Billy Aircon Review: Affordable Aircon Servicing By Experienced Technicians

A technician from Billy Aircon servicing an aircon unit

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For some of us, air conditioning is an essential fixture in our homes — especially in a hot and humid country like Singapore. And considering that you need to service and clean your aircon units once every few months for it to work efficiently, the maintenance fees can add up.

So when it’s time to get them serviced, who can you entrust to do a good job? In this Billy Aircon review, we share more about the aircon servicing company that promises to solve all your aircon servicing and repair problems.

About Billy Aircon

Billy Aircon's logo

Billy Aircon started with a team of five. They quickly grew to a team of 26 skilled technicians, with each technician having at least three years of experience. They pride themselves on never sending in a newbie for the job. 

Now with over 25 years of experience in aircon servicing, a renowned reputation, and over hundreds of positive Google reviews, Billy Aircon is praised for their professionalism and expertise in the field. 

On top of their affordable services, they offer valuable after-service support such as a free 90-day workmanship warranty, and free follow-ups within seven days of your appointment. They also guarantee customer service responses within 24 hours and to solve all your aircon servicing and repair problems.

Services offered by Billy Aircon

Billy Aircon offers general aircon services including aircon repair, installation, and gas top-up. Their servicing package also comes with cleaning the fan coils and outdoor condenser. 

Here’s a list of aircon services Billy Aircon provides:

  • AC servicing: Keep your air conditioners at optimal performance through regular servicing. 
  • Chemical wash: Uses a specially formulated detergent to clean your air conditioner and kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria. There are two types of chemical wash  provided by Billy Aircon: 1) non-dismantle, and 2) full-dismantle cleaning. It’s recommended to do a full-dismantle chemical cleaning if your air conditioner has not been serviced for more than 6 months. Otherwise, a non-dismantle cleaning will suffice. 
  • AC installation: The technicians at Billy Aircon are trained to install several types of units in the market, from huge centralised office/commercial air conditioning systems to ceiling cassette units at home. They prevent potential AC problems due to faulty installation by ensuring that all steps are followed thoroughly, and all materials are installed during the process.
  • AC repair: In case of breakdowns, inefficiencies, or AC leaks, Billy Aircon’s repair technicians will be on-site as quickly as possible to inspect your problem, diagnose the issue, and fix it with high-quality parts. Their repair services include but are not limited to the on-site dismantling of the circuit board, off-site for analysis, in-house testing after repairs, and reinstallation of the circuit board.
  • Gas top-up: Diagnose and fix gas leaks from corrosion and vibration, refill the refrigerant storage unit to keep the cooling process going for your air conditioner.
  • Commercial AC service: Install commercial air conditioning systems, maintenance, and repair works to keep them running efficiently.
Service typePrices
One-time standard A/C servicing1 unit: $50 
2 units: $55
3 units: $70
4 units: $85
5 units: $100
6 units: $115
7-9 units: $18 per unit*
10 units or more: $16 per unit*
Annual contract maintenance (Quarterly) 2 units: $200
3 units: $240
4 units: $300
5 units: $360
6 units: $400
Chemical wash1 unit non-dismantle: $80 – $100
1 unit dismantle: $130 – $180
Gas top-upR22 gas: $50 – $80
R410 gas: $60 – $150
Check-up serviceStandard troubleshooting: $40
Advanced troubleshooting: $50

*Only applicable for a single address, and doesn’t apply to multiple units in different locations.

Taking a look at the one-time standard AC servicing charges, Billy Aircons’ prices seem to be competitive in the market and comparable to other aircon servicing companies in Singapore.  

And for what you get—free follow-up service within seven days from the appointment and free 90-day workmanship warranty—it certainly is value-for-money. 

They currently have two on-going promotions:

  • Chemical wash promotion: The first 20 customers for chemical wash get a free aircon gas checkup and a $40 aircon gas coupon. Check out the offer here.
  • Servicing promotion: Enjoy a 45% discount on first-time servicing when you subscribe to their annual contract maintenance. This promotion applies only to customers who sign up for at least a four-quarter aircon servicing contract that includes at least two fan-coil units. Find out more here.

Brands that Billy Aircon can work with

Billy Aircon can support different types of aircon brands, including notable ones like Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, LG, and Mitsubishi. 

They can also work with less common brands like McQuay, Gree, Condura, Koppel, and more.

Billy Aircon reviews

Looking at Billy Aircon reviews on their website and Google page, customers seem pleased with their quick responses, the overall friendly and informative service their technicians provide, and how the team takes care of the furniture around the house while servicing.

Additionally, some reviews shared how hassle-free and convenient it is to book an appointment with them via WhatsApp.

The more recent Billy Aircon reviews have also highlighted how the technicians went above and beyond to do quick checks and gave advice on issues that weren’t in the scope. 

Judging by the positive reviews, Billy Aircon seems to be a professional company that can take care of your air conditioning issues and help you address any concerns you may have.

Billy Aircon: other notable highlights

Billy Aircon features a blog page where they share cleaning tips and insights on choosing the right aircon units for your home. They even cover useful topics to help aircon owners understand more about their services, such as “Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul

Their website also has a list of helpful FAQs, and they showcase their step-by-step cleaning process, giving you a full overview of what to expect. 

Our overall take on Billy Aircon

When it comes to repair and maintenance services, we’re always wary of companies upselling products or services that we don’t actually need. 

But with Billy Aircon, it seems that their technicians do take the time to explain the problems and suggest possible solutions, and you need not worry about paying for what you don’t need.

If you’re looking for an aircon service with knowledgeable and helpful technicians that can help you understand the root of the problem, Billy Aircon seems like a decent company you can take a look at.

Billy Aircon’s contact details

  • Address: 35 Circuit Road, Singapore 370035
  • Phone: +65 9456 0875 / +65 6846 4587 / +65 9459 8727 (West Area)
  • Email:
  • Operating hours: Mon to Sun, 8:00am – 10:00pm