10 Best Treadmills in Singapore for Home From $359 (2020)

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Walking and running are some of the best forms of exercise. If you prefer working out alone rather than going to the gym, you might want to get your hands on the best treadmill for home in Singapore. 

With your very own treadmill, you can benefit from simple at-home workouts to keep fit and build endurance. 

The different types of treadmills available

Before you shop for the best treadmill in Singapore, here’s a quick look at the three main types of treadmills that are available in the market. 

Electric treadmillManual treadmillHybrid treadmill
Electric treadmills are treadmills that you’re probably most familiar with. 

The rotating belt is driven by a motor, which creates a smoother walking or running experience.

Due to the electrical components needed, electric treadmills cost more and are likely to take up more space.
Manual treadmills do not run on electricity. They rely on the user to walk or run on their belt and rollers.

Since the running belt does not move by itself, manual treadmills are typically the lightest and least expensive in the market. 

They are also usually built with cheaper components, so they are unlikely to last long
Hybrid treadmills offer the best of both worlds.

They are motorised but also offer manual modes.

Resistance workouts on the manual mode, for instance, can help you condition your lower body while engaging upper body muscles.    

10 best treadmills in Singapore for your home

New I-Running Foldable Motorised Mini Treadmill$359
Xiaomi Mijia/ WalkingPad Smart Treadmill$469
AIBI Treadmill AB-T030$699
TM-1088 Foldable Heavy Duty Treadmill$1,499
Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill $1,599
Reebok I-Run 3 Treadmill$1,700
NordicTrack C990 Treadmill$2,299
ProForm Pro 1500 Treadmill$2,649
LIFESPAN – TR1200-DT3$2,699
SOLE F85 Treadmill 2020 Model$2,999

1. New I-Running Foldable Motorised Mini Treadmill

Cheap and foldable treadmill

the New I-Running Foldable Motorised Mini Treadmill

Price: $359

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Product details

  • 0.6 Horsepower Motor
  • Unfolded size: 122cm (D) x 62cm (W) x 123cm (H)

Looking for an affordable and foldable treadmill in Singapore? The New I-Running foldable treadmill is designed to overcome space constraints in every household. It’s lighter, smaller, and easier to fold away compared to conventional treadmills, and literally fits under your bed! 

Due to its compact size, you can expect a narrower and shorter belt unlike other treadmills. Also, the smaller leg room will need some getting used to. 

The New I-Running foldable treadmill is suitable for those who require only a very basic treadmill. 

2. Xiaomi Mijia/ WalkingPad Smart Treadmill

Cheap and foldable treadmill

the Xiaomi Mijia/ WalkingPad Smart Treadmill

Price: $469

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Product details:

  • Unfolded size: 1200 x 415mm
  • Operated via Mi Home app

The Xiaomi Mijia/ WalkingPad Smart Treadmill is a gadget for every home. Unlike conventional treadmills, there are no handrails and  incline options. 

Featuring a sleek profile that can be unfolded in seconds, the Xiaomi Mijia/ WalkingPad Smart Treadmill can be hidden away just as quickly. 

The Xiaomi Mijia/ WalkingPad Smart Treadmill runs quietly, which allows you to watch your favourite drama series as you exercise. It goes up to 6km/h, which is the brisk walking speed for most people. 

This sleek, trendy treadmill also features an automatic walking mode, which accelerates or decelerates according to your walking speed. You can also view your walking history and settings on the Mi Home app for added convenience. 

3. AIBI Treadmill AB-T030

Foldable treadmill

the AIBI AB-T030

Price: $699

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Product details:

  • Three levels of manual incline
  • 5″ LCD blue backlight display: speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse
  • Two built-in speakers

The AIBI Treadmill AB-T030 has a solid build that supports a weight of up to 110kg. It also features a 5” LCD screen that displays speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse. 

The key feature of the AIBI Treadmill AB-T030 is that it’s easily foldable, allowing you to stow it away easily after every workout. 

Choose from 12 pre-set programmes, three countdown modes, and three user programmes for a refreshing home workout. It features a built-in heart rate reader to automatically track and monitor your heart rate and calorie burn.

What’s more, the treadmill  comes with two built-in speakers, so users can plug in their music device and enjoy their favourite music while working out. 

4. TM-1088 Foldable Heavy Duty Treadmill

Foldable treadmill

the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Price: $1,499

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Product details:

  • 3.0 horsepower motor
  • Speed: 1 km/h to 20 km/h

If you’re a serious runner looking to get a treadmill in Singapore for your home, the TM-1088 Foldable Heavy Duty Treadmill is perfect for your intensive running routine. 

This treadmill comes with a 3.0 horsepower motor and 18 levels of automatic incline, allowing you to safely hit speeds of up to 20km/h. 

A key feature is that the treadmill can be paired with the FitShow mobile application, which enables you to track your fitness routine on your phone and hit top speed for as long as your body can handle it.

5. Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill 

Foldable treadmill

the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

Price: $1,599

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Product details:

  • 2.5 horsepower motor
  • Three-zone variable response cushioned deck 

The Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill is ideal for the casual jogger, with multiple programmes to keep you interested and motivated enough to reach your goals. 

The machine’s three-zone cushioning system provides the optimum amount of flex and support, while its one-step hydraulic system makes unfolding easy and effortless. 

With speakers and everything you need for an entertaining and enjoyable workout, it’s no wonder the Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill is dubbed the best treadmill in Singapore. 

6. Reebok I-Run 3 Treadmill

the Reebok I-Run 3

Price: $1,700

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Product details:

  • Folded dimension: 160cm (L) x 80.4cm (W) x 28cm (H)
  • Two manual incline levels

The Reebok I-Run 3 Treadmill is a compact-sized basic home treadmill that caters to those who wish to improve their fitness levels or lose a bit of weight. 

Its 60kg weight provides sufficient stability for most runners, while allowing you to fold it away easily.

Fitted with built-in speakers and MP3 input, the Reebok I-Run 3 Treadmill’s speakers keep you entertained while you train. It also has 15 workout programmes, heart rate monitoring, and a 1.5 HP continuous duty motor.

If you’re looking for the best treadmill in Singapore for your home, you might want to consider the Reebok I-Run 3 Treadmill.

7. NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

Foldable treadmill

the NordicTrack C990 Treadmill

Price: $2,299

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Product details:

  • 51cm x 152cm commercial-grade belt
  • 0 to 12% incline

With 32 pre-set workout programmes on the NordicTrack C990 Treadmill, you won’t run out of exercise variety. 

The NordicTrack C990 Treadmill is catered to all fitness levels, reaching a top speed of 22km/h and a 12% incline. 

Users can enjoy one-touch controls, which allow you to jump between speeds and inclines within seconds while maintaining your focus.  

Designed by qualified personal trainers, this foldable machine comes equipped with an extra-wide running surface that is well-cushioned with impact reduction to protect your knees and ankles in the long run. 

8. ProForm Pro 1500 Treadmill

the Proform Pro-1500 treadmill

Price: $2,649

View on homegym.sg

Product details:

  • 0 – 22km/h OneTouch™ Controls
  • 3.75 CHP DurX™ Commercial Motor

The ProForm Pro 1500 Treadmill is made for serious runners who plan to train intensively for enhanced performance. The beastly horsepower on this machine keeps up with you through the toughest workouts and provides a smooth, powerful running experience. 

The ProForm Pro 1500 Treadmill delivers incredible impact reduction with its ProShox cushioning system for a smoother and more stable workout. 

Explore its 30-item workout menu and fold the deck up after each workout for easy storage. 

9.  LIFESPAN – TR1200-DT3

the Lifespan TR1200-DT3 treadmill

Price: $2,699

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Product details:

  • Dimensions: 179.1cm (L) x 73.6cm (W)
  • 2.25 HP torque continuous duty DC motor

Sitting while working is now a thing of the past! If you’re looking for a treadmill in Singapore that let’s you exercise while getting some work done, the LIFESPAN – TR1200-DT3 is a unique under-desk treadmill that allows you to walk off those calories as you work. 

The electrical motor runs silently on this machine, ensuring that it does not distract you at work.

There are no handles on this machine, and the running belt is wide enough to let you walk at a comfortable pace.  

Simply slip the LIFESPAN – TR1200-DT3 under any standing desk, keep moving, and enjoy maximum productivity.  

10. SOLE F85 Treadmill 2020 Model

the Sole F85 2020 model treadmill

Price: $2,999

View on Lazada

Product details:

  • 4.0 horsepower motor
  • 15 levels of incline

The SOLE F85 Treadmill 2020 Model is designed for tougher workouts. If you’re into intensive interval-training or long-distance running, this machine’s spacious workout area and powerful motor will definitely suit you. 

Compared to running on asphalt, running on the SOLE F85 Treadmill 2020 Model is up to 40% gentler on your joints. 

Select from 10 specialised workout programmes in this top-end model to achieve fat loss and overall fitness. 

Best places to buy the best treadmill in Singapore


Some of the best treadmills in Singapore can be found at AIBI. With several years of experience serving the fitness industry, AIBI offers guidance from start to finish for choosing a treadmill and maintaining your equipment in the long term. 

AIBI’s trained installers know exactly what they’re doing, so leave it to AIBI professionals and you’ll have your new treadmill up and running in no time! 


HOMEGYM.SG offers a comprehensive range of professional-trade home gym treadmills for all users—from casual joggers to high performance trainers. 

The online retailer sources quality home gym equipment from around the world and also offers warranty and support. 


Looking to enjoy a cardio workout at your own convenience? Look no further than GYMSPORTZ for a wide range of high-quality home gym equipment. 

Treadmills at GYMSPORTZ are competitively priced for all leisure walkers and serious runners.  

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