

Additionally, it comes with a 2-year full warranty and 8-year warranty for its fan motor, helping you save on repair costs should it break down. 

3. Morries 18 Inches Fan Blade Stand Fan

Morries 18 Inches Fan Blade Standing fan in Singapore

Price: $59.90

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Key highlights

  • 3-speed settings and remote control
  • Overheat protection
  • 60-minute timer

One plus point about the Morries 18-inch Fan Blade Stand Fan is that it allows you to control your fan speeds from across the room. 

And like other standing fans, it has an overheat protection layer to ensure that it doesn’t become too hot when you use it throughout the day and night. 

Additionally, it has a 60-minute timer that can help you save on the electricity bills!

4. Sona SFS1170 16 inch Stand Fan

Sona Stand Fan 16 inch Without Remote Control SFS1170

Price: $60

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View on Gain City

Key highlights

  • 3-speed settings and no remote control
  • 120-minute timer
  • Fan blades with breakage resistance

If you’re looking for a standing fan in Singapore that can help you save on electricity bills, you might want to consider getting this fan. With a 120-minute timer, the Sona SFS1170 Standing Fan has a low power consumption of only 50W! 

Plus, it has an adjustable height and 3 different speed settings, ensuring that you can enjoy a cool breeze at home. 

It also comes with a 5-year warranty on the fan’s motor and a 1-year warranty on its electrical parts.

5. Europace ESF 616P 16 Stand Fan

Europace 16 Inch Stand Fan Esf616p

Price: $69.90

View on Gain City

Key highlights 

  • 3-speed settings and remote control
  • Adjustable height and pitch angle
  • Double blade design

The Europace ESF 616P 16-inch Standing Fan has a unique double blade design that allows you to enjoy a wider and stronger breeze. 

With 3 different modes for selection (normal, natural, and sleep), you can enjoy various fan speeds depending on your needs. 

On top of its 2-year warranty on its motor, it’s easy to assemble and low on noise — definitely value for money!

6. KDK P40US Stand Fan

Kdk P40us Standing fan in Singapore

Price: $105

View on Lazada

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Key highlights

  • 3-speed settings 
  • Adjustable height: 129cm – 154cm
  • Metal blade

KDK prides on being one of the most reputable brands for fans in Singapore. This standing fan in Singapore has a sleek design and can cover any type of room, be it living rooms or bedrooms. 

Plus, it’s highly functional with a low power consumption, saving you both energy and money. 

7. Mitsubishi LV16-GU 16 Living Fan

Mitsubishi 16 Inch Living Fan-
Lv16gu Sfgyp Singapore

Price: $108

View on Lazada

View on Gain City

Key highlights

  • 3-speed settings 
  • Adjustable height: 121cm – 140cm
  • Transparent blades

Mitsubishi Electric is another brand that’s widely renowned in Asia for their electrical appliances, including fans. 

This Mitsubishi LV16-GU 16-inch Living Fan is anyone’s trustworthy companion at home. In fact, many have reviewed that its Level 1 speed is already sufficient to cool a room! Given that it’s a best seller in 2019, it might just be one of the best standing fans in Singapore. 

It also comes with a 3-year motor warranty and a 1-year warranty for its part and servicing. Should it malfunction within the warranty period, you can still get it repaired for free. 

8. Xiaomi Smartmi DC Inverter Stand Fan

Xiaomi Smartmi DC Inverter Stand Fan

Price: $119

View on Lazada

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Key highlights

  • Varying speed adjustments that can be controlled with the app
  • 26.6dB ultra-low working sound
  • Cordless 

At the forefront of technology is the Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan. 

The good thing about this fan is that you can change its speed settings from the Xiaomi MIJIA Mi Home App, while watching your favourite Korean drama or on a call with your colleague. Plus, the app gives you 100 variations for wind speed adjustment! 

Weighing at only 3.5kg with no cords, you can easily carry it around and don’t have to worry about tripping over wires. 

It has a rechargeable battery, and can last up to 20 hours while switched on. 

9. Panasonic Stand Fan

Panasonic Standing fan in Singapore

Price: $169

View on Best Denki

View on Qoo10

Key highlights

  • 1/f Yuragi Natural Breeze function
  • Adjustable height: 128cm – 143cm
  • Transparent blades
  • Allergy-buster

This Panasonic Standing Fan has a variety of speeds to create a natural breeze within your own home. 

But what sets it apart from other standing fans on this list is its allergy-buster function. Not only does it reduce allergens, but also prevents the growth of bacteria and mould through the use of green tea catechin and anti-bacterial enzymes. 

10. Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan White Silver

Price: $499

View on Courts

View on Harvey Norman

View on Amazon

Key highlights

  • 10 speed settings and remote control
  • Different timer settings
  • No blades

One of the things that Dyson’s known for is its bladeless fan. 

Making use of its Air Multiplier technology, it can give you an even and high-velocity airflow without the use of blades. Plus, with its sleek and bladeless design, it’s easy to clean and safe to use around children. 

Best places to buy a standing fan in Singapore

1. Best Denki

Best Denki stands as one of the most trustworthy stores for electronic goods and home appliances in Singapore. Their product offerings range from kitchen appliances, laptops and TVs, to household appliances such as washers, and yes, fans! 

Not only does the Japanese electronics retailer have outlets in Japan and Singapore, but also in Malaysia and Indonesia. With its first outlet outside Japan opening in Singapore in 1982, it’s been a leading electronics retailer in Singapore, proving itself to be a reputable seller.

2. Courts

Courts has a total of 14 stores nationwide in Singapore, offering over 14,000 electrical and technological lifestyle products for you to choose from! 

Not only does it have physical outlets around the island, but also an online store to serve more consumers with its islandwide delivery, and click and collect services. 

3. Giant

Giant is one of Singapore’s top mass-market retailers of everyday items, with over 50 hypermarkets, supermarkets, and express stores across the country. 

Besides groceries, you can also find electronic appliances such as standing fans at their hypermarkets, allowing you to get all your necessities at one go!

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