10 Best TV Consoles in Singapore: Stylish Options From $43 (2020)

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, many of us have been spending more time at home. You might find yourself lounging in your living room more often than before. You probably turn on the TV to watch movies or Netflix with your family when you have spare time on your hands. 

Now that you’re at home almost every moment of the day, perhaps you also notice a few things about the layout of your home you’ve never picked up before. Why does the television console feel just slightly off? Why is it already peeling around the edges? 

If you’re spending more time in the living room and you’re starting to realise your TV console is becoming a real eyesore, perhaps it’s time to get a new one. Here, we’ll give you some times on how to pick out the best TV console in Singapore for your space and list 10 stylish and practical consoles you can consider getting.

Things to consider and avoid when buying a TV console in Singapore

Since most of us living in Singapore have more space constraints, there are more considerations to choosing the right TV console than you’d expect. Firstly, you’ll need to consider what a comfortable viewing height would be for yourself. That means you’ll need to take into account the height of your sofa and how close your sofa is to the TV. 

If you have a relatively small living room and your sofa is situated quite close to the TV, you won’t want to get a console that’s too high. Straining your neck to watch your favourite drama series isn’t going to be a comfortable experience. 

Besides considering your room layout, you should also ensure that the console has the right width and length to go with your TV. The last thing you want is to order what you thought was an ideal console — only to find out that its too small for your TV. That would be a waste of money!

Additionally, you should also consider the kind of material and style you want. TV consoles tend to stay in your home for a long time so it’s best to choose one that can easily match with the furniture in your home. Since you’ll keep your TV console around for a while, you should also invest in one that is made of sturdy material and not just goes for anything that’s cheap. Having a TV console in Singapore with sufficient storage and organisation space is also a great idea. 

Here are some TV consoles in Singapore you can consider buying for your home.

10 Best TV Consoles in Singapore

Liam TV Console in Beech Oak$43
Wall Mount TV Console Cabinet$108
Aideal.sg TV Console$130
Narnia TV Console Pine$199
Nordic Style TV Console$81.80
Veneto Long TV console$399
Emelie TV Console$449
Seb TV Console, 200cm$859
Brinhill 6 ft Solid Wood TV Console$999

1. Liam TV Console in Beech Oak

Liam TV console in beech oak light brown

Price: $43

View on FortyTwo


  • W100cm x D40cm xH48cm

If you’re looking for a simple, minimal TV console, the Liam TV Console is a good option to consider. Made of particleboard with laminate finish and four open shelves, this TV console looks clean and not too over-the-top.

2. Wall Mount TV Console Cabinet

Wall Mount TV Console Cabinet

Price: $108

View on Shopee


  • W16 x H23.6 x L120 

Want to save space? Perhaps a wall mount TV console is just what you need. Featuring 2 drawers and a small shelving unit, this backless TV console is perfect for those who just want a minimal storage system that hides their chords and cables. 

Depending on your space, you can choose from 4 different lengths — 1m, 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m.

3. Aideal.sg TV Console

Aideal.sg TV Console Black color

Price: $130

View on Lazada

View on Shopee


  • W 30 x H40 x L120-230

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose and modern looking TV Console, look no further. This TV console functions as a coffee table and also makes a great table for decorative ornaments. Its sleek, unique design would spruce up your living room and give it a contemporary vibe! 

There are four colour combinations to choose from — Black, Pale Blue with black frame, Pale blue with white frame, and black with white frame.  


Price $199

View on Ikea


  • W150 xD36 xH54

One of the best features of this TV console is its adjustable feet. If you have uneven floors or you’re just unsure of the height of your ideal TV console, it wouldn’t matter! With a solid wood top and meshed doors, this console has a rustic vibe which is timeless and never goes out of trend.

The IKEA FJÄLLBO TV Console doesn’t just look good, it’s also pretty functional. It has an open back which allows you to arrange cables easily, which the meshed doors allow signals to be detected from your remote control. If you’re looking for a tv console in Singapore that’s stylish and practical, this is a great option to consider!

5. Narnia TV Console Pine

Narnia Console Pine

Price: $199

View on Jiji


  • W30 x H46 x L140

The Narna TV Console is perhaps the most modern-looking console on this list! If your home is filled with sleek contemporary furnishing, this TV console is perfect for you. Made of high-quality particleboard and strong solid wooden legs, this TV console is great for those who prize both design and practicality. 

There are 3 colour schemes you can choose from too — red walnut, pine, and white.

6. Nordic Style TV Console

TV Console Nordic Style 2019 Series

Price: $81.80

View on Lazada


  • L120 D30 H45

Nordic style furnishings have been trending in recent times and it’s not hard to see why. With clean lines and sleek designs, this Nordic Style TV console looks modern yet goes well with almost any kind of furnishings. 

Made with sturdy wooden board and solid wooden legs, this TV console is durable and made to last. Additionally, what’s great about its design is that it has both open shelves and enclosed drawers. That means you can choose to hide clutter in the storage unit and display decorative items on the open shelves!

There are also 3 different colours to choose from — white, walnut and black.

7. Veneto Long TV console

Veneto Long TV Console dark brown

Price: $399

View on Primero


  • L 178 x W 40 x H 46.5

Made from premium plywood and layered over with a walnut wood grain veneer, the Veneto Long TV console is perfect for those who are looking for an elegant and classy TV console.

With 4 drawers and 2 open shelves, this TV console also makes a great storage unit. There’s also a hole in the backing so you can arrange chords and hide wires neatly!

8. Emelie TV Console

Emelie Console table 1.2m with Paco Coffee Table

Price: $449

View on Hipvan


  • W40 x H55 x L120

Sturdy wooden furnishings tend to last a long time and have a classic, timeless look. If you don’t like a mess and like to hide cables and chords, you can consider getting the Emilie TV console. Its chic sliding doors hide clutter and also keeps your storage unit from getting dusty easily.

9. Seb TV Console, 200cm

Seb TV Console, 200cm

Price: $859

View on Castlery


  • W45 x H60 x L200

The Seb TV console has a perfect balance of both sleek and classy. Its quality wooden surface is reminiscent of mid-century design while its chic curved corners and handles give off a contemporary vibe. 

Besides its extensive shelving units and cabinets, there are also 2 cable management holes to help you keep your TV area clutter-free.

10. Brinhill 6 ft Solid Wood TV Console

Brinhill 6 ft Solid Wood TV Console

Price: $999

View on Mason


  • L180 x W45 x H68.5

If you are looking for a premium product, the Brinhill Solid Wood TV console is a great option to consider, especially since there’s a 50% discount at the moment. Made of premium Australian babul acacia hardwood timber with light Tennessee walnut veneer and metal epoxy legs, this TV console is truly designed to last.

According to Mason, this TV console can withstand any TV weight — a great choice for those who have a sizeable, large screen TV. 

Top places to buy a TV console in Singapore 

There are many places where you can get reasonably priced and trendy TV consoles in Singapore. Here are some places you can check out:


Have an eye for Scandinavian home furnishings? Featuring designers from Europe, Castlery is the place to go if you’re into modern and sleek designer furniture. What’s great about Casterly is its virtual studio, where you can tour the area from the comforts of your own home.

Forty Two

If you’re looking for a TV console that’s functional and affordable, Forty Two is also a great store to keep an eye on. They have regular discounts and promotions too and you can definitely get yourself a chic TV console here without breaking the bank.


If you’re looking for a simple yet high quality TV console, Furnituremart.sg has a wide selection to choose from. There are various designs and sizes – which means you will definitely find something that meets your needs. Moreover, prices are also relatively affordable. If you have a tighter budget, Furnituremart.sg is a great store to browse. 


Known for their quality and trendy furniture, HipVan is a popular furniture store among many Singapore influencers. If you’re looking for a stylish TV console that makes a statement in your living room, HipVan would be your go-to furniture store!


IKEA is one of the most popular furniture stores in Singapore. And it’s not hard to see why. With stylish furniture and appliances available, IKEA is a great place to shop for all your family needs. On top of that, prices are pretty affordable too. If you enjoy DIY projects, IKEA is definitely the place to get your new TV console.


If you browse Primero’s site, you’d find a wide range of selection for TV consoles and other furniture. If you are looking for trendy Scandinavian-style home furnishings at an affordable price, Primero is a great store to visit. Many TV consoles listed are on sale and you can definitely save yourself a decent amount when you shop with Primero!

When it comes to home furnishing, it’s always important to think of the long run. Besides looking at the price tag, there are many other considerations you should keep in mind.

How long will you use it for? Will the design last? Is it made of good quality materials? Be sure to think carefully before you make a decision in buying a tv console in Singapore!

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