Elite Car Ventures Review: Hassle-Free Car Servicing at Reasonable Prices

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Is your car due for servicing? Or does it require repair work? With so many car workshops available in Singapore, choosing the right one can be hard. In this Elite Car Ventures review, we share more on what the car workshop has to offer and our take on them. 

About Elite Car Ventures

entrance of elite car ventures workshop
Elite Car Ventures prides themselves on affordable and hassle-free car servicing.

Elite Car Ventures is a one-stop car servicing workshop. Opened in 2015, it was founded with the goal of bringing quality and affordable car maintenance services to customers. 

Elite Car Ventures pride themselves on providing the following for their customers: 

  • Transparent pricing
  • Quality customer service
  • Best solutions by using the latest technology

Coupled with their years of experience, Elite Car Ventures aims to provide a hassle-free and worry-free experience for their customers. 

Services offered by Elite Car Ventures

Car servicing and repairs done by Elite Car Ventures include brake servicing and car engine repair. On top of general car servicing and repair, they offer more specialised services such as panel beating and spray painting. 

They also claim that they have experienced car mechanics who are familiar with different car makes and models. 

Plus, the car workshop goes the extra mile by providing regular updates to their customers on servicing and repair jobs, including sending photos of the work via WhatsApp. 

Car maintenance

Here’s a list of the car maintenance services provided by Elite Car Ventures: 

  • Aircon system specialist
  • Auto transmission fluid change
  • Brake fluid
  • Brake servicing
  • Car aircon servicing
  • Car battery replacement
  • Engine oil change
  • Engine rebuild
  • Headlight restoration
  • Radiator flush
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Tyre rotation and balance

Car repair

Repair work done by the car servicing workshop includes engine, suspension, air conditioning, and other general repairs. 

Here’s a list of car repair works that Elite Car Ventures can do for you:

  • Cooling system repair (e.g. car radiator, etc.) 
  • Car alternator repair
  • Car engine repair and overhaul
  • Fuel pump repair
  • Starter repair
  • Car exhaust repair
  • Exterior repair (e.g. car frame repair, headlight repair, car window, etc.)
  • Handbrake repair
  • Interior repair (e.g car dashboard, airbag) 
  • Steering and suspension repair (e.g. clutch, shock absorber, etc.) 
  • Tyre and wheel repair (e.g. tyre leak, wheel alignment, etc.) 

Insurance claims

Insurance claims is another service that Elite Car Ventures provides. If you find that handling insurance claims is a hassle, you can get them to help you. 

This can be helpful especially in the unfortunate case of accidents. In such instances, the car servicing workshop can help you arrange tow service and manage insurance claims on your behalf, including liaising with the other party’s insurance company and handling the paperwork. 

Panel beating

Panel beating refers to the process of fixing damaged vehicle body panels to their original state, which Elite Car Ventures does as well. It’s usually done to fix dented parts due to accidents. 

Elite Car Ventures uses the following equipment for their panel beating service: 

  • Spot welder
  • Stud welder
  • Arc welder
  • Mount up chassis frame straightening rack and pulley tools

With years of experience fixing damaged car body panels from all sorts of collisions, the panel beaters at Elite Car Ventures are able to work with panels made of various materials to smoothen and fix all kinds of dents. 

Spray painting

If your car needs a fresh coat of paint, you can get it done at Elite Car Ventures too. They specialise in spray painting and have a team of experienced painters. 

Before spray painting, they’ll first prepare the surface of the vehicle, including sanding and applying primer coating. During the spray painting, they’ll provide at least three layers of paint. Lastly, they will end the paint job with polishing and a car wash. 

Elite Car Ventures Prices

Elite Car Ventures car technician inspecting a car
Elite Car Ventures is a one-stop car servicing workshop.

Elite Car Ventures aims to provide competitive prices for their services. According to some reviews about them, they may give you options to use either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts, depending on the spare parts involved. 

While they don’t publish their prices on their website, they’ll provide you with a quote before starting work. 

Engine rebuild 

Furthermore, if your car is at least 5 years old and has a high mileage, you can take advantage of their engine rebuild promotion, which allows you to enjoy better engine performance and cost savings. 

The promo rate starts from $3,000 for Asian cars and $5,000 for continental cars. 

Two packages are available for you to choose from: 

Package A: 

  • Replacement for all engine parts 
  • One-year (or 25,000km) warranty
  • Free check for first 1,000km return 
  • Free QC inspection checklist and computer diagnostic
  • Free 1 x oil servicing package
  • Free replacement vehicle (optional)

Package B: 

  • Replacement for all engine parts 
  • Two-year (or 50,000km) warranty
  • Free check for first 1,000km return 
  • Free QC inspection checklist and computer diagnostic
  • Free 3 x oil servicing packages
  • Free replacement vehicle (optional)

To enjoy this promotion, be sure to contact them at either 9720 3979 or 9450 8308. Do note that the promo applies only for the first 30 booking customers, so fastest fingers first!

Car servicing 

On top of the engine rebuild promotion, they’re also currently having a car servicing promotion. Priced at $88 for Asian cars and $118 for continental cars, the promotion includes: 

  • Additional savings for a package of 3 car servicings
  • 4L Shell Helix 5W40 fully synthetic engine oil
  • Engine oil filter
  • 15 points QC check
  • Free car interior disinfection and vacuuming 

You can also enjoy a $10 discount by liking and sharing their Facebook page. 

Elite Car Ventures Reviews

We looked through the Elite Car Ventures reviews on their website and Google, and found that customers are mostly satisfied with their excellent service and reasonable price. 

They’ve noted in their Elite Car Ventures reviews that the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and not pushy. 

Some have also mentioned that the car servicing workshop would do a thorough check of the car, before giving advice and alternatives to resolve an issue. Customers also liked that they are kept in the loop on the repair job. 

But what caught our attention was a customer review which mentioned the workshop helping the customer find a replacement car, while his car was still in the workshop. 

All these reviews seem to serve as a testament to Elite Car Ventures’ quality customer service. 

Elite Car Ventures: Other notable highlights

Other than their services and reviews, one notable thing about Elite Car Ventures is that its website provides various information about car maintenance and repair. This includes how frequent you need to change the car battery, what are the signs to look out for, as well as the kinds of repairs needed. 

Besides these helpful information about car maintenance and repairs, there’s also a section on the website that car owners are bound to find useful. This includes articles on how to handle insurance claims, which petrol to use, and even on how to choose a child car seat. 

All in all, Elite Car Ventures seems like a reliable car servicing workshop in Singapore. Based on the generally glowing Elite Car Ventures reviews we’ve come across so far, they seem to strive to give their customers affordable service and a hassle-free experience. 

If you’re looking for a car servicing workshop that you can trust, Elite Car Ventures could be one of the car workshops to check out. 

Elite Car Ventures contact details

Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4, #01-78/79 Synergy @ KB, Singapore 417800

Phone: +65 6385 8233 / +65 9720 3979 (Whatsapp)

Email: ecv@elitecarventures.com

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri: 9:00am – 7:00pm
  • Sat: 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday: workshop closed

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